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Saturday, 20 April 2013

dharti ka punarjanm

 dharti---ka punarjanm-

धरती का पुनर्जन्म

  मानव ने त्यागी मानवता
सिंहासन विराजी अराजकता
धरती पर हुआ असहिष्णुता का प्रचार
चहुँ ओर जिधर भी दृष्टि गयी
गोचर एक नीरस सृष्टि हुई
धरती ने किया मृत्यु आलिंगन का प्रण 
ले जल समाधी त्यागने चली वह अपने प्राण  II

इक पुष्प पंकज   ध्यानलीन था
जल में तरंगें उठती देख
नयनो के पट उसने खोले
विस्मित हुआ
धरती को जब देखा करते अपने प्राणों का त्याग I
लोक लिया धरती को अपनी कोपलों के बीच
खुद बन बैठा कठोर शिला
और धरती को दी जीवन की सीख I
कठोर बनो
सक्षम बनो
युद्ध  का रखो सामर्थ्य
इश्वर की रचना हो तुम
तुमको देना है सृष्टि को पुनः जीवन दान
 तुम न करना कभी भी जीवन का महा प्रयाण
धरती तब कठोर बनी
 कोमल पुष्प के गर्भ से विकसित हुआ कर्मठ विश्व अपार

 रंग हीन थी
किन्तु उसमे ज्वाला अग्नि की उपजी
शक्ति का रूप धरा
और दृढ प्रण किया युद्ध  का बारम्बार
नष्ट होगी अराजकता
विध्वंस के बादलों का होगा संहार
नीर रूप धर मनोरम  धरती का पुनः करेंगे हम   उद्धार
 कोमल पुष्प के गर्भ से देखो विकसित हो  रहा विश्व अपारII

Friday, 19 April 2013


o! mother why are you, so late ?
its been so long ,since have we ate .
you never ever do make us wait
come storm ,or rain,or heavy hail !!"

"darlings enroute I saw your fate
it was so full of sad and hate
I saw it follow you througout
and saw him falling who was once so stout."

"mama please be specific more
dont talk in riddles tell us the core
what was it that frightened you ?
what was it ,
that kept you so long over due ?
to reach us here in our hour of need
oh mama please tell us we plead ". 

"My dearies I saw your future bleak
and sandstorms blowing where once were trees .
There will be no place for another nest
where will your other cousins rest ? "

man has in his greed , hurt nature such
that trees have died many deaths
there is no hope left for them to grow
its time for man
to reap that which he had sowed ".

"let him die as he deserves
to pay for his unjust deeds.
But why should we be sacrificed
on the alter of an aliens greed
is it because ?
He is Gods son
or is it because he is supreme ?"

"no darlings that is not the truth
its natures way of taking back,that,
which it had bestowed on him ,who,
 betrayed his promise; and who in honour lacks "

If we and our alikes go away
his life will perish in search of peace,
we were his harbringers of joy ,
and have always satiated his dire needs

we carry the seeds and fertilize the crop
which help him to survive
its we the flora and the fauna which
have kept him till now alive.

the trees he cut were our homes so true
but they also brought the rains for him
they saved the soils and coloured the lands
and enlivened life for him to lead.

but now the hands that tilled the lands
and brought the earth prosperity
have killed the fauna and cut the flora.
 and have brought in deserts so arid
there is no shade the sun has burnt
and the rivers that flow are acid.

Come pray my children To the almighty GOD
to forgive Man this one last chance.
And to MAN lets pray that he realise 

This is his home to save
if not.

then he will follow his own child to the grave. 


read somewhere ----is earth ka kuchh karo nahi toh un-earth ho jayega 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

slumdogs manufactured

This Basant Panchami

       The early morning saw me witnessing rows and rows of beggars  sitting in front of temples and people distributing food which was being stored by these beggars in their bags .The number of alms givers had superseded the number of beggars.

Beggars of all shapes and sizes ,small children with mutilated bodies ---- and the milk of human kindness was flowing so profusely that -----the more disfigured the beggar the more the number of benefactors  I saw people walk up to them and give food :a child beggar  appealed more to the sense of humanity in the rich.

Now please dont think I am  very hard hearted or cruel to be writing so mockingly about such a pathetic and touching  scene .The small kids did make me feel sad and full of remorse But then something inside me asked "who is responsible for all this??" 

Is it their fate ??--yes must be .

Why? otherwise would they be there and in flourishing numbers too!!.

That was their fate ..To be ,kidnapped--maimed--tortured--and sent out to earn for their guardians.

These guardians had learnt it well and good that the more pathetic the physical status of a beggar the more will they appeal to the senstive rich and their sensitive hearts .The rich who dont think twice before wrenching away food and shelter from their employees ---before raping their maidservants --- before going to brothels ---and then they come and wash away their sins by being kind to these ""slumdogs".

