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Sunday, 30 September 2012

the prey and the prayer

came across the term 'acrostic poetry'----and heres an attempt.hope you will like it 
the sentence is ---I  sat  on the edge of cliff wishing to die---the froggy part is just a dash of humourand not acrostic

too much of love and romance have come out from my key board----hence this change


I  sat  on the  edge of cliff
sorry at my plight.
Ah!  !why hadn't I seen
That wicked gleam in her eye?

Oh! no lover can ever bear this
Neither so could I.
Deceit and
Garish ideas -were, from those large lotus

Only she could tell why and
For what had she betrayed,

Cheated  on my
I had thought  would bring with it more love in an array.
Faith mine was killed by
 Fate, which had me thus  betrayed.
When that day she walked away
Ignoring  both  my arms 

Stretched wide   to engulf .
Her eyes swept past; and my hands
In an instant were rebuffed.

No more did she need them
Gone was the welcome smile.
Tense,and  alone  I watched her
On  some other arm recline.

Demoralized  life, brought me here with
Intentions to die
Ending my life as anonymous with no one to cry .


non acrostic

There was this frog ,so hungry,
wandering in search of food
the only thing he saw was
this  man on the cliff  about to swoon.

He prayed to God ,this frog
How can I eat that giant?
Please do something oh lord!!
and make him for my mouth more pliant.

GOD was that day in good humour
"as" all was well with the world.
He thought let me bless this
beast of prey--and HE his fingers twirled.

Lo and behold !GOD!!!!, changed , the slimmy  froggy's  head
His mouth was elongated, and  big teeth grew instead
Some spikes too grew  which made  him look oh!! ever so more vile
That  God in his humour !!!!called him a cute  FROCODILE.

THE Man above was the  prey
and the  frog below

God that day had made up his mind
to oblige all his HEIRS 

He fulfilled  the lover's wish
to jump from the  cliff and die
and thus  provided food
for his favourite  frocodile 

pics from the net


  1. I remember these. The first one is an awesome take. Tha second one is very cute :D

    1. Thanks Ghazala

      had been missing you in the last few posts --but you have made my day again by visiting them all