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Saturday, 21 July 2012


 the bitter truth

Oh the truth and nothing but the truth !!!?????

What way of justice ?
does it say?
should always bring the truth out
why do they say then ,
that ,
he be given the benefit of doubt?

who cannot prove his guilt ???

and should he be always punished ?
who cannot prove his innocence ?

is it because?
The goddess
in her blindfold
is content?

I ask the GODS
why lies are not
taken and believed in.?
when the liar is a man so poor
who stole the bread to feed his kin?

I ask the Gods
to give a thought
why lies are always
believed in ?
when the liar is a man so rich
who killed his brother without a hitch .

truth kills when it spills
the ink on paper for all to read

If you were caught
and taken to onslaught
you would dread
when you recall,
that day what had made you fall.!!
Why oh why ?
did I do that ?
what made me tread ?
where angels dread!!
was it because
my eyes were caught
by those hungry eyes?
a pleadin'?

why do you grind
an innocent mind ?
and make him
finally break in. .

And let go off
that rogue you caught!!
who had his eyes
when he lied
gleefull and so gleeming??

tell me
please tell me
God tell me
I am a pleading !!!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A ghost seeks help

The train was crossing the tunnel and Madhu didnt want to miss the opportunity of taking a bite from that delicious cake she had just put back into the hamper ---Sarita  had got down at the last station and Madhu was so exhausted after hearing about the gir'ls story ---but then Sarita  had lived up to her reputation of doing the unpredictable ---the daredevil that she was she had always achieved what she wanted .

Thinking about Sarita 's story and happy for her Madhu absentmindedly reached for the cake in the hamper --when she felt a cold hand grip hers --startled she looked up and gazed back straight into the black cunjunktiva  and white pupils of Reshma's eyes.

"YOU here?" you were dead weren't you ?

"  I am Reshma's ghost ...Please help me Madhu"

"you need my help ?---you are omnipresent aren;t you? free to come and go whenever ,wherever you please ".

"come and go yes but not where I please"

"why who stops you ?"

"Our  master"

"the Devil ?"

NO  He is the SUPREMO we are incharge of his adopted son DRACULA --and now he has an able assistant in the form of  Damien that smarty "

"Oh!! so they are all there haan??the whole coterie ----but that sweet teenager Damien how is he hurting you ??backbiting kya ??"

SWEET TEANAGER ???--- my dear you are still talking in terms of the movie DAMIEN --parts 1, 2. and 3 he is a hulking 44 year old man --and you know na!! men at 40 !!!! ooper sey  yeh toh ghost hai karela and neem mixed !!!----forever after the life of all us female  ghosts ".

"yes he was born in 1966 -----so they are all there.??"

"yes and both  St Peter  and Chitragupta maharaj are taking  it easy  --neither of them is speeding up the process of allotments "

"allotments!! --allotments of what ?"

""Houses and zones yaar"

"come on explain the whole thing --I cant quite understand you"

"see I will tell..... ......" and suddenly Reshma vanished --the train had come out of the tunnel and it was day light again

"hey where are you Reshma ??".......and Madhu saw  some red liquid (blood it was )trickling down from the window glass pane --a grafitti appeared -" will join you at night after dinnerI can't come in this daylight '

Mala couldnt wait untill dinner -----the lover of food that she was she had lost her appetite .All the delicious food in the hamper lay untouched and she hadn't even ordered any dinner .
it was past 10 pm when a graffiti apperared again----why havent you eaten I won't come if you don't "

"oh god!! this ghost --she has been watching me all throughtout --let me eat else I dont know what she will do ---"and Madhu gobbled up a paratha (aloo wala)  then she drank water too who knows Reshma may object to her not drinking water after dinner .

Having finished eating she looked at her watch and was happy to note that most of her co passengers had switched off the lights and were deep into slumberland --she was just wondering if that  ghost required an invitation when suddenly she found the same black cornea and white pupils bending over her ----she let out a gasp as a shiver went through her.

