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Thursday, 28 June 2012

the boat

There she goes
or does she wait ?

Is she
looking at the horizon
or reaching out to it ?

that regal traveller
is she lonely ?
or is she forlorn?
will she succumb to the leacherous sea?
will she rush into someones waiting arm

a mystery she 's been for  many  a men
pirates and captains have lost for her
the ocean  too has tried to engulf
her stature and demeanour  could not be touched  .

I wondered if she was a womans replica
fighting the sea
which was as torrent as the world
that  world ...
which waits ,and prowls to pounce
on 'Her' the 'woman'
in her moment of  weakness  .

but the more I see her
from my window near the waters
and see her
in her regality
I know
no wave will waver her
She  knows
she needs
only the 'silt '
and has no desire to float in the milieu

she is no fool
she will survive
she knows an anchor waves  away the storm .
and to win the battle of life
she forgoes the pleasures of going adrift
she decides to stay  and survive
rather than drift away  and die .

She is a womans inspiration
to live and strive
she is a woman's inspiration to
win the fight

Monday, 25 June 2012


  Introduction of characters

  SWATI--the main character lost her mother during childbirth and was brought up by her grandmother ,father and an old servant  who showered all their love on her.

dadi--swati's grandmother
Tilak---Swati's father
Suvarna---Swati's late mother 
Parvati---the servant
Deepak---Swati's husband.---their marriage was unique by itself and has been described in my earlier post --SWATI-----
"WHAT"S  the matter with you  SWATI ??why are you sulking?"

                      "SULKING!!  haven't I been asking you to take your E.L. so that we can visit Dadi---She has done so much for us --she  fought society when she agreed to let you stay in our house before marriage ---and now you can't even take a weeks holiday??? "

                       " Ok.Ok. stop that I'll ring up the department and tell them I am going away for a week starting tomorrow---ab toh khush ?? jao go start packing " and DEEPAK  reached for the phone.

                         Just then they heard a car screech to a halt in front of their gate.

 Deepak got up to see who it was ,he didn't want any disturbance while instructing his staff about the next
 weeks agenda.

                           "Arre !!!!Swati just see who has come ??" and he rushed out to welcome Dadi who was getting down from the taxi.

  Swati  came down the stairs grumbling, who could it be ?--another holiday gone to the dogs.

"DA---AA---D--III"  !!! and she rushed into the old woman's arms.

Deepak paid the taxi and asked the servant to keep the luggage in the guest room,He left the two  women sobbing and pampering each other .

"My GOD what a pair"--- he muttered and asked the servant to get tea for all.

Swati snuggled into Dadi's lap and told her how much  they were missing and were just about to leave for the village in order to visit her.

Dadi fought back her tears " I too was missing you so much I wanted to ask you over but then thought about Deepak's inconveniance if you stayed long with us ---so I decided to come down myself---I will stay with you for as long as you want me too !!"

"   mmm!!  dadi I love you "!!

The next few days were full of  laughter and fun  and love in the Khanna household.

Wafts of the aroma of lovely food from the kitchen !!! lots of spring cleaning with dadi's  goodnatured   bickerings  and Swati acting the teeanger,  which she had missed being, due to Dadi's stern discipline during her childhood days .

A week flew past and dadi now insisted  on the house being distempered ---this was a bit odd and the couple protested---but she would not listen ---"NO I am becoming old now and may not come over very often I want it all done now under my supervision Swati will not be able to manage everything alone..."

They did not argue.

The colouring ,painting everything took 3 days and the trio loved the new look the house now  had .

Deepak hugged dadi and gave  her a peck on  the cheeks "you are so sweet dadi ,why dont you stay with us forever?...."

Dadi's eyes welled up and she turned away hiding her tears.

The next morning Dadi looked a little sad and asked them to get the tickets for her journey back home.She  said she was missing Tilak (swati's father her son) and Parvati their old servant.

