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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Naari----no woman no cry

कोई वस्तु नहीं
कोई अजूबा  नहीं
कोई पहेली नहीं
इंसान है
मनुष्य है
रगो मे खून है
दिल मे धड्कन
धड्कन मे सांस
और साँसों मे आस
इश्वर अर्धनारीश्वर है
पिता पति बेटा और भाई
माता पत्नी बेटी  और  बहन
ये रिश्ते है
श्रीष्टि के लिए अनिवार्य
क्या इन्के बिना चल सक्ता है ये संसार ?
कोई भी रिश्ता अपने आप मे सम्पूर्ण नही
कोई भी व्यक्ति अपने आप मे  पूर्ण नही
जब रचैता हि अर्ध्नारिश्वर है
तो रचना कैसे एकाकी हो ?
पुरुष और नारी एक दूसरे के पूरक है
विश्व रूपी श्रीष्टि के
रक्षक  और पालक है
पुरुष बलवान और नारी सुकोमल
एक कडी धूप  दूजा छाया शीतल
फिर क्यू पुरुष 
अपने बाहु बल के अहंकार मे मदमस्त होकर 
नारी को अबला करार देता है
अपनी मतलबी सहुलियत के लिए
कभी पूजनीय
कभी तिरिस्क्रित खिताब देता है ?
स्त्री को न तो पूजा चाहिए
और न चाहिए उसे तिरस्कार
न तो वो पुरुष से हीन है
न है वो श्रेष्ठ
वो सक्षम है
अपनी रक्षा के लिए
रक्षक बने भक्षक
कि नही उसे दरकार
सदियो से चली आई
कुछ परमपराओ को
वक्त के साथ् बदलना होगा
नारी तू खुद के लिए हथियार  उठा
तुझे इस राह पे चल्ना होगा
नही देता कोई दुसरा सहारा कभी
तुझ्को अपनी तकदीर से लड़ना होगा

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

five blind men

As the story goes
there were 5 blind men
 and they  came across an Elephant '
The one who caught hold of the trunk
said the elephant is  like a snake  slightly drunk ..

The  other got entangled in the tail
and said "I agree it is , a snake it is a snake".

The third when he felt both the ears
thought that the elephant  was a winnowing plate
which cleaned enough  grains to last enough years
and thought  he should buy one for him and his mate.

The 4th sat on the elephant,s back
and wondered if it was a biiiig tarmac?
 with slippery edges accident prone
as he slipped down with a groan.

the 5th wondered out aloud
as if he had uncovered a hidden shroud
"its a tree-its a tree
this is one and there are more three"

So friends this is the story of every land
you perceive 'IT' to be
as to you IT seems
to some its heaven
to some its nil
to some  its a land
where his ancestors lived

Home is where the hearth is
and country is where the Heart is .

some say its my   motherland
For some it is their father
some say they are for it concerned
some find much left to desire.

But ultimately
everyone compares
and hopes it to excel
so that they they may be proud to say
this is where they and theirs had  dwelt.

the bonds of blood ,are thicker than water
 the presence  of the genes so strong.
every word ---.anger,concern, love and respect
say that this is where they still belong.

His DNA will bring him home, however far may one run away.
at dusk he wants to find a way ,to come back to his roots
and breathe the air of his land,before he breathes his last
 and his soul fly's away on the wings of a big curlew.

Saturday, 22 December 2012





Just one thing


A promise to be worthy of being called a HUMAN BEING.

Because that is the one attribute which we have lost--the trait of humanity.'the traits of being human'.

Ugh! I am so ashamed of myself to have stooped so low that I can't face GOD ---what right have I to live in HIS world.
 He who is omnipresent.

His eyes follow me --HE smiles at me a sad beseeching smile --a pleading smile-------and I look away .

He asks me ---"I called you my greatest creation!!!
Did I fail in some way in giving you love and affection?
Did I fail in coming up to your expectations as a parent?"

"Tell me my child and I will rectify my mistakes --ask me for that which I denied you -and I will fulfill your desires--Please forgive me for my failures.

"But please live up to your reputation DON'T please  DON'T let my other creations ridicule me"

The agony the shame in GOD's pleadings is so obvious.
Can we deny any one of these charges?

So I pledge to my motherland that I will now become a human in deeds----and not a two legged beast.

My country needs peace ,harmony.happiness and this can be achieved only by HUMANITARIAN behavior  no amount of literacy will bring peace until  their is empathy in the feelings until our conscience can empathize with the miseries of our fellow Humans.

We have to forego this attitude of ours the OSTRICH syndrome.
We have to realize that All is not well with the world.
Materialism will not bring us riches.
Money is not everything---Let us recall that fable,the story of MIDAS Did he get Happiness??

