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Sunday, 29 November 2015

AMRIT for dessert


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Curd -------------3 cups
Rose water or  gulabjal------2 tea spoonfulls
Chopped lotus seeds ( makhana) ---1 cup
chironji seed--- ( half cup )
Seeds of one pomegranate
Kishmish ( raisins) ------half cup
Some chhuhara ( dry dates ) and chopped almonds  about half cup each  .
Sugar  -----according to taste can be substituted with sugar free natura
Some milk
Some  water
Basil ( Tulsi) leaves chopped half cup


Churn the curd to a very smooth paste of  thick liquid consistency mixing water to it .Add milk if the curd is  very sour .

Now add all the chopped dry fruits and mix well .and also add the rose water.

Add Sugar free Natura to sweeten according to taste . Mix the chopped Basil ( tulsi)  leaves for that unque flavour.

Let all this soak for  at least one hour before serving as the dry fruits take some time to soften and mix with each other thus enhancing the taste and flavours. Lotus seeds should be soaked about an hour before the rest as they  take more time to absorb.

Pour in goblets or simple bowls ( katories) and serve  chilled . sprinkling a little pomegranate seeds and tulsi leaves  for added decor . ,

This desert is very healthy , can be made without any hassle and is suitable  in any weather ---specially after a particularly heavy and rich meal . In summers it is very very welcome as the curd has a cooling effect on the stomach .

Nutritional value --

Lotus seeds also known as fox seeds are a good source of protein , carbohydrates,  fibre , magnesium , potassium , phosphorus  , iron and  zinc they are also low in sodium .

The health benefits of raisins include relief from constipation , acidosis , anemia , and fever . and have  a positive impact on eye health , dental care and bone quality .

Chironji seeds help in cooling and gradually lowers the burning sensation in the body

Tulsi as we all know is a medicinal plant which has unlimited benefits it has anti fungal and anti biotic properties it is good for the heart , excellent in treating diabetese and also helpful in disolving kidney stones and of course good in cases of cough and cold

 Dates are an excellent source of sulphur, phosphorus , iron , potassium , calcium, manganese, copper and magnesium

.Almonds are rich in fiber , Protein ,fat, Vit E  Manganese and magnesium among other precious nutrients

This dessert which is my  variation of the Panchamrit  used in pooja  as Prasad is a very healthy  dish and is actually Amrit or nectar ..

My guests agree with me when I serve them AMRIT  as dessert .