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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Destiny's child

Chained to destiny? Yes I am.
Born a woman, a child with shackles
A human with no desires , a human with no choice
A human without a right, a human without any might.
But not a human without any pride.

Destiny ruled my being, destiny ruled my breath
Destiny defined for me, the path on which  to tread
Destiny guided me, destiny steered  me
I was chained lest I may stray.

But destiny could not kill that spark
Which burnt in my head not in my heart
I was destiny's child
Brought up in the wild.

Destiny is but written by others
It's not my will of survival
These chains and shackles are mere material,
 Strength is but not mortal.

It  breaks the chains, I fly soaring high
And cling to it with  my life
It is for me the last twig
To swim the rising tide.