After a lot of cajoling she agreed to wait for another 2 days and then  they would all leave by car for their village ( Dadi's home.)
Meanwhile Dadi spent all her time telling swati the stories of the past , about her young days , Tilak's and suvarna's marriage ,Suvarna's death and how she(dadi) had  brought up this motherless child.

Saturday evening they left around 7 pm the overnight journey would make them reach the village at around 4 am .

They  stopped at a dhaba for tea at about  2  and then dadi went to sleep. Swati too dozed off  .Deepak drove into the village at exactly 4.15 a.m . and was a littlee disturbed to see  the  lights on in the sahay houshold with a crowd standing outside. He had an eerie feeling but did not wake up the two ladies fearing some bad news about Tilak. He stopped the car and walked up to the entrance , people recognised him and made way .

As he entered he saw Tilak sitting with his head bowed and  a  corpse lay on the bed before him .

Deepak felt a jolt but also a slight relief as he knew the dead body that lay there was Parvati ,the old servant --and that tilak was ok.

He tiptoed back to fetch Dadi and swati.

Swati was awake and shaking with apprehensions regarding her dad.While Dadi had already left the car and was  walking towards the house.

Deepak told Swati that it was Parvati whom they had lost and that her dad was alright.Swati too had felt the same reaction of sadness and relief and they both  walked in.

Just as they entered the room Parvati clutched them and started crying"Oh why couldn't you come earlier?"Her  sight  stunned and shocked them .

The rest of the people consoled Parvati and them ,saying that it would not have been of any use  as  Dadi had been in a coma for the last 15 days and had passed away just then at around 2 a.m..

Swati and Deepak looked at each other, that was the time dadi went to sleep in the car!!!!--and those were the number of days Dadi was with them!!!!

The crowd and Tilak were telling them that they had been trying to contact them for the last 10 days but the telephone lines were not working and that they had at last decided to send a courier  who was to leave the next morning.

Swati and Deepak  stood there in a state of shock--  dazed.and glued to the ground

Was that Love ??? Did Dadi love Swati SO MUCH??

SWATI ---part 1


"Swati is coming tomorrow Parvati."

That was dadi the doting granny of SWATI ,that chirpy 19 year old, whose mother had left  her and gone to  her heavenly abode when the child was just 3 days old.

Dadi still remembered the love an anguish in SWARNA'S eyes as she could see her death approaching her.she looked pleadingly at dadi and then at TILAK her husband as if to say " I leave her in your care" and then she passed away.A teardrop  trickling down from the corner of her eyes. The last trace of life which had already flown away.

Dadi was stunned and shocked to see her beloved daughter- in -law go limp in her arms.She had loved Swarna very much as she had always reminded her of her dead daughter.

Dadi somehow started blaming herself for both these deaths she thought any girl whom she loved would not live long. And this precisely was the reason why SWATI always found her granny very distant from her ---she could sense the love but wondered why the aloofness!!

Dadi was the one who gave her the name SWATI daughter of Swarna and Tilak.

Parvati  showered all the love and affection and all the pamperings but dadi was always a mute spectator never over indjulgent never demonstrative of her affection---though she knew about Swatis likes and dislikes and always instructed Parvati to cater to them --but remained discreet herself.

Parvati the maid too was all affection for her darling "bitiya" She had served this family for the last 25 years and was more of respected family member.

Other than these 3 pairs of eyes which doted on Swati was a 4th pair that of her dead mother always keeping guard , the guardian angel of her daughter.

One day Swati announced that --A friend from her college was coming to their place and would stay for a few days--the whole household was ablaze with activity and eager to please this friend of hers.

But they were all aghast to see that this friend was a boy. he had come there for an interview and would stay with them for a few days .

He got the job and Swati insisted that he stay with them till he found a new house.

Tilak was totally against this decision --and so was Parvati -- both of them dreaded the matriarchs wrath but they were all surprised when they saw workmen coming over to clean and settle the guesthouse--for Deepak.

Dadi had loved Swarna so much that even after her death they were both in contact with each  other through that bond of love and affection which extends beyond all barriers of life and death.