"scared??" ---said the smile

"no do come and sit "-- said the grimmace

"hmm thanks --wish I could take a bite of those things in your hamper ----pahle toh dieting ne khane nahi diya aur ab bhoot ban gayee hoon kuchh kha nahi sakti  ----tell all the girls you meet ---
khao piyo ash karo
kkal kya hoga kisko pataa
abhi jindagi ka le lo majaa"

"yeah but the compliments you must have received for the pretty face and figure would not have come your way  had you eaten all this ---"

"but they come my way even now ----you know na how possesive Dracula is about me --he has left Neera and has fixed his affections on me --that   devil that he is ."

 that means Neera and that  heartthrob  of hers are free now --!!

"yeah and I am tied and bound . sigh !!!"

"by the way have you met any of Rajni's characters till now "??

"yes I have met Neera ,Dadi ,Neera's husband .Amar  and his wife and even Mrs Bhatnagar "

"Mrs Bhatnagar ?? is she also a ghost "

"no she has been alloted a place in heaven but she is always at the gates peeping down at the earth ....watching Sarita and Mr Bhatnagar .I met her and she says she is very happy to see Sarita take care of her ex family but  she does feel jealous when she sees Mr Bhatnagar  so happy and bringing  gifts for Sarita He never bought anything for Mrs Bhatnagar though they both did love each other "

"second wife hai na ----thoda toh pamper karega hi "

"Dadi is missing Swati and keeps asking me to enquire about her if ever I meet anyone on the planchet ".

"hmm..." anyway ---you said you wanted my help ----how can I help you ?

"you see being a  ghost I can't pray so I wanted you to pray to St Peter and Chitragupta bhagwan to please speed up their work and finish our allotments ."

"speed up their work ?? what kind of work "?

"arre !!dont you know any mythology ---"

"no I was always a pure science student never had time for any literary activities I loved my PCM "

"not even PCB? bio would have helped you to atleast come in some sort of contact with humans see you should have taken some interest in  arts and literature then you would have known about mythology,human nature, social behaviour the gods and the devils etc and about life after death
I wouldnt have had to explain so much to you "

"okay okay"!!

"so St peter and Chitragupta bhagwan keep a record of your doings on earth and then allot you what you deserve  either Heaven or hell accordingly"
"but these two are so busy watching the IPL,and Fifa and 20/ 20 and even gully cricket that we are still waiting our fate hanging in the lurch so please Mala pray to them to decide our future before the olympics  begin .----A few days( years according to the earth's time schedule) back these two  were so busy watching the arrival of the queens Baton that they were caught at the Indo Pak border for tresspassing  ."

"hmmm --- say I forgive the menfolk on earth for sitting glued to the TV sets atleast they are at home .Ok I promise I will pray for you .Wish you had met me somewhere near Diwali as Chitragupta Puja is held at that time But dont worry I will pray for you as soon as I reach home "

"no you start now itelf ---I am watching --and dont you dare try and fool me  I can read your mind well and good" --and those black  conjunktiva  and white pupils gave her a cold stare .

Madhu shivered to the bones and folded her hands and shut her eyes in immediate prayers

.ps.for my new friends --- most of these characters are from my earlier posts do read them to get aqainted with all those other ghosts --and of course your feedbacks are looked forward too 

the links to those posts are as follows Mrs bhatnagar reshma Dadi

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Decision

As the train entered the station she picked up her suitcase and got ready to enter the compartment.Once inside and seated she looked around.
 hmm!! the usual scene-- 
trying to appear casual she took out a book and pretended to read but  somehow she could never do that --she always wondered how could people bury themselves into books on train journeys ---that could be done at home too .On journeys  .She loved striking a conversation or if not then she loved watching the scenery the changing geographical topography.

But today .

No interesting companions ---no clear view of the outside topography either, courtsey tainted glasses of the AC compartment.looked as if she too would have to take the help of  a book ---she took out a sandwich ( oh yes eating was another thing she loved while travelling) then an aloo ka paratha ummm!! oh!! there was cake too  couldn't resist a slice , and why should'nt she try that lovely kaju katli all packed lovingly by her daughter??---but no! she felt embarassed, what would the other passengers think and she put back the hamper.

She stopped short and looked up from the basket ,someone familar ???it couldn't be her !!! the other person too stopped and glanced at her: what a coincidence ???

A hesitaant smile on her lips was reciprocated by one from the other lady.

and as she shifted a little asking her to sit down the lady immediately obliged and  most willingly too ---that meant she was travelling alone .

