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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bachpan ki yadein

There is one school of thoughts which always associates bachpan with fun and frolic playing hide and seek ---eating sweets icecreams etc---all in all having fun .

Then there is another which tells us about the deprived children and how they have to slog for their daily bread ,go through maltreatment and abuse at the hands of drunkard fathers,step mothers and all that ---all in all sadnesss galore a great tear jerkar.---this includes the slumdog kinds too.

Two extremes--but here's my bachpan --and the middle path it followed .

My father was a mines manager and lived in the interiors (jungles of madhya pradesh and maharashtra   )so we either went to a hostel or to our grandparents for our education .I was sent to my nanaji's gaurdianship ---a true disciplinarian --- who saw to my studies ,and to my diet personally.

NOthing very sad but quite torturous --cows milk ,chyawanprash ugh !! and for every mistake I made he would make me rub my nose on the wall .
Never let me use the eraser so that even the smallest mistake boasted itself prominently on my notebook.and then that punishment. though it did help me never to repeat the mistake.

He even made me skip the rope 100 times every evening(health conscious) .

I happened to be the eldest of all the children in my joint family so whenever a new member of the clan joined school I was made to be their local guardian --imagine 9 years old myself had to take their responsibilities they commited mistakes and I was called up by mother superior-- worst was I had two uncles who were younger to me ; when I was in class 2 they were in KG1 and KG2 respectively and I had to address them as "mama' relations had their own sanctity those days --and I was their local guardian too in school.--I am sure you people must have by now started sympathising with me .

Then it was my brothers turn to join me in Nanaji's house and thank GOD he just wouldn't tolerate the patriarch's dominating ways so my parents shifted us to a hostel ---
But here too I was elder and he the younger so I was found shedding tears  when he got the caining  
One nice thing about my Grandpas house was that My granny did not allow non veg food to be cooked in the regular kitchen so that other "" kitchen ""used was like a temple to us "when will its doors open?" specially for eggs Oh what a delicacy
Tell you something though my nani did not eat eggs but she was the one who bought them she had one ABBU Mia who would come with eggs in a basket and then nani would sit on a chair: one of us kids would go and bring 2 bowls , one filled with water and Abbu mia would dip each egg in the water the ones which sank were the good ones and we would put them in the other bowl . We loved doing this job handling each egg lovingly .

Then the time to eat those eggs --hmmm --heavenly !! the aroma still wafts whenever I think of those days .
Eggs never tasted so nice ever after  ---

Then my dad got transfered to the headoffice and we shifted to a house-- the family together .
This was the time I was in the 9th standard and life had become lovely --7.45 am I would be ready for school and sit in front of the radio scribbling down in my 400 hundred pages note book what talat mahmood was singing My mother saw to it that no one disturbed me at that time .Then 8 am just as K L saigal started his song we knew we should be out of the house else we may be late for school.

We went to school on bycycles the whole lot of us and all the passers by knew us and we knew them because we were regulars on the road .and if any one of us did not cross the other at the same place everyday it meant we were either late or early.

In school I used to be a great singer and also a storyteller --would tell the girls stories of movies complete with songs

Then Hockey: in the beginning I tried to avoid but Mrs Joseph our senior teacher knew I had the makings of a great goal keeper and she ignored all my tears.Am I gratefull ?YES. 

I am also gratefull to her for pushing me on the stage and making me a good artist .

so these are my Bachpan ki yadein .
iske baad toh college "" woh kissa phir kabhi

would you like to share your bachpan ki yadein ? We would love to read each others memories do share ALL ARE TAGGED 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The escaped convict

Rekha was a qualified lawyer who was working as assistant in  law firm before marriage . Rakesh an assistant comisioner of police (ACP Rakesh Sharma) was in support of her working whereas his parents were against it .and this was the ongoing argument cum discussion which was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone ... there was a call from the office of  IG police asking him to attend a meeting at the IG's residence  concerning an escaped convict  So he left  after reassuring Rekha that he will work out something .

She stood at the window trying to pear out in the dense fog as her husband was leaving ----unable to see anything not even the tail lights of his car she turned around deciding to call it a day and shut the windows as it was getting colder and her 3 year old son was not very receptive to cold ----she suddenly felt a shiver go down her spine as a hand went round her mouth stiffling her cry of exclamation .

It was the hand of an escaped convict who had hid in the verandah and was waiting for Rakesh to leave ---Rakesh was the ACP of that region and Yogesh (the convict) thought the best place to take shelter from the police would be in a policeman's  house.

Yogesh took out his pistol and gestured Rekha to keep quite --he then picked up Sameer who was sleeping nearby and keeping him hostage he rounded up the whole family .He then ordered Rekha to get him some food and warm clothing so that he could discard the clothes he was wearing (those of a prisoners).

A sudden knock on the door alerted all the occupants of the house ---the Sahai's thought it to be a godsend while Yogesh took it to be a threat and went on gaurd with a warning look in his eyes directed at Rekha.

He made her go to the door and open it ---a newly wedded couple was standing there asking for shelter as they had lost their way while on a honeymoon.

Rekha was scared but allowed them in thinking they may be able to help them out  of the clutches of the convict.