After the workmen had gone away Parvati was instructed to keep some water ,milk and fruits in the fridge and a heater and some utensils, enough for a bachelor to fend for himself if he required tea or coffee at odd hours--lunch and dinner were on the house. Dadi looked up at the sky after she finished these instructions ---and there was Suwarna looking gratefully at her Mother -in- law.

And there were the other three looking bewildered at all these activities.

Deepak of course was overwhelmed but he was a very quite and ,reserved
person - not very demonstrative in his affections --Parvati was a bit dissapointed in him because she had secretly hoped that he and Swati would make a nice pair----the absence of any demonstration of gratitude or affection by him was not welcome by her.She wanted that the guy should atleast try to please DADI who was responsible fo all this "good treatment ".

Tilak was so busy with his music world that he never gave these things a second thought .

Swati was happy that she had been able repay a part of Deepak's kindness and friendship during her college days.He had helped in more ways than one.

Dadi and Swarna's soul both were keeping watch on Deepak's behaviour and hoped that he would pass their test and end their search for a good husband for their darling.

Deepak had in a way made a pathway into everyones heart though just through a small lane not any wide road .

.He had helped Tilak put a song into tune and Tilak was  enamoured by his sense of music and melodius voice .

Dadi had liked his quite and dignified behaviour--and there was a nod fom Swarna too.

Swati of course was very happy and spent most of her time with him .This was a bit of a concern for Dadi because she was worried that in her inocence Swati  may tell him about her macabre past.
(Once when they were returning from a holiday Swati had been lost in the train journey They had succeeded in locating her after about 10 days when they had found her huddled under a culvert  in very bad shape and her state told about the trauma she had gone through.It was their goodluck that they had found her before anyone else could They had taken her to a hospital and nursed her back to normalcy before coming back to their hometown.This had remained a secret between Tilak,dadi,and Swarna's soul  --no one else could come to know about it ,as they had kept their cool and  had  neither informed the police nor any of their relatives )   

 ""What happened to your search of a house babu!!""  that was Parvati  to Deepak.

""Paaarvatiii. go to the kitchen and finish your work". said dadi

""No maaji ...dont try to shut my mouth ..what do you think will people say when they see an unmarried outsider stay in our house for so long ..what will they think abou "bitiya"??""

"Since when have we started to care about people Parvati?"  Tilak glared at her.

 "No sir I think she is right I should leave now thankyou so much for your love and hospitality" said Deepak and he went inside the room to pack his belongings.

  Swati was shocked to see all this -there were tears in her eyes  as she quietly went to her room .

 Parvati had thought that if she started this discussion it may lead to some talks of marriage between Deepak and Swati But to her dismay the whole plot misfired and here was Deepak saying goodbye to everyone touching there feet and walking away .

  "God please do something I did not mean this".... she pleaded.

God heard  her prayers ( or was it Swarna ?) and theOctober  sky saw clouds gathering in from nowhere , a heavy  breeze  blowing as if a storm was to come ..and Deepak was forced to postpone his journey..
  Over dinner that night the atmosphere was heavy when Dadi started talking just to ease the air. She asked Deepak about his family .

Suddenly Deepak lifted his eyes and looked at  all of them .

"May I ask you to give me Swati's hand in marriage?"

 there was stunned silence .... and as Deepak apologised for his behaviour ..they all smiled .

" No its ok we are very happy."

  Tilak the gentleman looked questioningly at his mother who nodded her head.

" Deepak what do you and your parents know about Swati --wont they like to see her before giving their acceptance ?"

 "They know everything about her past and her present and it is they who want to have her as their daughter -in -law She had told them everything when they had met her in the college annual gathering last year --she had impressed them with her intellect and innocence and courage --the fact that she had disclosed everything to them meant that she was a brave and honest  girl who could shoulder any responsibility.....and I am here to impress you and to gain your confidence so that you may think me fit to be her life partener."  he smiled .

"The job that I am pursuing at the moment is the post of manager in one of my fathers many mica mines."

