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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Horlicks the boon for children

 "How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth?". is the question asked and the answer is VERY  important its a matter of utmost concern and immediate action should be taken to rectify the anomali and this I write with first hand knowledge .

My grandson when he was about four  years old suddenly went down with very high fever --which would keep on occurring after small intervals which means he would recover and then fall sick again. this made him very very weak and the same boy who was one of the brightest and smartest and cutest became weak and also would get irritated soon and keep on crying or whinning . This was a cause of great concern and his grand parents ( paternal ) and parents became very very worried . His dadi out of love and concern  tried all gimmicks like " nazar utarna " etc but none of it worked and he continued to become weak , and restless .Then finally a very worried dadi and dadaji decided to take him to some Godman  " BabaJI " in whom these people had a lot of faith . Now this was the last straw for my daughter. She had been tolerating all the various kinds of Nazar utarna etc sometime's done with burning chillies , some times with black threads , lemon etc she would cry in the privacy of her room not wanting to create a scene at home and moreover she knew they were doing it due to concern but going to a BABA  was  a little bit too much and she put her foot down She said this was not going to be done with her son .All hell broke loose in their house  taunts and abusive words were hurled at her But she was determined  and came to us with her son . She did not tell us at what had been happening but said she had brought him here so that she could look after him properly as the scene at her in-laws was not very comfortable with them busy in the preparations for her sis-in-law's wedding and guests too had started trickling in and the child was not getting proper care and attention. This was quite a fair reason for her to come over to our place.

Just after two days of their stay the child started showing signs of improvement , he would sleep for long hours without any discomfort This was , good and he also started showing other signs of improvement the best being that it was more than fifteen days and he hadn't had any bout of fever. This meant he was cured of whatever was ailing him , But he was still very weak , listless , and had a far away sad look in his eyes contrary to the mischievous smiling eyes he had had .  We were scared that his mental alertness was being affected his physical growth was being hampered and this is where Horlicks  CAME IN AS A BOON , THE BIGGEST HELPER EVER a doctor friend who had come to visit us said if the boy continued to show this kind of behaviour his mental development too would be hampered with. .He suggested that together with the love , care  attention that we were providing him with we should increase his protein intake ( eggs meat etc)  but good food was not enough for his recovery  in this state of affairs and the stage his weakness and frequent attacks of fever had brought him to. he needed a supplement and HORLICKS would provide him with every nutrient he needed . Though there were many other health drinks in the market Horlicks had that little bit extra so important for a child's mental and physical growth . This friend told us that “Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.”We rushed to the market immediately and brought a bottle of Horlicks Growth+ thankfully Horlicks has the knack to provide nutrition to children and even elders in the various tastes they love and here was a chocklate drink ready to tempt my grandson .

You wouldn't understand the relief we had when we saw him finish his drink in one go and you can never imagine the improvement he showed in a months time . The happy naughty and intelligent boy was back. He resumed school and the teachers who were so worried for him were happy to have him back And his grandparents who were not very pleased with my daughter's approach in handling the situation were all smiles when they came to visit us It was  decided that he and his mother would continue to stay with us till his aunts wedding was over This was possible because  both families stay in the same city .

Thank you Horlicks you have now become a regular breakfast drink for little Rahul He knows you have helped him recuperate .

Saturday, 2 July 2016

A poem of mine

This poem has been selected by the e mag"The Scribblers " the topic was Womanhood .

 I am A Woman 

I am a woman ,  Made of flesh and blood
And  you a man ,similarly clad ,
You lay the rules and ask me to follow ,
That, Which makes me feel vulnerable and hollow.
You call me the weaker  sex , You in the garb of provider
Rob me of my individuality , And call yourself , my ,protector.

When your arms crush me I smile,
When  you sneer and jeer and leer I blissfully comply,
Oh  !!  protector, you protect me from your own self.
My individuality is not acceptable to you,
For you my strength  lies in  my frailty
To be accepted ,I appear to be at your mercy ,To be loved I appear to die.

I make you feel complete I make you feel strong
I make you the ruler while I your vicinity throng
My body becomes one with yours And you let your heart to me belong
The rules are laid by you, The Game is played by me
To win I have to lose ,
Oh what a  paradox !!

I am a woman , Destined to be  a captive
Destined to rule through captivity .
For I am a woman , destined to rule
Destined to pull the strings holding your hands,
Guiding them from the shadows  never to come to the forefront .
For I am a woman Destined to rule With Chained Hands .
~ Rajni Sinha