Its for us to realize that everything comes full circle If we spread unhappiness, greed, selfishness then we are not going to be spared them .A time will come when we will have to pay for our misdeeds.
MIDAS in his greed asked God for the gift of the miracle-touch.When he touched his daughter AND she turned into gold he realized that happiness for him was his daughter not a golden statue. He of course was just a character in a story and God gave him back his daughter on seeing his repentance.

BUT we will not be that lucky.

We are mere mortals who will be punished for our deeds---History has already shared with us many stories and anecdotes for us learn our lessons from .Now no more .
History wants to add new chapters to its books what they will be, is for us to decide.

Is it going to be GOLDEN HISTORY OF INDIA.
OR Will the book be titled INDIA BACK TO THE DARK AGES.

ITS high time we woke up .Woke up to the needs of the poor.
woke up to the needs of our fellow countrymen and women. Like I said the ostrich syndrome is not the answer , we should not wait for our own children to turn into golden statues and then pray to GOD for the water of salvation, WE should stop that situation from arising.

Its time we realized that the words ' THE WHOLE WORLD IS A FAMILY' is not just a slogan the whole world is actually a family sooner or later everything does boomerang whether it be a smile or it be a frown. Every thing does have its repercussions its effects both bad and good on all the members of the family.

My motherland ; has reached that pathetic stage where she has become a helpless mother who is unable to control her prodigal children .

Those children who she once thought would be her strength are fighting among themselves in the name of religion ,language, property and have no apprehensions about killing their own flesh and blood they are not ashamed of aborting the girl child they are not ashamed of burning brides their greed has killed their conscience .They are killing the innocent just for a few pieces of gold .

I am not Santa Claus had I been one I would have gifted my motherland and also this world the gift of tolerance, of love, of gratitude ,of understanding OF HUMANITY .

But being a daughter of this my motherland I can only ask her to forgive me and my fellow human beings the misdeeds committed by us .

AND I promise to her that I together with my other fellow countrymen will one day give her back the days of her glory and make her proud of her children .


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

crime against women


                 SOCIAL REFORMERS   are all asking the same questions

WHY are women not safe ? why is crime against women constantly on the increase?

COMMITIES are being set up  to conduct studies  and find the reason behind this.They talk about making laws stricter ,  the latest is to make molestation a non bailable crime" Well this is a positive approach and hence welcome"  but the real solution to this problem is education{not literacy}  and above all an  individuals own "conscience".No problem can ever be tackled unless the cry is from within.To put it in a lighter vein "  you can take a horse to the river but you cannot make him drink." Similarly these crimes cannot be stopped untill the criminal realises what he has done !! HE  should know that what he is doing is worse than murder.He is insulting the existence of a fellow human being.Does he realise the repercursions?the humiliation, the insults,the feeling of helplessness the indignity a woman faces.Just imagine a crime where its the victim who is ashamed  and the culprit goes about strutting like a proud peocock!!.
                                                             In this fake society of ours which does not tire  from paying obeiyance to mother DURGA, the man does not understand MA DURGA is a woman  MA SARASWATI  is a woman KALI and the most favourite LAKSHMI  are  women.Is a woman worthy of  being  worshipped only if she is made of stone  not if she is made flesh and blood.!!

                                                      This is a burning issue which can be discussed incessently  but aren't we ashamed to be discussing it even in this 21st century.The topic is such that it will never cease to continue because it touches on very sensitive issues and if we talk about it it will go on and on and on.for eg may I ask who are these keepers of society who decide  the dress code for girls and women?  Leave women alone   let them breathe consider them your 'other half'  if not 'better half'  let the other half live the way its other half lives.

                                             Frankly this is not a fight between men and women it is a fight between the frustrated and the achievers.Frustrated people are failures in life and resort to bullying  them, who ,they think are weak...This groupof bullies includes both   men as well as women. The only way they can
be controlled is by exposing them remember that nursery rhyme!


So in order to control this evil which exists from time immemorial let us follow the method used then ;i.e., let the good boys come out to play and  catch and expose the hooligans like the two photographers did on the  night of 31st dec 2007 in MUMBAI  and the georgy porgys will surrender.
These bullies are not only males ,but females too are a very active member of this group  who do you think plays the lead role in cases of female foeticide,  bride burning   and dowry deaths etc? the MATRIARCH  without doubt.
                      So the only way to weed out this problem is   to educate the society and let them see the heniousness of this crime show it to them in a way which  will sadden or terrorise them. Women are indebted to men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy   or Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and request our 'better halves'! to imbibe their virtues we would be eternally gratefull to you.And this world will be rid of an unnecessary evil giving us more time to solve bigger problems of humanity  benefitting  the globe more.