 This brought a smile on Parvati 's face too as she was now sure that this man was not after the orchards her Bitiya was to inherit.

The storm outside had cleared and the heavy rains were now coming in a drizzle as if to bless the couple.

 The next morning was a happy day in the Sahay household.
When Swati came out of her room and proceeded to her granny's.

"Dadi I dont want to marry "she whispered looking straight into her dadi,s eyes.

  "BUT WHY!!"

" No dadi I dont want to thrust myself on anyone --may be Deepak has said all that in a flush of infatuation or sympathy but I want to give him more time lest he regret his decision later and make  our as well as his life  misserable .Let him leave this house ,stay in another town and then decide ...may be he will find someone better than me .I will wait for him ......."

"....and so will I ...I am so proud of you Swati so proud to see your self respect ...I will wait for you as long as you want me to...""

and Deepak walked out of the door.

      ******       ********      ********      ******** ********

three years later.on a very bright October morning

A courier man walked upto Swatis house with a letter from Deepak s parents there was an invitation card inside .

                              Mr and Mrs  khanna
                       the pleasure of your company
                  at a reception hosted to celebrate
                       the wedding of their son
                                    at 8 pm on

there was a letter attached

"Swati the name of the girl and the date are to be filled in by you"

Thursday, 14 June 2012

a small story

The children lay  huddled in a corner under a single  quilt while she sat on the bed with the baby near her  --they were wondering at her quiteness why was she   not responding ?not even to the gurgles of the baby ?  but she knew ,one look at the infant  and her  self control would shatter--she had ears only for the 'silence within her' and it was broken by the screeching sound of a car,  announcing THEIR arrival---  picking up the baby she went out and handed her  over to THEM, not even once looking up afraid that her tears would not hold themselves --she then returned with the  payment ,and  shutting the door behind her she  broke down clutching those kids for whom she had 'rented her womb'.


Tum chale jaate ho,Tanhaiyaa aa jaati hain;
Dil ke har moad  pe viraniyan  chhaa jaati hain.

Kuch yadien lautti hain,
 Muskurahte aa jati hain.
Par na jaane kyu??
,Khilkhilahate tarsati hain.
tum chale jaate ho

Lauta dete hain muskurahto ko hum.
 Aur,woh poochhti hain  humse,

'Kyon itne sangdil ho gaye ho,?
 Na kabhi bulate ho
Na khud hi aane dete ho.
Rok lo humko.

Rok lo humko,
Khuda bhi toh yahi kahta hai-
''Chalaa jaataa hai waqt phir na laut sakne ko''.
tum chale jaate ho

Phir yaad aa jaate hain wade terey
Nek lagte woh irade terey.
Kahgaye thhe tum jaate jaate
''Mai gaya waqt nahi hoon jo kabhi aa na sakoo.

Jab udasi mne tum bulaogi mujhe,
Rok lena muskurahto ko tum
Tum bhi ruk jaanaa Waqt bhi ruk jayega,
Motee palko pe teri Thham jayega;
Phir sametengi ungliya meri unko
Hatheliyon pe apni unhe mai rakh loonga 

Yaad rakhna mai gaya waqt nahi.
Wada hai mera milunga mai  yahien.''

तुम चले जाते हो तन्हैया आ जाती है

दिल के हर मोड़ पे वीरानिया छा जाती है

कुछ यादें लौटती है

मुस्कुराह्ते आ जाती है

पर न जाने क्यों खिखिलाह्तें तरसाती है

लौटा देते है मुस्कुराहतो को हम

और वो पूछती है हमसे

क्यों इतने संगदिल हो गए हो

न कभी बुलाते हो

न खुद ही आने देते हो

रोक लो हमको  l

रोक लो हमको  !!

खुदा भी तो यही कहता है

चला जाता है वक़्त फिर न लौट सकने को

फिर याद आ जाते है वादे तेरे

नेक लगते वो इरादे तेरे

कह गए ठे तुम जाते जाते

मै गया वक़्त नहीं हूँ जो कभी आ न सकू !!

