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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tum mujhe yu bhoolaa na paoge

तुम मुझे यु भुला न पाओगे 
चाहे आँखों को अपनी बंद करलो 
या  नजरो से दूर हो जाओ 
हाथो में खिची लकीरों को 
कैसे भला तुम मिटा पाओगे
 क्या कभी तुम मिटा पाओगे?

तुम मुझे यू भुला न पाओगे 

कभी रातों में कभी शामो में 
कभी बर्फीली सर्द राहो  में 
कभी बारिश की तेज़ बूंदों में 
यू ही तनहा जो खुद को पाओगे 
तुम हमें याद करते जाओगे 
तुम मुझे यू भुला ना पाओगे 

क्या कभी तुम भुला पाओगे ?

कैसे भूलोगे वो सारी बातें 
वो लम्हे जो संग  गुज़ारे थे 
कैसे हसरतों को भूल पाओगे ?
तुम हमें यू भुला न पाओगे 
वोह ख़त हमने जो कभी लिखे थे 
उन वादों को न निभाओ गे 
क्या हमें यू ही भूल जाओगे ?
नहीं हमको न भूल पाओगे 

तुम मुझे यू भुला न पाओगे 

खुली पलकें तो बंद कर्लोगे  
लेकिन सपनो का क्या करोगे तुम
 क्या कभी उनको रोक पाओगे ??
तुम हमें यू भुला आना पाओगे 

चलो  अहसान  तुमपे करते है 
अब कभी हम न याद  आएंगे 
वादा  हमको निभाना आता  है 
खुद बहुत दूर चले जायेंगे 
अब तुम्हे हम न याद आएंगे 
जहा से खुशबू भी न आने पाए 
वहा पर अपना घर बसायेंगे 

तुम हमें तब ही भूल पाओगे 
तुम ऐसे ही भूल पाओगे 
वरना हमको न भुला  पाओगे 
तुम मुझे यू भुला आना पाओगे 

TUM mujhe yu bhula na paoge
Chaahe aankho ko apni bund karlo
Ya nazron  sey duur ho jao
Haatho mein khichi  lakiron  ko
kaise bhalaa tum mita  paaoge
{kya kabhi tum mita paaoge?}
tum  mujhe yuu bhula na paaoge

Kabhi  raaton mein kabhi shamon  mein 
kabhi barfili sard raho mein 
kabhi baaarish ki tej boondo mein 
yuhi tanha jo khud ko paaoge
tum hame yaad karte jaaoge
Tum mujhe yuu bhula na paaoge
{kya kabhi tum bhula paaoge?}

Kaise bhulo ge woh saari baatein
woh lamhe jo sung guzare thhe?
kaise hasraton ko bhool paaoge
tum hame yuu bhula na paaoge.
Woh khat hamne jo kabhi likkhe thhe
Un wadon ko na nibhaoge!
Kya hame yuu hi bhool jaaoge??
{nahi humko na bhool paoge }

khuli palkein toh bund kar loge
lekin sapno ka kya karoge Tum??
Kya kabhi unko rok paaoge??
Tum hame yuo bhula na paaoge.

Chalo ahsaan tumpe karte hai 
ab kabhi hum na yaad ayenge
waadaa humko nibhana aata hai 
khud bahut duur chale jayenge
Ab tumhe hum na yaad aayenge.
Jahaan  sey khushboo bhi na aane paaye 
wahaa par apna ghar basayenge 

Tum hame tab hi bhool paaoge
tum hame aise hi bhool paaoge 
Warnaa humko na bhula  paaoge
Tum mujhe yuu bhula na paaoge.

Friday, 22 February 2013

these eyes


These eyes !
What are they looking at?
These eyes 
 why are they looking sad?
  Is it a dread?
  Is it a threat?
 There is pain and fear
  They look far 
  Though so near.
   They plead 
  But then retreat.
There is agony and despair.

Oh! they are a woman's eyes.
 Conditioned to so appear.
Scared and scarred
From all happiness marred. 

Never sure
Never secure 
Trust is something
Which only lures
She knows its all deceiving 
But still goes on believing
Only to find herself
Trapped in a snare.


O! woman do not despair
There's hope in the air
Go on and  fight 
You'll get your right
Do not be shy
Don't close your eyes
You stand your ground
Let your feet be found
Ensconced in firm beliefs.

Show the world
The right to live
Is your's through God
Its His Gift 
Its not an alm
You are HIS child
HE wants  you nurtured
not sacrificed.

