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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Doodh barraa/'wadaa

Doodh baraa ( as vadaa in dahi vadaa) 

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maida 2 katories 
water ----to be used as and when required
ghee ---for deep frying 

milk----2 ltrs
raisins----for garnishing 
chironji---- for garnishing 
Sugar Free Natura to be used as per taste buds


Mix water to maida and make a mixture of dropping consistency
Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee in the kadahi add the maida,  and water mixture and cook on a low flame stirring vigorously so that no lump is formed



 Now quickly spread this dough on a ghee smeared plate / thaali and flatten with your palms or a spatula .Before it cools cut into diamond shapes like burfi keep it slightly thinner than a burfi ---it should be like the thickness of Kaju katli  .Let it cool now deep  fry in ghee and keep aside .

Boil the milk till it thickens. Consistency should be  slightly   less than  that of rabri , Add sugar  and allow it to cool .

After about an hour add the diamonds  just for a dip say for 10 mts this is so  that the milk enters the barras  and  they become slightly sweet ----but maintaining their crispness Take the barraas  out of the milk and keep aside

In the meanwhile make some more thickened milk and add raisins and chironji seeds, green cardamom powder  to it

Before serving  place the pieces on a plate and spread the left over milk as well as the dry fruit rabri.                                              

Serve  warm some people prefer chilled too   ,

note ----though made in pure ghee it is not heavy on calories because the barraas  do not absorb much ghee as they are made out of already cooked dough and to add to this we can also use  Sugar Free Natura reduciing the calories

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