We all cry when we see those scenes in movies which strike at our hearts and appeal to the "human" in us .Those news items which tell us how these children are bought and sold till they finally land up on the streets, in a mafia gang,or in brothels  earn prizes and award for reporting on ""stories of human interest"".

Why doesnt it ever dawn on us that we are people who are encouraging all this.

Won,t prostitution die its own death if there would be no clients ??.

Won't  the  number of beggars diminish if we stopped  encouraging them .??

Its nothing new that I am writing --but it did fill me with so much remorse--that I had to pen my thoughts.

lets please refrain from all this sort of  kindness if at all we do want to help the poor let us think about their rehabilitation---it is of course a very big racket in which BIG WIGS of society are involved and we will face a lot of opposition,, may be threats too !but a single step in the right direction MAY bring in a change.

Haven't our social thinkers been able to eradicate social evils like  SATI, havent they succeeded in bringing about positive changes like WIDOW REMARRIAGE ?? These were bigger evils because they had the support of society and the common man too !!

But I am sure the common man doesnt want to encourage "begging ".

Lets please not be instrumental  in the management and construction of these SLUMDOG  manufacturing units.

I am sure  when the  Guardian angels of these units will find that their goods were no more able to pay rich dividends they will stop their manufacture.They will definately not close their business houses but at least one unit will be declared sick. and society cleaner by one evil at least.

The govt and N G Os can play a very significant role in helping us achieve this.


I think in this way we will be doing a greater service to these children.They will be spared the tortures of being --snatched away from their parents--kidnapped---maimed---sold and pushed into a life of fear and uncertainties.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

my friendly neighbours

MY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD  ( i have been very lucky with padosis the two legged ones but the ones I am about to tell you are the no legged ones)

   My father was a mines manager  and used to be posted in remote areas in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

We used to live in big sprawling Bungalows of the British Style which had huge sprawling compounds .This gave us the opportunity to  live very near Gods own creations I am not exagerating when I say that I had a deer,and peacocks as pets and also had two tiger cubs which we later gave to a zoo .
Anyway the friendly neighbours I am going to tell you about were SNAKES  
.anecdote 1.
This one I remember more than the other experiences of childhood.

 We were sitting in the verandah suddenly  something "different"   , fell on the floor from the thatched roof ---and slithered into the drawing  room a huge brown snake exactly the colour of this font ; the choukidar was summoned and we huddled up in one corner of the verandah , mute spectators to the chase going on inside the room . The snake first hid under the sofa then moved on to the dining room under the dining table making it difficult for the choukidar to hit it but as the excitement   grew it decided to  hide under the fridge --and thank God for that because we had 'refrigerators ' in those days which used to work with the help of kerosene oil lamps and this lamp proved hot enough for the reptile to get panicky  and rush out thus enabling the choukidar to kill it.

got married

Was preparing lunch;  hubby was in morning shift  would come home at 2.30 pm and there just outside the kitchen window was this snake looking intently at something, our eyes met --I wouldn't remove my eyes for fear of losing sight continued my cooking with my head turned at 180  was  only when my husbands car neared  the gate that it decided to go away .

After a few years we   shifted  to another sector  a  particularly snake   friendly area.

First thing on our priority list was to get   the whole house properly wiremeshed as baby snakes liked to play on our window sills.

this was when both my daughters were in their  teens and we  became  more of friends than mother and daughter.  Every first saturday of the  month the three of  us would go shopping . It was one such saturday  we returned at around  3 pm and as we entered the house  here was this  beauty  spralwed on the dining table,half hanging actually !!
imagine our horror- ugh !! we called our maids husband from the servant quarter  he was an expert at handling snakes  he swung it across the table so forcefully that it banged on the wall and then he  killed it . 
 We didnt use that dining table for about a week .

incident  b.

I was in the garden talking to the mali  
when a huge snake came in from somewhere  -startled  I jumped out of its path - it got distracted and instead of going straight it turned and entered our drawing room  and proceeded towards the bedroom --my elder daughter was in the bedroom I called out to her ,warning her about the reptile  she ran out of the room  came face to face with the snake -snake turned around and went towards the kitchen ---

  the maid was in the kitchen
  counting out the cutlery:
  back turned the snake
 and hid  in absolute hurry;


 anyway the maids hubby was called and a fiery battle ensued in which the victory naturally was our the HUMANS  We had killed the snake for none of its fault

but then that is gods way
either we die or they .

It was actually sad to see the  helpless  snake run helter skelter and also try to bare its fangs but "Paleshwar"  the servant was an expert.

that day the room was full of poisonous fumes which had emanated from the snakes body during the battle. It was a huge snake full 5 ft . and my daughter had a slight temporary numbness in the right leg which had almost touched the snake.

