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Saturday, 21 July 2012


 the bitter truth

Oh the truth and nothing but the truth !!!?????

What way of justice ?
does it say?
should always bring the truth out
why do they say then ,
that ,
he be given the benefit of doubt?

who cannot prove his guilt ???

and should he be always punished ?
who cannot prove his innocence ?

is it because?
The goddess
in her blindfold
is content?

I ask the GODS
why lies are not
taken and believed in.?
when the liar is a man so poor
who stole the bread to feed his kin?

I ask the Gods
to give a thought
why lies are always
believed in ?
when the liar is a man so rich
who killed his brother without a hitch .

truth kills when it spills
the ink on paper for all to read

If you were caught
and taken to onslaught
you would dread
when you recall,
that day what had made you fall.!!
Why oh why ?
did I do that ?
what made me tread ?
where angels dread!!
was it because
my eyes were caught
by those hungry eyes?
a pleadin'?

why do you grind
an innocent mind ?
and make him
finally break in. .

And let go off
that rogue you caught!!
who had his eyes
when he lied
gleefull and so gleeming??

tell me
please tell me
God tell me
I am a pleading !!!!!


  1. 'Cos gods are cuckoo :P
    Nice one..u have expressed the anguish well..hope to read more of your work :)

  2. Zach

    Welcome to my blogs--and THANKYOU SO MUCH for the appreciation---please do keep visiting and giving your feedback --they are a lot of encouragement
    thanks once again

  3. nicely written!! wanted to read your ghost story but then saw this poem. will read that later. right now i am little scared to read a ghost story.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation -----and one more thing ---my ghosts are a friendly lot so never be scared of them -----in fact they will cheer you up :))

      thanks once again

  4. Dear Rajs,

    It is such a pleasure to read you. I am so happy to have
    connected with you here on bloggers :)

  5. Its the same here Ghazala ---the feeling is mutual ---found you like a long lost friend it was as if kisi aur site pe bichhad gaye aur yahaan mile ---that 's why putting up pictures is necessary I suppose LOL :))))

  6. Rajni, That was an honest submission.
    "truth kills when it spills
    the ink on paper for all to read"---so true! Am thinking about those corrupt politicians..!! Long time, haven't seen you around.

  7. Oh, you didn't see my last comment...or has it been ignored. sigh!

    1. Dear Panchali

      You think I would ever ---IGNORE---any comment and that too from YOU ---I am heart broken :(

      Its just that Ananya is keeping me so busy and the moment I sit on the computer She comes and attacks the keyboard---So I have to wait for some free time ----she is throwing her tantrums even now BUT I must reply to this comment of yours ----please bear with me and dont misunderstand me ---will write more later
      love rajni

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