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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Father and his son -------5x55


 " All the best and wish you success for your 'journey of redemption' she said and smiled .He clasped her hand in love and gratitude---once inside the compartment he lay down on his berth and immediately went into a flashback; how things had  led to his second marriage and how his first wife and son  left him.

It was 25th March exactly nine months (infact 5 days short ) after their marriage that the stork knocked on the doors of the Sahay household and delivered a gift in the form of a bonnie baby, 'a son' ,to Ritesh and Reema --their  joy knew no bounds and he rang up his mother telling her the good news.


"A son!!" for her brother so soon after marriage !!!whereas she was still waiting even after completing 3 years!!--- and a wave of jealousy went through Sheela. She got busy poisoning everyones minds that this was an illegitimate child ---though she was aware that the doctors had given 10th April as the expected date.


His conscious mind knew that this was all trash but somewhere his male ego did hurt  and he spent sleepless nights gazing at 'his son ' to find some resemblance to himself which will put his mind at rest --but found none.He began suspecting his wife, she tried to prove her innocense but in vain .


 He committed  the crime of asking her to let the son undergo a DNA test  -- to prove his lineage ,this tremendous blow to her self -respect made her   walk  out with the baby -- never letting him know about their whereabouts. Today's  post-man  delivered  the DNA report of a famous doctor declaring,  that they were father and son.

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