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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Actresses who played Peppy roles in hindi films


Hindi Cinema has had many actresses very versatile , very talented , owners of multi talents , accomplished dancers and singers, even stuntwomen like fearless Nadia, but when we talk of actresses who played  Peppy roles  the first name which comes to mind is that of Tanuja . 

Tanuja, daughter of Shobhna Samarth sister of Nutan , and mother of Kajol all versatile talented and great actresses . But the word PEPPY suits Tanuja more than it suits any one else.( She had another  sister named Chatura who was not very famous similarly her second daughter is only now trying to enter the film world ).  

She was not only peppy in real life but she also performed roles full of life and zest . Her roles in movies like "Paisa Ya pyar",  won her the"" film fare award for supporting actress . It was a role tailor made exclusively for her it fitted her to the "T" No hindi film watcher can ignore or forget her acting as a roadside "ber wali" (ber seller ) nor can they forget the song she sang to lure people into buying the fruits   the song is  "Ber lo"  and is sung by  Asha Bhosle another peppy personality . Tanuja's  fresh and smiling face and innocent eyes used to bring smiles on the faces of all. .

The next popular actress who can be termed Peppy is Asha Parekh what with her tom boyish roles in films like "Phir wohi dil laya hoon" , "Ziddi" " Merey Sanam " etc 

Madhubala was another beauty well known for her peppy roles in films like "Chalti ka naam gadi ",  "Half ticket" etc etc 

Then come Nutan ( most of her earlier films like Paying Guest , Tere Ghar ke samne etc ),,  Waheeda Rehmaan , Mala Sinha  who though not Pep specialists were such great actresses that they could portray any role with aplomb and conviction .

Down the list and nearer to our era is Rekha. Who can forget her role in her first film Sawan Bhadon , Kahani kismet ki , Mr Natwarlal etc ? they were all peppy acts full of life and zest ---and then came KHOOBSOORAT that masterpiece which presented her as a beautiful girl next door naughty yet sensible This movie got the best movie "film fare" award in 1981 and Rekha got the best actress award for her performance 

Yet another peppy actress is Sonal Kapoor and she too has acted in a movie called "Khoobsoorat"  portraying a lively character .

Like they say its easier to portray serious roles but difficult to appear peppy and vivacious and these actresses did it all .Nargis was another actress to whom  acting came so naturally that every character she played became her second skin.Her roles in all those films with Raj Kapoor were full of natural pep , life , and zest  .Movies like "Chori Chori' are my favourites.

 Before I end this writeup I must not forget to mention Geeta Bali the actress of  caliber and the queen of natural vivaciousness.. 

I wonder if I have been able to include all those  talented actresses who  brought smiles on our lips with their appearance on the screen  because as I continue to type many many  names keep  coming to my mind like Amita an actress of yesteryears  who had portrayed those beautiful roles like that of Sadhna's naughty friend in "Mere Mehboob "she had also acted in films like"Tumsa Nahi Dekha"  with Shammi Kapoor . Sadhna herself had carried off beautifully roles like that in "Love In Shimla" a peppy role .   Its time I put a stop to the article before I blame myself for not mentioning real good and great actresses .Because how can I forget to mention Mumtaz  and  Saira Bano and will anyone ever forgive me if I do not mention Basanti of Sholay !!! yes Hema Malini .

Parineeti Chopra 's fans will get me arrested if her name is found missing from this article.

 I now end this article with apologies to the fans of so many more actresses  whose names I must have skipped  .Friends  after all I am human  .and my brain has its own limitations So forgive me please ...


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Monday, 25 January 2016


"If Music be the food of love play on"....said Shakespeare but for me Music is the food of life and I can not imagine how I will survive if it's playing is stopped .

Music is a spread of many kinds suitable for every occasion and mood .According to the dictionary it is " vocal or instrumental sounds ( or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form , harmony and expression of emotion".

 Though personally  addicted to Ghazals    I am a fan of instrumental music too , specially percussion . Love the jugalbandis and solo performances  of Ustad Zakir Hussain as much as I had adored the jugalbandis of his father Ustad Allarakha  with Pandit Ravishankar on the sitar . In fact my love for the tabla started only after I had attended one of their recitals. I was so enamoured by both of them playing their respective instruments that  the very next day I pestered my mother  to enroll me for Sitar lessons  I never thought that girls too could learn  the tabla . . In those days there were no selfies so we used to clamour for autographs  and I still remember Ustad Alla Rakha's autograph he used to write ALLARAKHA  all in capital letters .I lost his autograph in transit while  shifting house during a particular transfer from  Ranchi to Nagpur ( even other wise the paper would have become brittle by now because this recital I attended was in the 1960s ).

Coming to Ghazals I am a die hard fan of Talat Mahmood he may not have been a singer of ghazals in their pure form , what I mean to say is that his Ghazals may have been diluted and influenced by hindi film music but they were nectar to my ears . I loved the velvety softness of his voice So romantic were his renditions that they would transport you to a particular mood whenever you listened to them . Though I cannot deny the supremacy of  Mehdi Hasan  , Gulam Ali and Jagjit Singh as ghazal singers.