HE wants that 'you' be mother to 'them'
Who think they reign supreme
And make them worthy 
To be called 
The children of that 'Universal King'

picture from the net



Happy ,funny 


smile ,lips :,eyes ,tears 

saddening, flowing, trickling 

deep, sad 



smart, handsome 


son,heir--:daughter heiress 







hunger,stomach.:thirst, lips 


soothing, cooling 





fire, ,coal, :water, river 




trying my hand  at Diamante form of poetry that Contain opposing concepts which meet in the middle line, structured in a diamond shape
Adjective, Adjective
Verb, Verb, Verb
Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun
Verb, Verb, Verb
Adjective, Adjective


Monday, 18 February 2013

A miracle called -----the sunsilk perfect straight shampoo

I looked pretty -----well !!! almost----whenever I donned those turban like head wear( shown in the picture above)  worn by  women in African countries,  even a towel wrapped round my head gave me an exclusive model like look ---the mirror would be my best friend in the privacy of my dressing room and I would float on cloud nine marveling at my face and figure ----but alas!! I couldn't walk out in that kind of head gear .Its all very good and glamorous to walk on the ramp  with   my hair complimenting a Sabyasachi or flaunting a June Ambrose  making heads turn with admiration, though the  same get-up when you walk out on the roads   does make heads  turn  but the eyes do not have admiration in them instead there's a shade of amusement .

All this only because of my curly fizzy woolly hair !!?? 

I had tried everything from slithering tongs through my hair to running a hot iron on them ;  had even burnt some locks  and scalded my shoulders in the process but to no avail --my crowning glory refused to change it self .

   Then I came across SUNSILK PERFECT STRAIGHT ----and guess WHAT !!!

 My CROWNING GLORY  which had withstood my cruel attacks and refused to budge in spite of all those harsh punishments of burning hot tongs and irons, succumbed to the pampering of SUNSILK  ---a small blob  of  diameter same as that of a 50 paise coin when rubbed between my palms and applied on my hair made me feel the satiny silk smooth effect immediately . I could almost feel the difference  as I went on lathering ---after  letting it stand  for a few seconds I rinsed,applied the conditioner waited, rinsed again and then  waited for it to dry and the face which looked back at me from the mirror was SO!!!! different...... I now had PERFECT   straight smooth and silky hair and the tangles and ringlets had vanished .

My  babyish Goldilock curls had  transformed into  mature  Rupanzel like long   flowing silky beautiful tresses so easy to manage and style -----.  UNBELIEVABLE .

I will  now be able to adorn my hair with flowers and ornaments without the fear of them being lost among those woolly ringlets . It was  such a new feeling ,an exhilerating experience when I found people admiring and friends wondering  at   my long  silky tresses.

.I will braid my hair into a single plait and adorn it with  long strings of flowers ---a bun at the nape of my neck with ornaments or a single flower will give me that exclusive classy look  which used to be so popular in the days of yore -----a typical'' Indian woman'' look right out of a movie or a novel---- ,which I am crazy about.



Its Straight-Lock technology --- co-created by YUKO YAMASHITA -----actively controls  and holds  every strand  as it dries. It penetrates deep, reducing frizz and straightening strands, One single wash and I could . experience  shiny smooth and straight hair . I was astonished at what results I got .The conditioner which is an added bonus is a must as it   helps the hair  remain that way even after it dries.

Unbeatably straight hair from into the shower onto the sunshine.

Let me confess I am one of those "gullible gals" whose shoulders  carry the advertising industry forward and help it thrive ---I believe and buy all products that come my way   ----sometimes I am taken for a  ride BUT this is one product which has  proven  its worth  ,every word that is said in the advertisements is true it is a complete PAISA WASOOL product and  is  going to be in my shopping list always  in future .



all pics from the net

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Unkahe anokhe rishte----three poems----kyon hota hai aisaa

भूलना मुश्किल नहीं है भूल जाने को दिल नहीं करता 
ये दर्द ऐसा है की मुस्कुराने को दिल है करता l
नासूर बना के ही सही आग़ोश में लाये है उसको
ये ज़ख्म ऐसा है की मरहम लगाने को दिल नहीं करता ll
चिलचिलाती धुप की ठंडक गुम हो जाये न कहीं
 इस डर से छाओं में सुस्ताने से दिल है डरता l
भूलना आसान है भूला देने को दिल नहीं करता ll
कुछ दिन हुए डर गए ठे खुद अपने आप ही से हम
पर अब तो डर से घबराने को दिल नहीं करता
कहते है अँधेरे में छिपी होती है चांदनी
 ये सच है मान के मुस्कुरा जो हम दिए
हवाये रुक गयी है और; थम गयी है आंधिया ll
हर रात की सुबह होती है ये जान गए हैं अब
तूफ़ान में भी दिया जलाने मंदिर का रुख किया
. पहुचे जो मंदिर तो हैरान हो गए
आसन पे बैठा था मेरा ही तो पिया
पूछा जो आशिकों से क्यों पूजते हो मेरे पिया को तुम
हर शक्स कह उठा मेरा है वो मेरा है वो मेरा है वो सनम 
पूछा बताओ हमको है नाक नक्श क्या
खाका हर इक ने खीचा दुसरे से कुछ जुदा
अंदाज़े सूफियाना आया समझ हमें 
भक्ति क्या होती है ये भी समझ लिया
दिखता वही है जो चाहता है दिल
नज़रे बजाती है दिले नादान का कहा ll

