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Thursday, 12 December 2019

A winter song

Red roses
Apostles of love have
Just begun to bloom
Now is the season of love
In sunlight and under the moon.
Sing  the song of love and happiness,
In the beautiful moonlit night
No, let not worries and tensions
Hamper the blessings of heaven.
Allow the feeling to brighten up our lives..

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

How dare We

How Dare We ??

All this noise about Greta Thunberg and speculations  that all her bravery would go waste because people specially leaders will  not give a dime to her pleas  will  fall on deaf  ears because the (worldly) wise know that what is important is how to make money, who is bothered about environment and the sufferings the next generations will have to go through, as far as everything suits us now there will be other people to take care of the future.

And nothing to worry everything does fall into the groove hasn't that been, how it has been till now !!???

Specially in India this is how the reaction has been and will be  . We will keep on cutting trees, we will keep on wasting food , we will keep on leaving electric switches on , we will keep on leaving computers on while we go for our tea breaks. . We will go on  doing so many things which we shouldn't, like leaving the tap on and letting water go waste  while we brush our teeth. 

 Do you know why we will go on doing so many things which shouldn't be done? And do we know who will be doing all this ? they who are seniors , they who should be setting examples and correcting children they will be the one's to justify the wrong.

Not because we are lazy but because we associate with affluence and power everything that is wrong.

Right from leaving the lights burning  to rape. to murder. to embezzlement .to so on and so forth.

If I leave the electric switch on even when I am not in the room that is because I am rich enough to pay the bill , if I use tissue papers for wiping my kitchen platform or for that matter my running nose instead of a duster or a handkerchief that is because I am affluent enough to afford it  little do I care for the environmental damage I am causing.
If some one  indulges in rape, embezzlement , murder that is because the  power to go scot free.lies in their hands.

The trend is to believe that it is the weak who adhere  to rules not the powerful. .
Whereas actually it should be the other way round it is the strong who adhere to rules not the cowards.

Lets hope we change our definition of affluence, class , power and become more concerned about the future and the welfare of our own progeny . The earth which they will have to live in or the social set up they will have to face.

Some things are beyond our reach but somethings are well within lets do our lot and a lot of things will happen by themselves.

One very important fact that has always been misinterpreted by us is that we think that lessons taught in books are mere eyewash facts of life are different .. No its not so what is right will always be right what is wrong will always be wrong.

I know I have wavered away from the topic I began with viz. the environment and how to save it but then its the same as 'Humanity and how to save it'. Both are interlinked .