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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pampers Baby Dry Pants for happy mornings

"She is sleeping like a baby"  they say that whenever a patient is on the recovery path and that phrase reassures the relatives , because sleeping like a baby means sleeping a sound sleep with no disturbances no turmoil a carefree sleep BUT what if the baby herself is unable to sleep like a baby ?what if the baby does not get ample sleep,  is constantly disturbed at night , has to get up frequently to get her nappies changed ,Result she is finicky ,cribbing, irritated, groggy and absolutely unmanageable and this  takes a load on her health ,her growth is marred .

Sleep is one very important factor contributing to  a babies growth it is as important as proper and nutritious diet.
There are two very important facts that relate sleep to a babies physical and emotional health  A baby grows in height during the period he/she sleeps ., this has been proved through studies .

.Another simple truth is that the  mind relaxes during sleep .and the baby  wakes up rejuvenated .

This precisely is the reason why all over the world in every language , every country we have what they call  LULLABIES every mother sings lullabies to her child .  So that  the baby relaxes and snoozes off listening to the rhythmic sound of music .It is almost like a ritual for babies all over the world "to have a lullaby sung by the mother , or nanny or whoever be the person in charge " Its the same for my baby too She has a vast collection to chose from and I am her CD to be switched on and off at her behest.

Come bedtime and after a warm-water sponge-wash and a soothing massage ( I don't actually give her a massage at bedtime I just apply some olive oil to her limbs massage is a pre-bath ritual) I  tuck her into diapers my brand being "Pampers Bay Dry pants" and then  both of us cuddle into the  bed  .  I ask her "Kaun sa gaanaa gaaoo  or kaun sa gaanaa sunegi ? (which song  should I sing Or which song  do you want to hear)" and then I start off all the famous hindi film lullabies  "Dhire se aja re ankhiyan mei"  she says" no"  to it  , then I shift to "meri rani beti bhoojhe ek paheli" again its a "no" then follow a few more with rejections and finally its "  Nanhi Pari soney chali"   and  YES  this is always the one she settles for . The effect of the previous lyrical interactions together with this her favourite one sends her off to dreamland almost immediately . Then I close the door and walk out where everyone is sitting with bated breath.  On seeing me come out everyone relaxes and life gets back to normal .  But still everyone is careful not to laugh loudly or not to increase the volume of the TV  .
We are so careful not to disturb a babies sleep , we see to it that no sound is made which will disturb a sleeping baby .Phones and doorbells are put on the silent mode  so that no noise reaches the sleeping baby's ears Even the most difficult of husbands and in-laws oblige where the cause is their babies sleep .

BUT there is one enemy , one inconsiderate friend "The call of Nature" . The urge to pass urine or even to pass stool .Now I call this both an enemy and a friend because though it disturbs the babies sleep acting like an enemy ;  it is also an important biological function so important for the babies health .
Every mother finds it  a  Herculean task to keep the baby dry and comfortable at night --every baby passes urine during the night and this not only disturbs his/her sleep it also causes the danger of the baby catching cold due to exposure  to wetness  for long..

This is a universal problem and this is where  after much research companies decided to bring out nappies which would help the child remain dry by absorbing the urine.  One of the best brands for this product is the New Pampers Baby Dry Pants it not only keeps the baby dry on the outside it also takes care of the inside too . This is mainly because of  the magic gel  layer which absorbs up  to five glasses of liquid all throughout the night . Not only this,  Pampers Baby Dry Pants also has baby lotion which keeps the baby's skin soft and moisturised and protect it from rashes  --and she/he is happy and rejuvenated after a good nights sleep,, all set to bring smiles into the family's life.


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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Me and My Limo

Aah !! to be befikar umar bhar -,  isn't that everyone's dream?  --and   its , mine  too.

But is it possible?

The moment you take birth worries start attacking you. The first thing a baby of 30 mts worries about is
Will I  get to drink any milk ?  or has medical science discovered some more  reasons to keep me away from being fed?  Some say the first drop of mothers milk is poison while some say no it is the first step towards  the road  to immunization. But result is my parents are  in doll drums while  I am hungry  and almost dead.

Then be it summer or be it winter be  or be it rains  no water for me for six months -whereas my predecessors had, had the doctors hammer into their parents head  that water is a must .

 Then comes the honey part when in the womb the child had heard so much about honey that he/she is really apprehensive "To eat or not to eat" should  I  eat the honey or not whereas my  predecessors had a mouthful of honey everyday . So its worries worries worries  all the time  its like "Kya karein kya na karein" .

Then comes the time for vaccinations and innoculations God  !! how many more ??? won't I ever have the pleasure of experiencing  the fun of  getting the common cold ? of drinking  ginger tea  and warm mustard oil   massage , of inhaling eucalyptus oil ----won't I ever have the privilege of my mother rubbing  vaporub on my chest and back, and tucking me under blankets and kissing me goodnight OR the other alternative of my wife  rubbing vaporub on my   chest and cuddling beside me  to keep me  warm ( this thought for the  male child only ) or the considerate hubby taking leave from office to look after me( this is from the female child)

Then its time to begin your studies and I need not explain the amount of FIKAR one has to face in those 12 years of ones life till you get through your 12th standard  apart from studies there is the fikar of getting selected in the school cricket or football team , of getting a place in the school choir --there is the fikar of  having to face  the disdain in the eyes of ones own parents and also in those of the more successful cousins .

After this the fikar of getting through  competetive exams , securing a job getting married , having to please your spouse the worries of bringing up your children of giving them the best and then the uncertainties of looking after your parents and the most important 'securing' your own future BECAUSE you know how difficult it was for you to look after your aged parents and you either don't want to burden your children with the same agony or you don't trust them .

 So you spend the whole of your life SAVING for all these wet days ,your child's future and your's too . You don't go for vacations , you make do with a second hand car , you don't buy an AC you don't go to multiplexes and malls One TV is enough for the whole family why buy LED T.V an ordinary one serves  the same purpose etc etc etc

So this is where a good insurance policy comes in with a helping hand and the latest in this list is the "IDBI FEDERAL lifesurance whole life "who have a beautiful and tempting plan very helpful and hassle free . It is actually a Befikar Umar Bhar plan .

With this kind of insurance I would fulfil all my dreams specially the five which I crave for --

The first would be a beautiful limousine

Then a bunglow with a portico for the limo  after all I should have a house to match the limo .A well furnished house with LED TV the big screen ones

Then beautiful clothes --to make me look worthy of sitting in the limo

Then a chauffeur for the limo ---a limo needs a driver, owner's don't drive them

And finally I would go for long vacations by road ,no train or  plane for me Its me and my LIMO .

Now that's what I call being "Befikar Umar Bhar " and what better way than going along with

<br />

This video is a must watch if you want to understand what the Insurance Plan is and like Mukeshji you too will see your wiser self advice you to go in for the Lifesurance Whole Life Plan and what benefits and perks await you in your future.

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