They started talking about the past so many years.They had been school friends and Sarita was the biggest flirt between the two  poles  she had joined school when they were in the 9th std and had immediately become friends with the whole gang ---the teachers were very worried about this and would call all the girls individually telling each of them to keep away from her .But no one paid heed as this new lively girl   introduced them all to a new world--- their usual birthday parties were now being replaced by visits to restraunts and movies; whereas her parties were thrown in the officers mess her dad being an group capt and nearly all those young sqn ldrs & flt liutenannts had become objects of admiration  for the starry eyed girls; all eligible harmless bachelors who knew there limitations well because all these girls were the group capt's daughter,s friends .

Life was  fun and almost all were sure that Sarita would land up with one of the officers. they all had their bets on  the dashing young Flt Lt Jaitley.The cynosuer of all female eyes but he had eyes only for Sarita  not because she was pretty or something but because he knew how helpful being her dad's son-in-law would be .
 That left all the other girls to either concentrate on their studies or look for greener pastures outside the air force officers mess, in fact they even lost interest in those parties; what was the use when they knew that the numero uno was not to be their catch and no one wanted to settle with the runners ups.

 Their respective catches had to be the numero unos of their chosen fields.

 Schooling over , the whole gang disintegrated, going away for higher studies .Gradually they lost contact and no one knew what happened to the others .Even otherwise girl are not like boys keeping contacts alive they believe in making a house and friends where ever destiny takes them and that is their survival instinct.

That is what makes them make their husbands abode  their kingdom.

Anyway Madhu showed Sarita her family photographs and very humbly accepted the compliments but  when Sarita brought out her's with a wicked smile Madhu was shocked to see her standing next to Mr Bhatnagar, (her dads college friend) ,as his wife with two grown up sons(obviously from his first marriage) and one teenaged  daughter
 "SARITA!!! this is uncle Bhatnagar with Arnab and Aatish !!"
"And this is Akanksha OUR daughter" .---quipped in Sarita .

"But how I mean what happened to Flt Lt Jaitely ??I was expecting him here beside you ".

"hahah he was ok for the parties but for life I wanted someone not only more mature but more secure too --and who else than Mr Bhatnagar ---though I did have to fight many battles to marry him worst were dad and mom they just couldn't bear to tolerate all this "

"naturally ---no parent can tolerate  --their daughter marrying her father's batchmate
"and why not"?
"there are so many issues involved --the age difference ,being the most important
But why did you do this ??"
was it because you had always adored him secretly and had a crush on him since the time you were a teenager??

and they both fell silent .

Sarita couldn't tolerate to see that look of disdain  and disgust on Madhu's face
and she clutched her hands" Madhu you think I will ever do anything  foolish or wrong??"

"then how did you land up here ?"

"After Mrs Bhatnagar's death   one day mom sent me to their house to see if everything was ok and if they needed some help what I saw just shook me and I spent sleepless nights thinking about the helplessness faced by them  I  saw what a mess they were in ;he was down with fever the sons had no one to look after them servants were irresponsible and I just couldn't bear to see all that
(it sort of rekindled my old sentiments ) .The only way I thought I could help them was by marrying him because that is the only relationship which allows a woman to look after a man even today in this 21st century .After I announced my intentions to my family there was mayhem ,the rest of the social circle too was against it all. Everyone including Mr Bhatnagar tried to make me change my decision BUT you know me I who could influence all you people in school and who gave a twopence to all those rebukes by the teachers just put my foot down ---I went on a hungerstrike fast unto death --satyagrah --and everyone had to concede.well I won the battle and became Mrs Bhatnagar."

"and what happened to Jaiteley ---how did he take it ---must have been heart broken "

"HAHA you really think so  he married Group capt Gupta's daughter  her dad was 2nd in hierarchy and so was she ;as it is everyone knew there was nothing between Jaiteley and me' He' was just an eligible batchelor for me and 'I' a good catch for him    and that was all he wanted ."

"but are you happy Sarita ?

"Mads --
 --you want me to say those typical cliche dialogues like  !!he is a very good hubby very considerate and the children are so loving etc etc???

of course I am HAPPY  --THEY ARE MY CHOICE  ,-----
" I FOUGHT SOCIETY TO BE WITH THEM ".I am so happy in my present life that  even mom and dad are happy now. 