वो जख्म क्या है जिसे मिटा दे कोई मरहम 
इस जख्म को पाना है ,खुशनसीबी बड़ी
हँस लें या रो लें ये है दिले नादान का हुकम  ll

                          Bhoolna mushkil nahi hai

                        bhool jaane ko dil nahi karta.

                Yeh dard aisa hai  ke muskurane ko dil hai karta;
              naasoor bana ke hi sahi, aaghosh mein le aaye hai usko,
            zakhm aisa hai jispe , marham lagane ko dil nahi karta.

             chilchilatee dhoop ki thandak guum ho  jaaye na  kahin,
              is dar sey chhaon mein sustane  sey dil hai darta!!!

                                  Bhoolna  aasaan hai !
                   BHULA  DENE KO DIL NAHI KARTA!!!!!

                Kuchh din hue dar gaye thhe ;  khud apne aap se hi hum.
                    Par  ab toh  dar se ghabraane ko dil nahi karta.
                    kahte hai andhere mein chhipi hoti hai chandni,
                  woh sach hai yeh maan ke muskura jo hum diye!!
               Hawaein ruk gayee hai aur . thham gayee hai andhia.
                  Har raat ki  subah hoti hai   ye jaan gaye hai ab !
                 Toofan mein bhi diya jalaane  mandir ka rukh kiya.

                 *******          *******            *******         *******

                      Pahuche  jo Mandir  hum  toh hairan ho gaye!!!
                           Aasan pe baitha thha  mera hi toh Piya !
                 Poochhaa ashiqon se 'Kyou poojte ho mere Piya ko tum?'
                                  Har shaqs kah uttha !!
            Mera hai woh ! Mera hai woh ! mera hai woh sanam.

                Poochha !! bataao humko hai naak naksha kya??
             Khaakaa har-ek ne kheecha doosre se  kuchh  JUDA

                         Andaazey  Sufiyana aayaa samajh hamey,
                      Bhakti kya hoti hai yeh bhi hamne samajh liya.

                           Dikhta wahi hai jo chahta hai dil
                     Nazre bajaati hain dile nadaan ka kahaa.
                              ******       ******      ********
                     Woh Zakhm kya hai  jise mita de koi marham
                       Is zakhm ko pana hai kushnaseebee  badi
                                    Hans  lein  ya  Ro  lein  
                          Yeh toh hai DILE nadaan ka hukam.

 these are some extra lines which I added later on 

वो कृष्णा थे ?
गोपाल थे ?
मोहन थे 
या थे 
यशोदा नंदन 
राधा के 
मीरा के 
वो थे हृदय स्पंदन 
द्रौपदी की रक्षा को 
ए थे कृष्णा गोपाल 
अर्जुन के सारथि भी 
कहलाये थे कृष्णा गोपाल 

भक्ति की महिमा देखिये 
भरोसे का देखिये मरम 
सूफी में ही है 
भक्ति में ही है 
इंसानियत का धरम 

 WOH Krishna thhe ? Gopal thhe?

Mohan thhe, Ya Yashoda nandan??

Radha ke ; Meera ke ,woh thhe Hridaya ka Spandan,
Draupadi ki rakshaa ko aaye thhey Krishna Gopal,
Arjun ke sarthi bhi kahlaaye thhey Krishna Gopal.