                                 A  man and a woman are made by God to compliment each other  neither is in any way inferior to the other.They have different roles to play and should be respected for that .Just as every Human  being should be respected irrespective of  caste , creed , colour ,occupation or gender

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

sapne merey apne


सपने है ये सपने मेरे 
बुनती इनको मै साँझ सवेरे 
वक़्त मिले तब खो जाती हूँ 
दर्द उठे तब रो जाती हूँ 
इन सपनो में प्यार बसा है 
मेरा इक संसार बसा है 

हर सपना मेरा है अपना 
नहीं पराया हर कोई अपना 
इन अपनों को  बांध  लू खुद से 
हर अपने को जोड़ लूं दिल से 
किसी अपने को खोने न दू 
सपने में भी रोने न दू 

जाने कब ये रिश्ता जोड़ा 
कब सपनो  म इन्हें पिरोया 
अब तो ऐसी डोर बांध गयी 
हर ख्वाहिश  इक मोड़ बन गयी 
दिल से दिल का है ये सपना 
उम्र बढ़ी  है साथ बढ़ा है 
खुद पे इक विश्वास बढा है 

क्या ये सपना है 
उनका भी 
जो रहते है 
दिल में मेरे 

कोई बता दे कह दे उनसे 
सपनो की दुनिया है मेरी 
जितनी भी हो रात अँधेरी 
आंधी हो या तूफ़ान आये 
राह कभी वो भुला न पाए 
बंद कर ली है पलके मैंने 
कोई उनको कभी चुरा न पाए 

सपनो में जो बस जाते है 
अपने वो ही कहलाते है 
आँखे देखती है उनको ही 
कभी खुली रह कभी मूंदी ही 

SAPNE  hain  Ye  sapne  mere 
         Bunti   inko  mai , saanjh  saverey

           Waqt milei tab kho jaati hoon
            Dard utthe tab ro jaati hoon
            In sapno mei pyar basaa hai 
             Mera ik sansar basaa hai.

           Har sapna mera hai apna
            Nahi paraaya ,har koi apna.
           In apno ko baandh loon khud se,
            Har apne ko jod  loon dil se.
           Sapne mein bhi roney na doon,
            Kisi apne koh khoney na doon.
           Jaane kab ye rishta joda !
            kab sapno may inhe piroya!!
            Ab toh aisee dor bandh gayi,
            Har khwahish ik moad ban gayee.
            Dil si dil ka hai yeh sapna,
            Umra badhi toh saath badhaa hai
            Khud pe ik vishwas badhaa hai.

            Kya yeh sapna hai unka bhi??
             Joh rahte hai dil mein mere.?
           Koi bataa de, kah de unse,
             Sapno ki duniya hai meri
                      Kitni bhi ho raat andheri,
             Aandhi ho ya toofaan aaye
             Rah kabhi woh bhula na payein.
             Bund kar li hain palke maine
              kabhi unko koi chura na paye.
Sapno mein jo bas jaate hain
                                          Apne woh hi kahlaate hai
                                         aankhe dekhti hai unko hi
                                          kabhi khuli rah ;kabhi moondi hi.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Aur aap sochte hai Houswife Banna easy hai?


,---- A NOVEL ----A HOME !!!


T he sun rises to be greeted by the woman of the house beautiful after a bath ,hair washed with  perfumed shampoo, scented water or sandalwood ( according to the era which the episode is set in )---in short she is smelling beautiful and smiling beautifully. 

The sun smiles and blesses the home where the woman gets up before sunrise---and the blessings would be many fold if she is either playing the sitar or singing a bhajan --or has just finished her Namaaz and is seen keeping away the holy book----or is in the chappel finishing her prayers .

SHE now will wish the SUN good morning .and rush into the kitchen . 
emerging with hot cups of tea and coffee for the members of the family .and they in turn will give her smiles and a benevolent look.

Oh yes!!! and the gods bless the home which is swept every morning by the lady  of the house--- before the servants do. 

all throughout the day she is busy with all kinds of work but the media (visual,written) ,stories , ballads all project her as fresh and smiling ,.. 
there are manufacturers   playing on her psyche  telling her through advts how helpfull their   gadgets will be to her in executing her duties more effeciently and how they would   help her to take on added responsibilities --- and she wants to play superwoman ---naturally!!! the milk of human kindness and love for her loved ones is her ---identity.

