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Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Alladin's lamp and its GENIE

God why was I born , when I was ?

 If I had to be born to them why did I have to be the eldest couldn't I have been the youngest child of my parents .?

Being born so early in the century , I could see the beginning of innovations and learnt to live with the crude products ,where as the younger lot is getting to reap the harvest of that ,which we introduced , invented ,and ,thought of .

Worst of all I had to make do with the simpler forms of technical luxury the more sophisticated and the more technically advanced innovations all came after I had adjusted with the simpler ones eg I used to cook on a simple electric heater because we never had an induction cook top in those days , I had to rush to the radio to listen to my favourite song because the transistor had not yet arrived , later on  I had  manually operated TV sets no remote control for me .

The latest luxury   mobile phones with all those facilities of radio, recorded songs , camera internet etc were just unimaginable ; you won't believe I who am so good a lenswoman missed out on so many good clicks , because I didn't have a camera ready whenever I came across a good scene to capture. And the printing etc of photographs used to be  so expensive that I used to get only the excellent ones printed the rest just stayed inside negatives . Not like today --you click whatever you feel like with your mobile and then store the digital pics to be used as and when needed.


Today life is so much more technically advanced, its become so comfortable --and one object which is like the genie, is the mobile phone with the  various apps ---its like you press a button and the genie comes out . No no No let me be more specific --the mobiles have become Alladin's lamp and the various apps the genie .

The latest and most tempting app to download is the Quikr NXT----its such a boon for people like us --we retired folks , we senior citizens who are still young at heart but physically weak and who still nurture desires to lead a trendy and luxurious lifestyle  but whose purse does not allow them to indulge .

My husband is a great lover of cars  and in our younger days we would almost always be among those who used to go for the latest car model which used to hit the market  . He would take all the trouble to go to the various showrooms and see each car for himself discuss about the latest features and how necessary they were for a car and buy the one which promised to give  almost foolproof  service and  benefits .But now in his late sixties though the desire  to be trendy is still there but the means seem to be diminishing ; physically we don't have the stamina to visit show rooms and listen to the well rehearsed speech of the salesman and monetarily we can't afford a new car,what, with our limited resources and a long( hopefully) life ahead to care for  .


 We can  still buy a second hand car one in good condition which has  those modern features we would like our car to posses. There are people around who are real lovers of cars and who are not financially challenged ( like we are ) and can afford to  fulfil their  desires by selling off their previous  cars and buy brand new ones .

The  best agent to help you in this endeavour  is your mobile with the  Quikr NXT app . You rub your Alladin's Lamp (the touch pad of your mobile phone ) and the  Quikr NXT genie appears  you order it to get all information about the availability of  the latest additions to the second hand cars list. Select a few  particular models which have those features that you are looking for  and now you go about inquiring  its availability and price range and the names of the sellers , hey presto your Quikr NXT Genie comes up with all the details because the sellers are required to post a picture of their item together with the price and also a short description of the product and in no time you select from the list of  sellers in your city. Getting a fair  price may become difficult for you so Quikr has introduced a Maximum Selling Price(MSP) calculator which enables us to  estimate a reasonable price range .

The process is  like this.You open quikr and follow the following procedure --you click on Cars and Bikes then you get to see a list of cars with pictures and price ,then it says " chat now "and you get in contact with the seller strike a deal and the car is yours.

I am copy pasting  certain features which are introduced with Quikr NXT

  Users can choose to make their listing ‘private’ by hiding their mobile number and using Quikr NXT chat feature to connect with buyers
3. Parallel chat sessions with multiple users
4. Offline consumers get a notification so that they can chat once they are back online
5. Chat histories get saved for future reference, users can restart the conversation from where they left off
6. Users can share additional images and details through the chat window
7. Users can delete or block unwanted conversations
Besides, In-app sms/email messaging along with in-app calling option makes it super easy for the buyers and sellers to connect to each other in real-time.

So folks specially all young at heart senior citizens lets make use of this facility which helps us overcome some of our  biological handicaps which are "physical handicaps" resulting from  old age and lets live life the way our heart wants with the help of  Quikr NXT.

Forgive me "Almighty God " for being so rash in blaming you for making me older than my siblings in age ---in fact let me thank you for that early birth because, its like,  we the older generation only  hinted that technology could become a good servant for a good lifestyle and the younger lot worked hard at it developed it and presented us with  better versions to savour and  to  enjoy the benefits of their toils .

What's more I can even sell my  previous car on Quikr NXT. and  someone else can buy it and if they feel like adding some new features to  this old car they can do that through QUIKR too because QUIKR also makes accessories available  .

Thank you God for everything .

this is my entry for the contest on indiblogger in colaboration with Quikr NXT.and the link is as follows


  1. I think there is an opportunity cost to most situations. It is true Television, Internet and mobile apps have changed the way we live but nothing can bring back the joy of listening to your favourite song on radio, or a favourite talk show, peace with sitting with a bundle of newspapers or comics, and overall tranquility. Quikr is great for sure: I have managed to sell an old smartphone through Quikr at a great price which would not have been possible otherwise.

    1. Umashankarji

      Agree with all what you said really miss the cosy scenes we used to have at home dad sitting with newspaper,and simultaneously listening to the news , every sunday morning reading the newspaper and filling in crossword puzzles or colouring cartoons ----but then there are always two sides to a coin .
      And that thing about Quikr see it has benefited you too --another feather in their cap .

      Thanks a lot for the visit and the appreciation