जब उदासी में तुम बुलाओगीमुझे

रोक लेना मुस्कुराहतो को तुम,

तुम भी रुक जाना

वक़्त भी रुक जायेगा

मोती पलकों पे तेरी थम जायेगा

फिर समेटेंगी उँगलियाँ मेरी उनको

हथेलीयो पे अपनी उन्हें मै रख लूँगा l

याद रखना मै गया वक्त नहीं !

वादा है मेरा मिलूंगा मैं यही ll

Sunday, 10 June 2012


It was Friday the 13th again and Draculla was on his visit to his kingdom -----he called both our central characters and  looked at them with a   benevolent smile ------
"so ?? how do you like this place ?"
"sir we have always loved this place and moreso after that episode in DIL KA Mamla --3 ---oh I know you wont like our saying this but ....the words

gar firdaus bar ruye zaminasto
haminasto haminasto haminasto
 ---suit this place" ---"
and he bit his tongue because Draculla was the crown prince of Hell and the couplet quoted by our hero was

"if there is heaven on earth \
it is here"

Surprisingly Draculla did not take any offence and imparted that the duo  had been chosen by the Gods to be sent to heaven because hell had started overflowing .What with sinners increasing by the score on earth. 

It was  decided in a meeting of the supernaturals that  those who had been at good behaviour( in hell) be sent to heaven; but what was worrying them was how to go about it? ? because earth lay in between and they feared an unrest  and uprising if the people came to know that two people from hell had been sent to heaven only because of space problems.And these powers that be had no more stamina to again face ---committees, dharnas,fast unto deaths ,bids at self immolation etc etc

Our heroine Neera had a brain wave and confided that the urns containing their ashes were still lying with their son of the part 3 fame and that precisely was the reason why their souls were roaming all around.  According to hindu religion the souls or atmas do not get peace or mukti unless the ashes are disposed off properly in a water body and that scoundrel of a son had not paid heed he had been so busy reaping the harvest after collecting all the moolah from that GUIDE like episode ---pqrt 3

She told Draculla that if their ashes in those urns ould be dispersed off properly in the Ganges  then they coud easily be sent to heaven .she even suggested the ways and means of making that son of theirs do the need ful -------she reminded  them that AMAR and his wife had been made the real estate agents of all of Draculla's properties--part 2

Now they can be made to visit sonny as property dealers wanting to buy his ancestral house and that greedy pig would do so willingly then they can ask him to take them around the property --there they would naturally see the urns and ask him to dispose them else they would not buy or sell his property ----and then sonny would go about it willingly thus freeing their souls from bondage ---and then they can be sent to heaven without any hitch.

This idea appealed to all concerned -----the needful was done Amar was instructed in his dreams that the urns should better be taken to Allahabad and the ashes immersed in the SANGAM ---the son followed the instructions he was ready to do anything to get a good price for the property

And now came the day of departure from Hell of these two--- Neera and her  man ---all the other atmas came to see  them off they had all been very good friends and tears flowed freely --even Draculla was sad and his eyes turned misty at the thought of Neera going away He had fallen for her head over heels --for a second he thought of somehow preventing her departure he would give her all the luxuries and comforts in hell ---but then he decided against ---TRUE LOVERS ARE NOT SELFISH .

HE KNEW SHE WOULD BE HAPPIER WITH HER MAN .and now they could hug each other to their hearts content ---heaven is all about hugging and loving .
He made arrangements for his horse carriage to take them up to the border and then the angels took over from there they  had brought their flying machine being flown by SWANS

adiu Both of you ""till we meet again ""

in Dil ka Mamla --5 ????

Monday, 4 June 2012


"Hi good morning ?? "

"Goodmorning --but what are you smiling about?? "

"God has ---oh sorry !!   the Devil has granted your wish !! 10 more minutes and you and me will be reborn --will be sent back to earth in our present avtars --and then you and me can HUG each other as much as we want hmmm !! muaah. "

"But how did it all happen ?