Now the same scene , same place, same time , same era , same hemispheres only GENDER is different ---the male ---he is projected as a drunkard, wife beater, tyrant , gambler rogue in short a good for nothing .
Now the smart idea behind all this ---- society in general and the woman in particular become so conditioned that they unconsciously associate  

picture No 1. ---
to be their lot --she thinks she has to be sweetly smiling and sweet smelling always ,the epitome of all the above mentioned  virtues ---and she achieves all this too ---with pangs of guilt in case of a minor failure ;may be as minor as disheveled hair. 

----and she faces ostracism if she is unable to fulfill any of these virtues----in case of domestic violence too she is expected to smile and bear --smile and sacrifice --smile and consider herself privileged . 
And the men are supposed to be the sufferers if their mate or even mom fails to fulfill any of the above qualities. 

whereas PICTURE NO 2 HELPS MEN IN EVERY WAY --the womenfolk and the society again are conditioned to accept men as epitome of all those vices  --- and even if "one" of these vices is absent in the men around them they consider it a blessing ---its like
1,}what if he drinks atleast he doesn't beat me. 
2) what if he beats me he hasn't brought the other woman home
3) what if he has brought the other woman home he is not throwing me out. 
    etc and etc .

now isn't that smart ??? 

No Doubt men rule the world -----far sightedness at its best . 

This has been happening since the days of the GODS--and to add to all the miseries they call us the FAIRER SEX and we become the best targets for their fairness cream industry . 

Slim is beautiful so we are constantly dieting ---helping the family budget remain slim. 

they like us to buy jewelry and look beautiful ----another ploy of investment in gold and silver --will help later on in times of need ---naturally we wont be lacking in contributing to the family's hour of need.. 

Then there are lovely songs written epitomizing and euologising womanhood , motherhood . ---and we bask in their glory .???


We deserve what they dish out for us --and ---they deserve what we dish out for them ----HAHAHA .  



Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My first attempt at HAIKU

apple fell on head
while sleeping under the tree

Newton ,discovered the principle of gravity. 

went for a bath, water dislodged

Archimedes ,said Eureka!!

A principle I've thought

watch in the pan, egg held in hand

this is how inventions

on this earth land. 

kettle begins boiling

steam comes through

Watt, says OH!!

a theory gets proved.

PS---hope they are HAIKU ::)))) ----haiku of 4 lines is called HAIKUA:))

all pictures from the net

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Blogging Wives make Happy Families

Yes we all know that blogging is important because it helps us vent our thoughts and feelings thus helping us at times to avoid depression and also boosts our ego and gives us self-satisfaction to see our words in print with people appreciating and commenting on them.

        But I discovered a very new dimension to blogging a few days back ,that apart from all these therapeutic functions blogging also played a very important role in preventing family dissatisfaction!!!!

  Actually what happened was that one fine night just before going to bed I 
went into the land of 'introspection'and  felt that all this blogging and google-ing  on my part was being very unfair to my family and that they deserved more of MY love and affection.

.So I decided to curtail the hours of computer--oggling that  I was unashamedly indulging in for the past so many months.

BUT can you guess my dismay when the goings on inside my house uncovered themselves or rather I discovered them !! 

Here is a glimpse of what happened that day--- I was in the kitchen making my family's favourite breakfast pouring as much love and affection I could pour and even humming my favourite song when I overheard  this conversation in hushed tones--

Father and daughters on the dining table;; 

Father--"What's the matter? how come she is in the kitchen ?

Younger daughter-"aaj computer bilkul bund hai God knows why!!      

 Hubby to me ---Whats the matter ?aaj computer pe nahi ho!!

 Me with a romantic smile -Nahi I have decided to stop blogging .

 Chorus--- "WHAAT!! WHY?

 Me more lovingly and emotionally--"I am so sorry I have neglected you people so much. Ab I must stop all this I am so ashamed of myself" 

By this time tears  had started welling  in my eyes.

 Chorus---"No no we used to love to see you so busy and happy don't stop blogging We are absolutely fine go ahead  

 All this love and affection made me more determined to stop blogging and devote more time to them .

With tears flowing I said --"that's very sweet of you people but I know you want me to be with you all and not sit at the computer".

By this time they had lost their patience and had made up their mind to come out in the open  

Daughter to me---"No mom you go ahead  we are absolutely ok without your attention in fact Papa used to say -----"and she  bit her tongue
Me --"what did"" Papa used to say?""  

daughter became a bit nervous 

Father came to her rescue--"I said  that with you browsing and blogging life had become very easy for me      
                                    1.None of your nagging 
                                    2.No compulsory social visits which used to raise my B. P . 
                                    3.All your useless shopping sprees have stopped
                                    4.I no longer have to yearn to use my own car its there whenever I want it ........