The couple was offered tea and all of them settled down in the drawing room ---including Yogesh who was posing as a relative of the family ---Sameer the baby was sleeping in the bed room and yogesh had the keys to its lock.

A sudden shock went through the gathering as after about 15 minutes the young couple rose from their seat and brandishing a pistol demanded the family to quitely hand over all the cash and valuables in the house or face death.Everyone includingYgesh were surprised to see this drama. They did what they were asked to as there was no point defying them.

The honeymooners collected their loot and left not forgetting to tear  away the telephone cable before leaving ----a haggard harrassed foursome was sitting with worry writ  large on their faces when Rekha was reminded of Sameer.THEY  had completely forgotten about him--Yogesh who by now had turned into a fellow sufferer rushed to open the lock worried for the little boy ---But they were aghast to find the boy missing he had probably walked out of the backdoor of the bathroom which was left open by oversight.
Pandemonium took over the scene as the whole family rushed about trying to find the boy ---the fog outside was so dense that it was absolutely impossible to locate him .

Yogesh stealthily picked up the torch from the shelf and then they saw him walk out of the front door ----the family did not know wether to rejoice at his going away or to worry for Sameers safety and whereabouts .To add to it all the old lady of the house had fainted when she saw that her grandson was missing.

If there ever was a scene of emotional turmoil it was being enacted in the Sahay houshold.--and the irony of it all was that the man of the house belonged to a profession which took care of the worries of  other  people ---"the policeforce."

About an hour or so later they saw Rakesh's car enter the driveway ----Rekha rushed out and almost fainted in his arm's just uttering ----"Rakesh  ....SAMEER...."

Rakesh supported her reassured her that all was well and Sameer was with them .

Yogesh got down from the car with Sameer in his arms .

Rekha at once pointed an acccusing finger at him and praised God that he had sent the culprit to book i.e. in Rakesh's custody --she  also threatened Yogesh that she will  file a case of kidnapping against him .

Rakesh was astonished to here all this and said that Yogesh had saved Sameer from the clutches of a hyena ,an animal so commonly found in those parts and which had the reputation of attacking and killing babies in the vicinity. He then told them how he had seen Yogesh fight and shoot  the Hyena which was trying to drag Sameer as prey.

The wounded Yogesh  told Rakesh that he was the escaped murderer  about whom  the police and the people had been alerted --he then told them his story and said that he was innocent --but  he needed time to prove his innocence --and that was the reason he had tried to escape  from the police van.

Rakesh told him that he believed his version because a man who could put his life in danger to save the life of a child cannot be a murderer ---then he asked Rekha to take up Yogesh 's case as her first post marriage fight in the courtroom ---his parents too could  not object to this .The man who had saved their grandson had to be protected.

There were smiles on all the faces in the room .

Needless to say that the honeymooners  could not go far as the fog was dense they were caught and the stollen articles returned to their respective owners .

Rekha hit the headlines as the regions up coming defence lawyer when she proved that Yogesh was the victim of a framed case where the actual murderer was the brother of the victim and he had murdered his own brother for share in ancestral property.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Rishte libaas nahi ho sakte woh toh baste hai dilo me 
jo jism pe sajte hai woh rishte nahi hotey 

Rishte toh ban jate hain pal do pal mein bas
har lamha jeete hain yeh ,par,  ta umra hamare saath

rishta panaptaa hai diloin mein diloin ke beech 
ik baar jud gaya toh phir toda nahi jaataa.

kayee bar yu bhi hota hai jhatak deta hai koyee hath,
par dor nahi tootati hai yadon ki kabhi bhi.

bandh jaati hai jab dor koyee beech diloin ke ,
toh faasle meelon ke matlab nahi rakhte.
chaaho shayad na tum kisi rishte ko nibhana
par yaad ban ke woh tumhe dhoondh hi lega.
              *******     *******    ******

 har umra saath laati hai naye rishte tere paas
 par saath nahi chhodta kal jo guzar gaya
 preet ki reet hoti hai kuchh aisee
 ik khasiyat de deti hai har beete hue pal ko

insaniyat , -- haiwaniyat juda ho jate hain yahin pe 
insaan nibhata hai jab toote huye rishte.

rishte hain bante aasuon se ,khoon se,
ye pani pe likhayee nahi jo lahrein mita dein.

paidaayish se maut tak rahta hai inka saath
phir baad mein bhi yadein bhigo jaati hai aankhein.

          ******       *********         ********

kabhi maan ,kabhi pita, kabh,bhai ,kabhi bahan
kabhi dost ,kabhi saathi ,kabhi humsafar haseen.
kabhi rahte hain tere sang kabhi bichhad jaate hai raah mein
par yaadein sab ki rahti hain sadaa saath hamare.

rishton ko sambhalo mat tootne doh inhe ,
kahi aisa na ho tarasnaa  pade  phir  saath ko inke .