These were all mostly snakes of the 'dhaman ' variety which I suppose don't bite but lash you with their tail.

But in the new house that we later shifted to ; abided cobras and we had to be very alert.The garage used to be their favourite hiding place; in fact I used to plug whatever space there could be after putting down the garage- shutter at night .One morning as I removed that "long cloth -snake " which used to plug the space a small water snake which was hiding in it slithered up  my hands ugh!! I shiver even now .

there are many anecdotes but I will spare you the trouble of reading them all .

Though have you noticed never did any snake hurt any of the residents --in fact they mostly brought good luck .

Once I was witness to a romancing snake couple in my rose bed and my servant said   it will bring good luck --it did --my daughter got through her Premedical entrance exam and got admission in one of the leading medical colleges of the  state.

Paleshwar taught me how to differentiate between a poisonous snake and a non poisonous one  the poisonous ones are slim and very fast  they come and vanish .( all poisonous things I suppose are slim and fast)

I even learnt to hold snakes by the tip of their tail and throw them out of the garden.

we used to have snake skins strewn all over the garden and would look forward to a heavy downpour of money --but it never happened.

once when a particuar snake which used to reside in our garden shed its skin at  our neighbour's my daughter said

'kill the idiot rahta hamare ghar hai aur skin unke ghar mein dalta hai !!"

hahah lovely days we used to have --and you know as late as 2003  we used to have  monitor lizards every rainy season in my garden I  worried a lot suppose it got hold of any of the walls !!!   .We have had it. You all know about SHIVAJI  and his pet I am sure.

In fact it used to be quite a sight getting up in the morning and seeing  families of snakes  basking in the cool sunlight to go way as the sun got hotter.The best time to meet them used to be either early morning or between 3 and 5 pm.

The monitor lizards always visited us at around 8 am  after a particularly heavy rainy night.The first day when I saw them I thought they were baby crocodiles but then  there was neither a sea or a river near our house   -so it had to be a giant lizard a monitor?. In fact I saved  them from people who wanted to kill them and use their skin for 'dholaks" I told them  not from my garden at least .

.They could try their luck when the reptiles left my premises.Maneka Gandhi kindly notice

Like I told you in the beginning I used to plug all vacant space under doors and shutters at night--in addition to this my last chore of the day used to be sprinkling BLEACHING POWDER all around the house its smell repelled them --just like the smell of rajanigandha attracted them

I even tried putting garlic around the fence --I had remembered christopher lee THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS---but I suppose garlic drives away only human vampires..

oh !!yes !!! there was this particular variety of snakes which moved sideways .  fat ,thick and short ,grey in colour..

Any way inspite of the danger we used to love our surroundings and we used to call them our friendly neighbours.

In addition to these we had lovely birds visiting us ;a new flock with every change in season --and scores of parrots would sit on the maize plants I had in the  garden their colour the same as those of the leaves.   koels in summer would come visiting  the mango tree . .We could here them all right but getting to see them was difficult.  And of course round 4 pm the   doves  would come pecking in my garden.

Oh yes those MYNAHS!!! so many of them and guess what !! it was their shrill cry which used to warn us of a snake near about.

Those small birds  used to hover round the flowers even sit on the petals .and suck its nectar.

Talking of honeysuckels and flowers the beetles ""BHAWRAS" were not to  be left  behind  all of them so NADAN  hovering on the"phool ki  kalis"

Now in this concrete jungle those things are nostalgia.And we are  grateful that we have some nice padosis belonging to  the HUMAN SPECIES which is very very rare.

Ps---apart from snakes lizards ---e also used to have tiger,a nd leaopards as guests  resting in the huge compunds of our Bunglows 

Friday, 5 April 2013

advantage eyes---in the corridors of life

flow down
when sadness strikes.
flow down
when the heart takes a flight.

are always,
The language of the heart.
Tears ,
flow down
when we meet or depart.

Tears say so much
that words can ne'er convey.
just as the eyes
over the lips hold sway.!

Eyes do the same
as what do the lips
but its always"advantage eyes"
when a heartbeat is missed.

But  eyes only talk
And  tears only say
To them who are yours,
 who in your heart forever stay.

When feelings are needed
to convey or divulge,
the language of eyes
score more over words
those pearl like droplets
Ah! ever ! so easily assert.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tender love reigns

Her little eyes so pensive,
palms cupping face
Oh! so much grace.

Locks straightened,curls unfurled,
she looks at the world
her grandpa smiles 
a furrowed smile.

His furrowed face,amazes.
awed she gazes
smiles then exchange
tender love reigns.