---though one thing is so ironical ----people just dont think twice before pushing and forcing their daughters in marriage to widowers and men double their age but here, when I wanted to marry someone like that out of my own  choice  they were all against it and I was a target of criticism too .

why wont they let a woman decide for herself ever .....

Monday, 9 July 2012

The (in)famous five


are the (in) FAMOUS FIVE who almost always contempt breed
whenever  one comes, the  others are not far behind
they beckon each other
and obediently fall in line.

though harmless love and Desire 
are the parents wanting to achieve.
They want to see their progeny
with  success,and prosperity proceed.

A lonely child is greed
almost always  the first born.
And  jealousy is given birth
So that  greed is not forlorn.

But anger when it comes
as  it almost always follows suit
takes it upon himself to see that his siblings go through.
It spits venom  like a snake ,bringing  hatred in its wake.

Then there is Lust
which  between desire and love is torn ,
he is that youngest child
who wanted to be born.

And  together
all these siblings strive very very hard.
They  work at crushing  life
which very justly gets upset and appalled.

Life retaliates and struggles, fighting a war for  survival.
But not always does good ,over evil survive
 some times it succeeds
but mostly gives in to those DEADLY FIVE .

The question to be asked is
will righteousness ever get its due?
how long  will we deny practising, that, which is true ?
should we  let the earth  and its  journey
towards destruction and death continue.?? 


Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Father and his son -------5x55


 " All the best and wish you success for your 'journey of redemption' she said and smiled .He clasped her hand in love and gratitude---once inside the compartment he lay down on his berth and immediately went into a flashback; how things had  led to his second marriage and how his first wife and son  left him.

It was 25th March exactly nine months (infact 5 days short ) after their marriage that the stork knocked on the doors of the Sahay household and delivered a gift in the form of a bonnie baby, 'a son' ,to Ritesh and Reema --their  joy knew no bounds and he rang up his mother telling her the good news.


"A son!!" for her brother so soon after marriage !!!whereas she was still waiting even after completing 3 years!!--- and a wave of jealousy went through Sheela. She got busy poisoning everyones minds that this was an illegitimate child ---though she was aware that the doctors had given 10th April as the expected date.


His conscious mind knew that this was all trash but somewhere his male ego did hurt  and he spent sleepless nights gazing at 'his son ' to find some resemblance to himself which will put his mind at rest --but found none.He began suspecting his wife, she tried to prove her innocense but in vain .


 He committed  the crime of asking her to let the son undergo a DNA test  -- to prove his lineage ,this tremendous blow to her self -respect made her   walk  out with the baby -- never letting him know about their whereabouts. Today's  post-man  delivered  the DNA report of a famous doctor declaring,  that they were father and son.

Monday, 2 July 2012

samundar ki vyathaa

picture from the net

जिंदगी के रंग कई होते हैं
कभी स्याह ,
कभी सफ़ेद,
कभी सतरंगी
कभी हस्ते  और कभी रोते हैं .

सदियों से मैं यहाँ बसेरा कर रहा हूँ
लोगो के हुजूम को निहारता ,निरंतर बह रहा हूँ
पर रोता हूँ अपनी बदनसीबी पे सदा
श्रापित  कर एक दिन विधाता  ने था मुझसे कहा

"प्यार कर लेना,
रख लेना
चाहे जिसे तू
अपने दिल के करीब
पर सीने से लगा सके उसे
ये न होगा तेरा नसीब

पानी भी तेरी गोद में सदा लहराएगा
पर समुन्दर तू कभी किसी की प्यास बुझा न पायेगा

Zindagi ke rang kayee hotey hain.
kabhi syah,
kabhi safed,
kabhi satrangi .
kabhi hastey aur kabhi rotey hain.

Sadiyon se main ,yahaan basera kar rahaa hoon.
logo ke hujoom ko niharta , nirantar bah rahaa hoon.
Par rota hoon apni  badnaseebi pe sadaa
 Shrapit kar ek din Vidhata ne thaa mujhse kahaa.
"Pyar kar lena,
rakh lena
chahe jise
tu apne dil ke kareeb,
par seene se lagaa sakey usey
ye na hoga tera naseeb.
Pani bhi teri goad mein sadaa lahrayega
Par Samundar, tu kabhi kisi ki pyas bujha na payega .