रिश्ते लिबास नहीं हो सकते वो तो बस्ते  है दिलो में 
जो जिस्म पे सजते है वह रिश्ते नहीं होते 

रिश्ते तो बन जाते है पल दो पल में बस 
हर लम्हा जीते हैं ये ,पर , ता--उम्र हमारे साथ I
रिश्ता पनपता है दिलों में , दिलों के बीच 
इक बार जुड़ गया तो तोडा नहीं जाता I 

कई बार यु भी होता है झटक देता है कोई हाथ 
पर डोर नहीं टूटती है यादों की कभी भी I 

बंध जाती है जो डोर कोई बीच दिलों के 
तो फासले मीलों के मतलब नहीं रखते 
चाहो शायद न तुम किसी रिश्ते को निभाना 
पर याद बन के वोः तुम्हे दूंढ ही लेगा II 

हर उम्र साथ लाती है नए रिश्ते तेरे पास् 
पर साथ नहीं छोड़ता कल जो गुजर गया I 

प्रीत की रीत होती है कुछ ऐसी 
इक खासियत दे देती है हर बीते हुए पल को I 

इंसानियत , हैवानियत जुदा हो जाते हैं यही पे 
इंसान निभाता है जब टूटे हुए रिश्ते II 

रिश्ते हैं बनते आसुओं , से खून से 
ये पानी पे लिखाई नहीं जो लहरें मिटा दें  

पैदाईश से मौत तक रहता है इनका साथ 
फिर बाद में भी यादें भिगो जाती है आंखे II 

कभी माँ ,कभी पिता ,कभी भाई कभी बहन 
कभी दोस्त ,कभी साथी कभी हमसफ़र हसीन 

कभी रहते है तेरे संग कभी बिछड़ जाते है राह में 
पर यादें सब की रहती हैं सदा साथ हमारे II 

रिश्तों को संभालो मत टूटने दो इन्हें 
कही ऐसा न हो तरसना पड़े फिर साथ को इनके 

Monday, 5 May 2014

.....and it really is NEVER TOO LATE

This is a sequel to  .......

and my review of --Sunsilk Natural Recharge--  shampoo

And it really is never too late.......

.......because just  as I received my sample of  Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner I did not wait but applied it immediately       ---thank God for the summer months, one doesn't have to worry about  catching a cold -----well I washed my hair with the shampoo( 7 p.m ) but did not apply the conditioner because conditioners make the hair very soft and silky which is not acceptable to me as my hair being wavy and short (my  style is a mix of 90 degrees steps  and bobbed) needs a lot of bounce I like it to look puffed up ----so it was only the shampoo treatment that my hair received --and the result was fantastic .The tired  limp look was gone instead my hair boasted of a lively look as if it had received a shot , which had rejuvenated it ,revamped it added life to it ---GOD!! why am I using those adjectives ? the correct one is already been provided by the product itself . MY HAIR  Was Looking RECHARGED   yes ! yes exactly my hair was recharged and I am not exhagerating  ;  so much life was added to my crowing glory  that it gave my face too an uplift. All ladies who have problematic hair specially limp hair know what a dead effect it has  on the face  .

I  was so enthralled by the result that I thought I should give the conditioner too a try, because according to the literature provided with the product "Sunsilk Natural Recharge " has been tested to make hair look two times thicker and five times stronger and whats more the name says "Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & abundant " and doesn't the word abundant promise a fuller look !! and the expert Mr Jamal Hammadi advises that we use the conditioner together with the shampoo .So  in the next wash which was after a gap of  two days  I included the conditioner too; and let me tell you my beautiful recharged hair not only remained full of bounce but the conditioner provided it with  extra sheen and softness ---puffed up hair full of volume , bounce and shine !!! SOMETHING which I had till now seen only in my dreams ..

All this was not a case of wishful thinking or  excitement on using a new product  the compliments I received from the  family and  from  some visiting friends were  ample proof that the product was working .Another Big proof which had me pinching myself to see if it was true or not was the fact that  after a pillion ride on my nephews  Pulsar which had sent my pulse rate racing the crowning glory was in tact and one shake of the head (like young girls in ads) had me looking as glamorous ,and as sauve and stylish  as when I had started the ride..

As for my own review about the product I would reproduce  verbatim what the pamphlet accompanying the product says.....

" ... if you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner that gives your hair the strength and abundance you want and deserve,try Sunsilk  Natural Recharge "

Another plus point is the Ginseng plant root extract used in the product which ensures that it provides nourishment too as it is massaged into the scalp .

.at Rs 64/- for the 80 ml shampoo and  conditioner( Rs 64/-each)
 at Rs 132/- for the 180 ml shampoo and conditioner(Rs 132/- each)

 I feel that it is very reasonably priced .considering the benefits it provides and the wonders it works.

So now I ,the die hard hindi film fan ,end my post again  with a  song  the way I had ended my last post


This time the song will be ...

aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai ( want to live again )
aaj phir marne ka irada hai --( wish to die again)

.....want to live because I know life has a lot to offer me ; with my hair problems solved I will now enjoy and live all that I had missed due to my MESSY HAIR

.....and wish to die --because like I said in the last post , if and when I will lie dying in hubby dear's arm he will   genuinely  sing

teri zulfon se judayee toh nahi maangi thi 
quaid maangi thi rihayee toh nahi mangi thi 

Thanks a lot Sunsilk