 When the daughters saw all this coming from their father and me listening quietly they did not want to miss  the opportunity and  quipped in 

 "Mom do you know ?? how many times  we have used your sarees? got them drycleaned and put them back in the almirah?  Hahahaha !!  your favourite blue chiffon has visited the 'raffoowala masterjee'---so many times and you haven't even noticed the damage ,nor have you realised that the blue ceramic vase has been restored to its original shape with the help of 'fevicol'

  ME  sighing---hmmmmm!


Meeting dispersed I thought of visiting the kitchen 

.Overheard  the maid  talking to the  cook ----"Aaj kaisi chai banayee ekdum pheeki n doodh na cheeni"

    cook-----"Kya karoo aaj beeebiji computer pe kaam nahi kar rahi hai baar baar idhar aa rahi hai "
I come back quietly .Don't know how to react Happy or Sad.


                              ----Blogging Wives make Happy families 

                                    1 They balance the budget

                                     2 Reduce hypertension

                                      3 reduce telephone and petrol bills

                                      4 make the servants happy

        ******            *******         ********         *******      *******   

               But one thing was certain,and that was a saving grace
                Tears swelled in my eyes. and  I  me  myself embraced
               Look at it how you want ,look at it whichever way      
                    They did think of me always and every day !!                                                                                                              

Friday, 23 November 2012

why nine???

 WHY NINE ???!!

A cat has nine lives
but you have only one !!! say the roadside placards warning us to drive slow lest we lose that one life which is SO PRECIOUS .

then we have NAVRATRIS ----those sacred days of great significance ----before DUSHEHRA the KING of all festivals celebrated by ALL in this land of diversities .

oh !! and another set of navratris during  RAMNAVMI ---now even Lord Ram had to be born on the 9th day .

coming to lesser mortals ---we have NAO RAS---9 rasaas of human behaviour.  --9 moods or emotions

                        shringar---(love devotion)
                         karun----(sadness depression)
Why not 5 or 10 THINK!!!
now  lets close in on the number 9 in our immedite surroundings and amongst us

No!! lets let the royalty come in first ---a king has to give his love a nau lakha haar to please her or to show    his affection for her

a queen in turn demands and settles for nothing less than a  nau lakha haar .

The Emperor Akbar had 9 gems in his court the same ones which had BIRBALand TANSEN!! .amongst them .

we are supposed to be on cloud 9 when in a euphoric state

high school begins from the 9th standard onwards

we get to eat nav ratan korma in resturants

we play a game of 9 pins

and now to top it all -- there is this story of a lady who  used to store leftovers in the fridge for 9 consecutive days and then on the 9th night treat her family to a naulakha dinner actually  naurakha dinner ---ie comprising of stored- in food of the last 9 days ---hahaha !! the naurakha was changed to naulakha because at times even guests were invited for this special treat

and here's one that I know of personally ---long long time ago an industrialist in the place where I live bought a lot of land and built mansions for his self and his family ---now exactly in this neighbourhood was a small modest bunglow which was an eyesore for the Rich man and his estate---but this guy was new to the ways of the rich so  instead of just sending in goondas and throwing his neighbour out lock stock and barrel he went to his house   one day and after exchanging pleasantries and introducing himself --which was again a very very   humble  gesture --          
               unko kaun nahi janta thhaa!!!

             woh gaye unke ghar khuda ki nemat thhi
            kabhi woh unko kabhi apne ghar ko dekh rahe thhe

anyways ---so the Rich man asked the poor man
              aap yeh ghar bechna chahtey hain toh bataaiye ?

The poor man said ---haan agar 9 lakh mil jayein toh bech doo the rich man immediately took out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for 900000 INR now why on earth did the poor man say 9 lakhs couldnt he think of any other number ??why did 9 occur to him at the spur of the moment
the mansion  built on the rubbles of the old modest house is called  NAULAKHA GHAR

so guys and gals just THINK

yeh kaisa ninyanbey ka pher ??{ ninyanbey =99 :)}

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Woman of substance THE RANI OF JHANSI

would like to add here that the Rani shares her birthday with another great Lady of Indian history INDIRA GANDHI (19th november)

HER marriage in childhood
She could not have defied.
Those days were such
It had to be every woman's plight

But the Fire,the Desire,
To break open the chains,
That burned in her heart
Were not mere empty claims.

Fate willed it such that
" She", first become a queen
And then save the nation
As was Her long cherished dream .

The king was dead,
The British took over;
As was wont to their creed
And annointed her as puppet
To look after their greed.

But this is where they faltered
This is where they slipped
They hadn't realised
She had too much of a grit.

She was a woman of substance
Who had held her head high
No ruler could have ruled her
No Emperor make her cry.