Music has a lot to do with religion and worship. Bhajans , Naats , Qawalis and  Sufi numbers do have that mesmerizing effect on your psyche once you resort to listening to them You do get carried over to another world The greats in this field are of course Anup Jalota and his father Padmashri Purshottamdas Jalota in bhajan singing , Sabri brothers are world famous Naat singers  and as far as Sufi music is concerned I am the fan of sufi songs by Gurdas Maan , Hans Raaj Hans and Kailash Kher and of course who can forget Reshma and her' Damaa Dum Mast Kalandar'

Music cannot be bounded by language and , nationality Every nation has its own unique style of music and it should be respected and appreciated . So while I am enamoured by listening to  Zakir Hussain performing together with George Harrison , Symphonies are such a treat to listen too . Jazz is not less welcome .Folk music is such a treat with their unique musical instruments .and rhythm .

Oh yes just one more favourite singer I forgot to mention Usha Uthup I have been her fan since she was Usha Iyer .

No writeup on music can be complete without a mention of Hindi film music which has played a great role in popularizing music in India it has acquainted us with all forms of music leaving it to our likes and dislikes leading to the acceptance of a particular form .  Hindi film music has had some truly great singers like the legendary Mod Rafi and Lata Mangeskar .

Incidentally I have seen the live performances of all these singers I have mentioned except Zakir Hussain , George Harrison and Reshma. '

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Sudha Chandran ----the fantastico achiever

                                                          picture from internet --Tumblr

Known all over the world as India's Wonder girl , Dancing Peacock " Natya  Mayuri". Sudha Chandran is the living example of the words  "" Where there's a will there's a way ".

 Sudha lost her right leg at the age of sixteen in a road  accident this was a big blow to her as she was an aspiring  Bharat Natyam Dancer but she did not let this amputation deter her from her love for dance She   met Ramon Magsaysay award winner Padma Shri Dr P.K. Sethi and got a Jaipur foot fixed . 
After getting the Jaipur foot she practiced her art again and when she performed on the stage in front of an august audience of dance lovers and dance critics  they did not find any difference between her past and present performances . She became one of the most highly acclaimed dancers of the Indian subcontinent . The media all across the world gave her  due credit and wrote with praise and admiration about her blood oozing excruciating  practice  sessions with the artificial limb .  
She is listed among the "Top Ten Extraordinary People with Disabilities"along with great people like Hellen Keller , Ludwig  Van Beethoven , Vincent Van Gogh and Stephen Hawking by Macmillan Ltd in their book " Knock Out Challenges "has included a chapter on her inspirational story.She had proved that no handicap however great , however formidable can kill the human spirit on its quest for achievement and  its desire to achieve . 
Her inspirational stories have been included in the text books of schools in India .

She is associated with several voluntary organizations working for the welfare of the disabled.  She is the vice-chairperson of National Association of Disabled Enterprises (NADE).  She is also a member of the Advisory Board of Witty Kids High School at Malad in Mumbai.   She is a much sought-after speaker and counselor in professional bodies.

Sudha  is also an accomplished and acclaimed film and television artist .

She has established  a Dance Academy "SUDHA CHANDRAN’S “NACHE MAYURI” DANCE ACADEMY" She won the 1985 National Award for her superb portrayal in her first film “MAYURI” which was based on her own life story and involved  her dancing  skills with the help of the artificial limb "Jaipur foot ".

Her first public performance with the help of the 'Jaipur Foot' after the accident was when she performed on the stage of the St Xaviers College on a Sunday and the Sunday morning Newspapers said " Looses a foot walks a MIle "  the show was a complete success, with her receiving a standing ovation . And there was no looking back after this . 

It has to be seen to believe  her performances in Jhalak Dikhla Ja where she performed jives and Salsa --her dances could also be seen on Dance India  and India Dance Week Grand Finale . She excels in all kinds of Dance both Indian and Western be they  classical  or contemporary .
                                                 picture from the internet Jhalak Dikhla ja 
She is looked upon as a ray of hope and as an inspiration for millions of physically challenged men and women all over the world.  She has become an eternal beacon of the indomitable human spirit.A living example of  human endurance , grit and determination and will-power very rarely to be found  in the history of the world .

She is my symbol of  a "Fantastico Achiever " a  woman who created her own destiny .


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Thursday, 7 January 2016

A fresh mouth for a happy day ---. #Colgate360GoldMornings

Every day starts in the morning and we need a really clean mouth for that " feel good feeling" ... the whole day can be destroyed if we feel that a foul smell is emanating from our mouths , or if we feel that our teeth are stained. We become conscious and try to avoid giving  friendly smiles for fear of exposing dirty stained teeth  , roadblocks occur in our conversation and we become ---social wrecks all for want of a clean mouth and sparkling teeth --but now no more: lets buy a combo of Colgate Charcoal 360 gold tooth paste and tooth brush and see our teeth sparkle

.As kids and for me  that was more than fifty years ago; we were told by our grandparents that they used to clean their teeth with charcoal  which was an excellent mouth cleaner and also beneficial to gums . But then they had gradually stopped the practice of using charcoal mainly because of the abrasions that charcoal caused .. It destroyed the enamel.

