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Friday, 11 November 2016

Tata GenX Nano Automatik

Tata GenX Nano Automatik – The next generation small car is one of the best compact hatchback available at low price in Sri Lanka. It’s technologically advanced features takes driving to the next level. This Nano automatic car features include fuel efficiency, electric power-assisted steering with speed sensitivity, huge luggage space and Music system with Bluetooth connectivity to make long drives more joyful. 

 Their advertisement says BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE AUTOMATIK and rightly so because best things in life are automatic . Just  as one does not  have to wait and click for the morning sun to bring its freshness and positivity onto the earth,it comes up automatically after a night. Similarly  neither does one have to push a button to bring   in  the evening  peace and tranquility  after a scorching day it follows automatically  Similarly the GenX Nano Automatik takes driving comfort to the next level with all of its technologically advanced  features  superior to other small cars in the segment The GenX Nano Automatik is a  smart  city car designed for the next generation .

Its features include convenience of driving because it is fully automatic which means you don't have to think about speed , the terrain and the required gear it just slides into the correct mode helping you slide through .

It boasts of a beautiful interior with comfort writ large , comfort in  seats , comfort in driving  methods , comfort in the luggage compartment ( very spacious perfect for family outings ) All in all it boasts of being the most comfortable small car available ----and of course coming from the House Of Tata's it not give any proof for quality the name TATA is synonymous with excellence in quality and reliability .

The colours are vibrant and absolutely GenX ,  pleasing to the eye as well as eye catching .

One look at the car tempts you to go and look at the interior and one look at the interiors has you hooked and a test drive has you fall for it head over heels .

It is the best compact  hatchback available to date .Its multiple design cues spell the word sporty as well as family car.