She rose in rebellion,
And took up her chattels
Joined the hands of kings & nawabs
To fight the British in battles.

These Brave Patriots had Begun in 1857
The First signs Of struggle
The First War of Independence

They died their deaths they lost their life
But the torch was carried over
Which sent the rulers go in search
Of some sort of cover.

The spark had been ignited
That Fire had been  fanned
Which in 1947 made India



Thursday, 15 November 2012


                    Reels of silken thread,
                   Are woven into dreams.
                  Sometimes they bring a smile for you,
                  Sometimes they make you scream.

                  God willed that dreams be made of silk;
                  Of reels of silken thread;
                  Which He can at His will destroy
                  Or gift to us instead.

                "We come and go at your behest,
                  We dance to your tunes.
                  Oh! God let our dreams be ours
                  As  to  a  desert are sand-dunes.

                 They are our hopes and yearnings,
                 Let them with us remain.
                 O! Lord please let them be with us
                 From destroying them refrain."

                 "Let dreams be  dreams of joy
                Not nighmares which will us scare
                 We want to strive to fullfil them
                  Don't fill them with despair'"

                 "All through our lives we fight
                  The sun, the ice, the storm.
                Let  dreams  at least  please  flourish!!
                In sunlight , shade and the flowing calm.

                    LET ME BE THE CREATOR,
                    THE ACHIEVER,
                   THE DESTROYER,
                    LET ME BE THE GOD
                  IN THE DREAMS OF MY DESIRE.

Monday, 12 November 2012

ek aur vaidehi


Usha got down from the scooter and went straight into the house not even waiting to answer the question shot at her by her neighbour.

She knew she will have questions to answer and accusations to face --she had stayed out the whole night and had a colleague drop her home early in the morning .She had actually been stranded on her way home from the office , caught in a religious procession which had entered into a small communal skirmish and the police had clamped a curfew in that area to prevent any serious disaster.

When the curfew was lifted early next morning the police allowed them to leave in small numbers to avoid any mob fury and she in her eagerness to reach home as soon as possible had asked her colleague to drop her home on his scooter as he too took the same route .

As she entered the room her ma-in-law asked her anxiously where she had been and that they were all so worried for her safety and why didn't she ring up home ?

She was in tears as she told the old lady about the happenings of the previous evening and said that though she had tried to ring up home there was no network coverage .Mrs Sahay  her mom-in-law consoled her and said not to worry as she knew that Usha was a good girl and the whole family had full faith in her .Her sobs of relief were uncontrollable as she clutched the old lady's hands in gratitude.

But tongues went wagging and gossip began its rounds courtesy Mrs Goyal whose query was left unanswered by Usha earlier in the morning .Mrs Goyal had felt insulted and had to vent her anger by making the poor girl her target .

In the railway quarters the day was ablaze with Mrs Sahay's bahu's escapades and by the time the gossip reached the railway officers club... Usha was supposed to have sneaked out late at night to reach a local maternity home for an abortion and her boyfriend was there beside her all throughout ---and they had both been very cautious to reach her house before daybreak in order to avoid the neighbours, the family' and also her husband who was in the night shift to supervise some mechanical repairs. .

But here she could not fool the ever vigilant Mrs Goyal who had caught her red handed .

Senior Mr Sahay could not bear the sneering looks and wagging tales at the club and reached home red in the face.

"SUCHETAAA..." roared the patriarch "SUCHETA" where are you ?

"What is it why are you shouting ---whats wrong something serious ....." she was concerned .

"SOMETHING serious ??? the whole town is talking about it and you are asking me what the matter is ---is this how you look after the house and your family???"

"will you tell me something or will you go on shouting "

"This thing about our daughter-in-law staying out the whole night and returning home with a stranger!!!"

"Oh she got caught in a curfew --and that man who dropped her home is a colleague and not any stranger "

" Doesn't all this demand an explanation from her ??? couldn't she have called us up ??"

"she tried but there was no network coverage---and I would request you to stop all this .you seem to have more faith in those gossip-mongers than in your own Daughter -in-law"

"Maa I think dad is right. Usha needs to convince us or she goes out of this house I have no place for a characterless wife "

"SHOMU.... YOU are talking like this !!!Is this how I have .brought you up !!? is this the kind of ethics I have taught you ??"

"No maa I can't stay with her --she has to leave --even if she is innocent --- I can't face all those wagging tongues and sneering eyes I can't face the world whenever I go out ----I will feel people sneering sneering ,throwing looks of pity at me to have been tolerating all this .to have been unaware of all this happening behind my back since God knows when.." .
"I am only human I am not GOD to forgive her sins---WHY even Ram sent SITA away so why should I bear all this ???"