"You do know that Dracula sir was having a lot of space problems ---what with the number of sinners growing by the millions. This place was being overflooded ---so a committee was set up and a delegation was sent to the Gods to ask if they agreed to send some of us back to the earth as living beings.---As usual the Gods wanted some time (they can never decide ) and their letter of acceptance has just reached our office.""

"Ooh !!I am soo excited !! will get to see our family and our long lost friends . "

"Yeah!! me too am looking forward.

Just then draculla arrived with all his usual fanfare of horse carriage and bells and dust-storms etc.
HMMM--heres a bit of a news
for you both

SIR!!!???( both feigned ignorance)

"Yes we have decided to send you back to the earth kicking and alive .---arent you happy ??---why are looking so dejected??? ---I was expecting some smiles....

"We dont want to leave YOU and go away Sir you looked after us so well !!

hmmm thanks . anyway get ready 1...2...3...a--n--d.

and they landed on earth

"hey its beautifull look at the sunshine !!! "

"Yeah its glorious isnt it this was one thing we never could get down there in Hell "

suddenly they see a crowd gathering around them ---bho---ooo---t.  bhoo----ooo---t

No  no  we are back see we are not ghosts ---  we are alive again!!! please don't run away

""how come   !!!   we saw you turn into ashes infront of our own eyes.I was the one who lit the pyre for both of you . "" said one from the crowd.

""But we have been sent back to yu ---aren,t you happy to see us ?? Ramu  my son !! wait I will give you proof
see this cut mark on my eyelid I had got it when you threw that stone at me ---and ,and this cut on the wrist when you held my hand so tightly in that frightening movie ---see sonny please belive us .
ok!!! let me tell you about one thing else which only you and"I" !!! your mom ,know about --what happened when that girl ----

"ok!! ok!!! though I don't believe you   !!! you can come along with me .... "

"hahaah thats better !! "

"psst !! ,what is it that I dont know about him and you know???

""shhhh!!! I will tell you later" .


""Radha ---aa ---open the doors we have some guests ... they say they are my parents

"but you said they were dead !!"

""yes bahu we have come back to life --you are so pretty""

""are they really your parents ...???""

""yes by some miracles they have come back to life ..and its true ..because she knows things about me which only my mom knew . ""

As the news of THE RETURN OF THE DEAD  spread around ; people thronged  Ramus place , media , police , NRIs, society for eradication of superstitions et etc .  and though Ramu and family did not like this intrusion into their privacy but the lure of the cctv, cameras and also the coverage by the media compensated well for the disturbance ---and ,like they show in movies  stalls of chaiwalas etc sprang up in short a small 'mela ' sprang up .

People brought gifts for the LIVING DEAD ; you can visualise all those scenes from the movie GUIDE when the fasting Devanand is turned into a SWAMI the same things were happening here, only Devanand was not alone he had his better half too in fact SHE was the one who was answering all those questions -- and the believers were bringing in offerings in cash as well as in kind . There were invitations from places far and wide .   The department of tourism  too  !!    was trying to bring about a collaboration
.Ramu who was now on leave without pay and who proved himself an excellent secretary managing his parents P R  work accepted these invitations but--- for after 6 months when he knew  the rains will come and the number of devotees would dwindle .
He  discontinued  his kids schools so that his whole family could accompany his now CELEBRITY  parents . Ticket expenditure was no problem as he was working with the INDIAN RAILWAYS  --and as for school !!!???? ----He had enough money now ;to send them to the most expensive  schools after paying a handsome donation and he also hoped to provide them with seats in whichever college they  wanted to because he knew money would buy the best degrees and qualifications for his children 

He was banking on some foreign T V channels who were extending an invitaion to lands across the seas .for world wide coverage and wanted to put up LIVE SHOWS in many countries --but there was a slight hesitation on Ramus part regarding EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AND PAYMENTS . It clicked and Ramu was overjoyed.--this meant a life long source of income .