Bhakti ki Mahima dekhiye !!
Bharose ka dekhiye marm
Sufi mein hi hai ; bhakti mein hi hai ;
'Insaniyat Ka Dharm'

Friday, 8 February 2013

ishq vishq pyar vyar-----for valentines day

 इश्क विश्क प्यार व्यार 
दिल धड़कता  है इनसे यार 
इस धड़कन पर मत कर  वार 
चैन से जी लेने दो यार 

रोज़ तो चलती है तकरार 
कम से कम आज तो हो जाये प्यार 

इश्क विश्क प्यार व्यार 
सारा जहां इनसे गुलज़ार 

सेनाओ को भी दो छुट्टी आज (moral police sena)
जान ले वो क्या होता है प्यार 
कल से फिर होंगे  तैयार 
करने वो समाज सुधार 

समाज सुधर भी है इक व्यापार 
कभी  प्यार  कभी भाषा को मार 

रोक सको तो रोको व्यभिचार 
अब तो कर लो प्यार वार 

ishq vishq pyar vyar
     dil dhadkta hai inse yaar!!
     is  dhadkan par mat kar  waar ??   
     chayen se   jee lene do yaar.

    roz toh chalti hai takrar 
    kam se kam ab toh ho jaye  pyar

    Ishq vishq pyar vyar
    saraa jahaan inse gulzar

    senao ko bhi doh chhutti aaj---------(moral police sena)
    jaan lein woh , kya hota hai pyar 
    kal se phir honge  tayyaar
    karne  woh  samaj sudhar.

     samaaj sudhar bhi ik hai vyapar
     kabhi pyar ko
 -- kabhi --bhasha ko--- maar
     rok  sako toh-- roko-vyabhichar   
     ab   toh  kar lo pyar vyar 

Monday, 4 February 2013


sequel to

 TOO much of blogging may have been welcome by my family but it was taking its toll on me --- all that computer-oggling, google-ing, and keeping continuous vigil for comments had put my beautifull large eyes behind glasses and my girthline was increasing by leaps and pounds So I decided to go slow and asked my hubby if we could do something to kill this monotony; the intelligent one that he is he suggested inviting some friends over and going out in a gang .WOW that was intelligent !! 

                  I picked up the cell and rang up 5 of our common friends; looked as if they were just waiting for some such invitation and they were at our place within an our.All of them had the same grudge ,too much computer and very little socialising .We made up our minds to arrange such get togethers more often and decided to go out for a movie and dinner thereafter.


woe no.1

 my dresses were bursting at the seams and I found it absolutely impossible entering into them and all my wrath was naturally aimed at my better half.

woe no.2

these modern cars with floorshift gears make it impossible to sit cozily together and spoilt my mood of enjoying a romantic drive with hubby .

woe no.3
It being a sunday movie halls were running housefull only tickets available were for GUZARISH 
none of us were in the mood for serious stuff  sooo    !!!!!.....?

woe no.4

and this one  is the worst

 you know with growing age and decreasing life span we have started eating SENSIBLY and our menu normally exists  of:

fresh lime without sugar/salt
clear soup
salad without dressing
fresh fruits for desert
followed by black sugarless coffee

while people around us keep tucking into kebabs,tikkas,sizzlers,soufles
icecreams,chocolate fondues with beer and wine flowing in abundance.

our order normally is very much like that ad: which asks the waiter not to put any BREAD in the PIZZA !!!

These of course are the woes of that one particular day but it set me thinking about the woes faced by pati and patni all through their lives:

If in a  joint family then you can neither love nor fight freely what with the probing eyes of all other members?

If in a nuclear family then you don't have the time to do either of the above mentioned.

If both are working then they are too tired to indulge in any thing .If the wife is a sit at home so much of nagging .

Jaldi arrival of kids takes away all the romance 
late arrival takes away the fun of bringing them up

grown up kids staying with you ! no peace .
grown up kids staying away from you ! no peace either.

So jahaan Pati Aur Patni hai wahaa woe toh rahega hi

AND if the spelling of WOE changes into WOH !!!

OH !! lets continue with the story So we decided to freak it out that day went to a dhaba had our fill of high calorie food   hmm!! Tandoori roti ,biryani, lassi, gajar halwa,!! mmm.... out of this world. Tea was pure milk with cardamoms and ginger accompanied by hot pakodas ...drank with that musical slurping noise ...heavenly try it; it doesn't burn your lips.
The whole day was exotic so much different from that stiff-upper-lip ambiance of a 5 star restaurant.

Came back home said how we had been  missing out on all this fun
 I said I will curtail computering

 He said no don't stop completely keep sundays free
{ hahha he does value his new found freedom !!} { I knew all this magnanimity was so that he could have his car free .}

I rang up my daughters told them about how we had enjoyed that day. They said they were so happy for me .

I added " yes and now both of you can resume  buying me sarees" they had stopped this when they had seen my addiction to the computer.and how  I had stated dressing carelessly .

Next day I packed off one of my servants to a friend in need,in turn  earned her gratitude and saved Rs 1500/p.m. Started cooking proper healthy food and resumed my evening walks which I had started neglecting lately 
.All this automatically took care of my weight and dimentions .
Family too was happy getting  propper mom cooked food .

.And  here I  was   blogging    happily    being paid for it too !!! Rs1500/pm!