The shocked Mrs Sahay flared up and screamed --"YOU are comparing yourself to RAM .!!!RAM the Maryada purshottam !!! who was bound by duty to please his subjects to convince them-- he had to prove to them that to a KING its  HIS SUBJECTS who should matter the most and a king should be unbiased .As for his feelings for SITA he never remarried and all throughout his life he kept a statue of her's beside him as his consort .At home too he slept on the floor and denied himself all the luxuries because he knew Sita was living without them ...comparing yourself to RAM ..HAH!" she scoffed

"and please listen to me you both father and son if you are trying to act RAM and sending USHA out of the house as SITA ....yes I will call her SITA because I know she is as innocent as SITA ...then you have one more VAIDEHI I am also walking out with her I will not stay with men who don't know how to respect their women. ---I am ashamed to have been the wife of one and to have given birth to another man with such chauvenistic attitudes and who are so week as to give in to such gossip .

"Bholu..she called her younger son will you please go and call Mr and Mrs Goyal tell them its urgent"

She confronted Mrs Goyal as she entered their house
" Mrs Goyal will you please tell us the story of USHA and her boyfriend as we want to punish her and please tell us the name of the hospital where you saw her because we will need some documents before we file for divorce .."

Mrs Goyal of course was caught off guard and stammered that she had said all that just in fun she did not mean any thing bad .and that Usha was the sweetest girl ever etc etc..

Mrs Sahay rebuked her and asked her to clarify the whole thing the next day to all in the railway colony and she asked Mr Goyal to please see that USHA's tarnished image was restored to respectability and the truth told to all .

She then turned to the two men of her family and said that she was leaving together with Usha as both of them had a woman's dignity to protect and their self respect did not allow them to stay with men who were so unreliable .

That is the story of another Sita EK AUR VAIDEHI


VAIDEHI is another name for SITA 
ps---being a story a few incidents may have been slightly exagerated--moreover I was trying to show the bad effects of gossiping ---and I may have drifted a little BUT the fact remains that none of what I have written is impossible it happens everywhere all  around "if you can believe in the cases of female infanticide and dowrydeaths ----then what I have narrated is an absolutely normal case.and the male dominated society all over the world is excercising its superiority in some manner
 or the other . 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

poochhaa jab Ram se

 We celebrate Diwali to rejoice the return of Ram together with Sita and Lakshman from exile  we also know what followed .
Ram has faced a lot of criticism for asking Sita to leave home BUT have we ever thought of Ram's feelings  what he  actually must have gone through when he had to send  Sita  away??--
    राम की  व्यथा                        
पूछा था राम से
कैसे मर्यादा पुरुष है आप?
कैसे निभाया है धर्म आपने पत्नी को दे अग्नी परीक्षा का तिरस्कार??

 हर धर्म निभाया ,न्याय किया, अर्धांगिनी को त्याग दिया?
पिता के वचनों के लिए रघुकुल की रीत निभायी

 प्राण जाये पर वचन ;न जाये कह बैठे राम रघुरायी!!!
साक्षी क्या अग्नि नहीं थे फेरो के आपके?
वचन सुरक्षा का क्या नहीं लिया था वैदेही का आपने?
पितृ वचन को निभाने चले गए थे वनवास
फिर क्यौ लिया वापस आपने त्यागा हुआ अपना राजपाट??


 धोभी के संदेहों को कर देते तुम शांत
 भरत को राज दे देते
सीता को महलो का वास्!!!
अबला नहीं थी ,स्वाभिमानी थी प्रियतम की आभारी थी
 धरती में जाकर समा गयी ऋण अपना सधा गयी
अग्नि ने भी शीतलता का दिया उसे आभास

प्रेयसी ,पत्नी ,माँ पुरुष को देती जीवनदान
 वाम अंग आ जाती है जब
पुरुष पूर्ण कहलाता है तब
क्या यज्ञ पूरा कर लेते बिन सिया मूरत के राम?
अधूरी नहीं पूर्णl है वो अन्नदाता की अन्न्पूर्णा है वो
कहलाती है वामा
वाम अंग को गुंजित करके बन जाती हृदय का स्पंदन
 चाहे वो रावन हो या हों रघुनन्दन
-----------         ------------         -----------

 पूछा जब  राम से ........