Meanwhile  both our central characters who were now not only getting tired of  being transported from place to place and of those interviews  where every one asked the same questions ---they were even dissapointed to see all the chaos that ran round on the earth forget the sins and the sinners but even nature was not doing its duties the clouds played truant during the monsoons , the rains played havoc after the monsoons ---winters brought ice and summers burnt the earth .scientists were experimenting with the mere existence of the human race --all in the name of development --the whole concept of GODS earth had been destroyed ---flora and fauna were on the brink of extinction ----GLOBAL WARMING  was there but for burning human relations and destroying the ecology ---not for thawing international animosity --there it was all GLOBAL FREEZING  not even a hand extended .
Both  our living dead thought Hell to be a better place; at least there was a brotherhood amongst all the inhabitants --they all stood up to each other whenever an intruder arrived ---even if from heaven ,They were wanting to go back ---but the love and greed of being with their son and his family held them back from sending a request to the
Prince Of Darknessbut  one day ---when they asked their son to go slow and stop all these  visits and shows etc as they had become tired what their son said was unbelievingly heart breaking ---

"now look here mom and dad or whoever you are We are letting you stay with us and tolerating you only because you are contributing to the families income ,otherwise you may please go back we too are tired of all this commotion  we have lost all peace from the day  you have come. I have even lost my job had to take that long leave only to look after you .I am tired and sick of all this --you don't even know how to pull small magical feats  or miracles how long do you think will the people continue to look at you two as museum pieces??""

The two "sinners from hell" were heartbroken  couldn't even utter a word

They just held hands and hugged eachother, tears rolling unabashedy from their eyes .In a few minutes the silent tears became wails and the DEVIL and his son the Prince of Darkness couldn"t bear to see their subjects in such a pathetic state --they immediately sent a request to the Gods to arrange for the duos return .Which the GODS  granted at once because they too were ashamed of all that was happening  and the message was conveyed to the TWO .
They  went to love and kiss their son and  grandchildren but met with a rebuff so they just looked into eachothers eyes held   each other into a tight embrace went out into the sunlight and then dissappeared .NEVER  to come back --

as they entered the supernatural world their  embrace broke but they knew they were in a better place.


birds of this earth

o! mother why are you, so late ?
its been so long ,since have we ate .
you never ever do make us wait
come storm ,or rain,or heavy hail !!"

"darlings enroute I saw your fate
it was so full of sad and hate
I saw it follow you througout
and saw him falling who was once so stout."

"mama please be specific more
dont talk in riddles tell us the core
what was it that frightened you ?
what was it ,
that kept you so long over due ?
to reach us here in our hour of need
oh mama please tell us we plead ". 

"My dearies I saw your future bleak
and sandstorms blowing where once were trees .
There will be no place for another nest
where will your other cousins rest ? "

man has in his greed , hurt nature such
that trees have died many deaths
there is no hope left for them to grow
its time for man
to reap that which he had sowed ".

"let him die as he deserves
to pay for his unjust deeds.
But why should we be sacrificed
on the alter of an aliens greed
is it because ?
He is Gods son
or is it because he is supreme ?"

"no darlings that is not the truth
its natures way of taking back,that,
which it had bestowed on him ,who,
 betrayed his promise; and who in honour lacks "

If we and our alikes go away
his life will perish in search of peace,
we were his harbringers of joy ,
and have always satiated his dire needs

we carry the seeds and fertilize the crop
which help him to survive
its we the flora and the fauna which
have kept him till now alive.

the trees he cut were our homes so true
but they also brought the rains for him
they saved the soils and coloured the lands
and enlivened life for him to lead.

but now the hands that tilled the lands
and brought the earth prosperity
have killed the fauna and cut the flora.
 and have brought in deserts so arid
there is no shade the sun has burnt
and the rivers that flow are acid.

Come pray my children To the almighty GOD
to forgive Man this one last chance.
And to MAN lets pray that he realise
This is his home to save
if not.
 then he will follow his own child to the grave.

pics are from the net

read somewhere ----is earth ka kuchh karo nahi toh un-earth ho jayega