But now with Colgate India coming up with this toothpaste and toothbrush  those worries of ours are gone we can still use that super cleaner charcoal without the fear of damaging the enamel . Because charcoal is an excellent remover of stains we now have no fear of staining teeth with coffee , tea wine etc and one is free to enjoy , eat drink and make merry knowing very well that  brushing  with charcoal Colgate will make our teeth sparkle again because activated charcoal 's natural adhesive qualities  bind  with stains of surface staining eatables and  get rid of them  as we spit out .

What is more this tooth paste even takes care of plaque . It is such a boon because it has used Charcoal after a lot of scientific research , ---i.e only the good points have been retained  and the risky ones have been done away with .

The real surprise or boon or blessing is the 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush    which has special bristles designed in such a way that they clean between teeth and along the gum line The  polishing cups remove stains. The raised cleaning tips clean the back side of the teeth. The backside and middle of the brush are  unique tongue and cheek cleaners made of very soft and firm rubber. The extra -fine bristles are further coated with charcoal to enhance further cleaning of plaque also removing odour causing bacteria because  Colgate  knows that 80 % of the bacteria are not on the teeth but on the tongue, gums and cheek.

This combination of Colgate Charcoal 360 toothpaste and toothbrush is undoubtedly .The Gold Standard of whole mouth Cleaning making our mornings #Colgate360GoldMornings.

                                                  both pictures are my own



Monday, 4 January 2016

Those compassionate hearts

  "I was just net surfing when I came across the following  news item on "indiatimes news"   Was it overwhelming ? It was heart wrenching and touching above all it gave me a feeling of pride a faith in humanity as did it make me fall in my own eyes .

 Kunal Anand reports in the indiatimes news on 8th december 2015 

Sex workers from Maharashtra's Ahmednagar managed to donate a 1 lakh rupee cheque for Chennai flood relief within 2 weeks of the disaster "These women were restless since the last four days when they came to know about the deluge in Chennai They decided they should do something to help residents there "   Snehalaya founder Girish Kulkarni told PTI  Out of three thousand in the district two thousand of them contributed to the fund . " We are in touch with the Delhi-based NGO Goonj for ensuring further relief to the people of Chennai " Kulkarni added
 The sex workers in an event organised by NGO Snehalaya in Ahmednagar presented a cheque of 1 lakh rupees to District Collector Anil Kawade .

These poor women 90% of whom have been forced into this profession , who have been snatched away from their loved ones , who have been subjected to so much torture heartbreak and agony and who been coerced into  doing that which they never wanted to do willingly,  and  yet  have always been  looked down upon by society,  looked upon with disdain , contempt and disrespect they who have been drained of any emotions and feelings --They who have taken it upon themselves to smile and bear insults assuming this to be their lot . They who are subjected to inhuman treatment just for two morsels of food just to keep themselves alive 

These women skipped two meals a day just so they could save the money and donate it for the relief of the flood affected people of Chennai 

. In the beginning of this write up I had said that  this news item made me fall in my own eyes and rightly so because we are the ones who look down upon them make them stay in segregation,label them vile and social outcasts , no one wants to be associated with them they are always sneered at . 

No one would have been surprised if these women would have decided to pay us back in our own coin ,Why should they contribute for the relief of those who would never think about their  welfare or who would ever respect them . Would these people have ever allowed them even near their houses ? no never . So why should they bother to help them who never helped them  ,"they deserve this for treating us the way they did  more over may be they would not like to take help from us the untouchables may be they will not want to touch the money that we send them from our sinful earnings may be our gesture would face rebuff "Hundreds of this kind of justifications could have come to them and they could have remained aloof , and smug pretending to be helpless BUT no  their thought process was more mature and  full of compassion for their fellow humans They skipped their meals and sent the money saved to the relief fund .They must have had to skip meals to save money because I am sure their earnings must have been taken away by the pimps and brothel owners .

This just goes to show that no profession is noble or ignoble good or bad, no profession should be looked down upon , every person should be respected irrespective of his / her cast creed or work.
This was one section of society which had no obligations to donate no one expected them to do so but they were full of compassion , full of empathy for their fellow humans and did this out of their own feelings .

A very good effect this incident had on society was that the people learnt  to respect these women ---the stigma on their profession may still be there but there is a respect an admiration for them in the thoughts of the general public of that region and in the hearts of all those who came to know about the incident  . Similarly these women too had a sense of achievement their self esteem increased in their own eyes ,the praise showered on them helped  them  get over that feeling of self pity that feeling which had ingrained itself in their psyche that they were a stigma to society , an unproductive section whereas in reality they are  a very important segment of society-they are the members of the oldest profession   instrumental in bringing about an equilibrium a balance in the working of the social set up.

 In olden days they were  called " Nagarvadhoo"  and given due respect for the work they did , they were invited to functions and celebrations and treated with respect. Because it was considered that their profession was as important as any other 

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