अश्रु पूरित नैनो से राजीव लोचन ने किया बखान
उस पीडा का जो बेध गयी थी
हृदय उनका छेद गयी थी
कैसे दिन उनके बीते थे राज धर्म को जीते जीते

 पूछते विधाता से वो
क्यों दिया मुझे मर्यादा पुरोषत्तम का मान ?
 क्या बीती थी उनपर
 जब लखन संग किया सिया ने था वन्प्रस्थान
हर रात कुश की शय्या पर निद्रा उनको छलती थी
हर सुबह स्वर्ण जटित थाली के भोजन का करते वो त्याग

आह !! विधाता क्यों दिया मुझे मर्यादा पुरषोत्तम का मान ??
मेरे मन् के चीत्कार को कभी समझ न पाया कोई
राजा था मैं , पुत्र था
पत्नी वियोग की पीडा को सहना ही था मेरा दुर्भाग्य
सोने की मूरत को मैंने किया था अंगीकार
सिंहासन पर वामा मेरे वोही मूरत होती थी
 मेरे रनिवास में बैठी वोही मुस्काती थी
 द्विपतनी के लिए न खोले मन ने मेरे कभी भी द्वार

प्रारब्ध मेरा कहता था
कलयुग में जाकर करना है तुमको पुरुष मर्यादा का प्रचार
इसीलिए दिया विष्णु ने तुमको रामचंद्र का यह अवतार

 सुनो प्रियजन यही है मेरे व्याकुल मन की करुण पुकार

Poochha thaa Ram se
Kaise maryada purush hain aap?
                           Kaise nibhaya hai dharm aapne?
                           Patni ko diya agni pariksha ka tiraskar?

                           Har dharm nibhaya, nyay kiya
                             Ardhangni ko tyag diya?
                              Pita ke vachno ke liye
                            Raghukul ki reet nibhayee!
                           pran jaye par vachan na jaye
                           Kah baithhe Ram Raghurayee!

                              Sakshi kya agni nahi thhey
                                 Pheron ke apke?
                              Vachan suraksha ka nahi liya thha kya?
                                Vaidehi ka aapne?

                              Pitru vachan ko nibhane,
                                Chale gaye Vanvaas.
                                Phir kyoo le liya aapne
                               Tyaga hua Rajpaat??

                                Dhobi ke sandeho ko,
                                  Kar dete tum shaant
                                 Bharat ko raaj de dete
                                 Sita ko mahlon ka waas.

                               Abla nahi thi,swabhimani thi
                                 Priyatam ki aabhaari thi
                               Dharti mein jaa kar samaa gayee
                                  Agni ne apni sheetalta ka
                                   diya use abhaas .
                                   Preyasi ,Patni ,maa
                              Purush ko deti jeevandaan.
            Vam ang aa jaati hai jab,purush poorna kahlata hai tab
                              Kya Yagya poorn kar lete ??
                                 Bin Siya moorat ke Ram?

                             Adhoori nahi hai, Poorna hai woh.
                               Anndata ki annpoorna hai woh.
                                Kahlati hai Vama
                              Vam ang ko gunjit karke
                            Ban jati hridya ka spandan
                  Chahe Vo Ravan ho ya hon Vo Raghundan.!! 


thaa Ram sey!

                           Kyou kiya agnipariksha de
                           Ardhangni ka tiraskar???

                            Ashru poorit naino se,
                           RajeevLochan ne kiya bakhaan
                          Us peeda ka jo bedh gayee thhi
                            Hridaya unka chhed gayee thhi.

                            Kaise din unke beete thhe!!
                             Rajdharm ko jeete jeete.
                             Poochhte Vidhata se woh,
                               "kyou diya mujhe ?
                       'Maryada Purshottam ka maan'"

                            Kya beetee thhi unpar jab
                               Lakhan sang kiya
                            Siyaa ne thha Vanprasthhan
                           Har raat kush ki shaiyya par
                              Nidra unko chhalti thi
                           Har subah swarn jadit thali ke
                            Bhojan ka woh karte tyag

                               "aaaaah !! vidhata kyoo
                                      diya mujhe
                           Maryada Purshottam ka maan?"

                          " Merey mann ke cheetkar ko
                             Kabhi samajh na paya koi!
                             Raja thaa main,putra thha
                                Patni viyog ki peeda ko
                        Sahna hi thha, mera durbhagya"

                     "Sone ki moorat ko maine kiya thha angikar'
                 Sinhasan par vama merey, wahi moorat hoti thi
              Merey Raaniwaas mein baithhi wo-hi muskati thhi
                  Dwi patni ke liye na merey mann ne khole
                             Kabhi bhi dwar."

                       Prarabdha mera kahta thaa
                          Kalyug mei jaakar
                Karna hai Tumko purush maryada ka prachaar
                      Isiliye dia hai VISHNU nei tumko
                        RAM CHANDRA ka yah avtar.

                                 Suno priyjan
                          Yahi hai merey vyakul mann ki
                                Karun pukaar."

                       _____   -------------