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Friday, 25 January 2013

My first award


When I got a comment from Indu ji in one of my blogs that a surprise was awaiting me at JEETE RAHO  I rushed to the page full of excitement and was surprised to see my name included in her list of bloggers for the LIEBSTER  award  ---it dId send a flutter down my spine because I never thought my name would be included in any such list and that too by someone of the caliber of Indu Chhibber.

Thankyou so much Indu ji(indu chhibber) -----I am sorry I am very late in posting my blog  but it happened because it is one thing writing a blog and quite another responding to something as serious and important as this ---it requires so much concentration and seriousness which I could not devote because November- and December  share 5 birthdays parties 4 anniversary parties and then add to the list Diwali and New Year celebrations and  again 9th January ( b'day party of yours truly)---so all this prevented me from devoting my best in earnest to answering the questions; ,forming questions and then listing 11 names --which was more difficult for me due to my  being new to the site .I hope you will understand and forgive my laxity.

and now to as you have said ---earning the title

The rules of the game are:
Post 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions the tagger asked you.
Tag 11 more bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
Make 11 questions for those you have tagged.
Tell the people that you tagged them & no tagging back.

11 facts about myself

1- born on 9th january

2 -started school at the age of 5

3- finished my school at the age 15 (proves I was intelligent )

4- graduation at the age of 19

5 -post graduation when 21

6- married  on 14th december

7- have 2 daughters

8- dropped my career to bring up kids

9 -took up career again after kids grew up

10- was a university level hockey player,stage and radio artist

11 -am a good cook 

phew.........11 facts enough to blow my own trumpet which was done only because it is the requirement of the blog 

11 questions for them who I have tagged

1.Your favorite flower?

2.Which period of Indian History do you like the most?

3.Your favorite woman Politician Indian or International/?

4.   Favorite Indian singer?

5   Favorite Indian sports person

5 .Favorite food item

6.  Favorite book

7 What do you prefer to listen to  violin or sitar

8. Favorite gazal singer

9  Do you have stage fright?

10 Do you prefer reading the news paper  to watching  news on Television?

11.Do you think blogging is very helpful in stress management ?

My answers to Induji's questions:

1-Your favorite color?
  any light shade ---yellow ruling at the moment

2-Your favorite movie?
   kagaz ke phool and chupke chupke

3-Your favorite music genre? 
 everything pleasing to the ear specially hindustani 

4-Your favorite actor?
    there are so many but I think Naseeruddin Shah is more talented than many

5-Your favorite actress?

6-Your favorite hobby?
   lazing around but I never get to indulge in it 

7-Your favorite blog?(some help from me---jeeteraho?)
   yes actually --It Is Jeete raho

8-Your pet hate?-------
   that I cant't hate anything 

9-Your dream vocation?-
    women and child welfare

10-Your dream vacation?
      any forest reserve with a typical  rest house ---the old world British  kinds

11-Your ambition in life?
      make everyone around me HAPPY 

and Now to the  list of bloggers I have tagged .in alphabetical order 

Deepak Kripal
Ekta khetan
Fizah ---meapoetess.blogspot.inhttp:/
jahid akhtar
Meenakshi Malhotra
Pattu raj------

saurabh chawla

varsha dutta

Ps ---I have just been to  Meenakshi Malhotraand deepak kripal blogs and find my name in their lists but since I had already included their names in my list I don't think I am tagging them back  nor are they  as I had not posted this blog till now  .have had the pleasant surprise of seeing my name in the nomination lists of Ashishand   jahid too

I will now rush to the respective winners and let them know about my having tagged them .
thanks a lot INDU JI  indu chhibber)      Meenakshi Malhotra ,    deepak kripal,    jahidandAshish    for bestowing  me with  the honour .


  1. Thanks a lot, Rajni!

    I am honoured, but you can't escape my questions!

    1. Thanks Meenakshi

      no question of escape --I would love to ---and would like you to reciprocate :))

  2. Rajni heartiest congos for a well deserved award--you are new here but your posts are very significant.
    You have praised me to the skies-i hope i deserve it.
    Wow an accomplished artist-is it singing that you excel in?Or acting?And a good cook too(i am a very reluctant cook btw)!
    So long Rajni,you will gather many more awards.

    1. Indu ji

      you are all that I have said and much more

      as for my being an artist ---well its acting and Sitar wish I could sing but alas not everyone is blessed with that talent.

      thanks for the wishes Indu ji
      warm regards

  3. Thank U so much Rajni. I am really honored to see my name in ur list. Thanks a lot!

  4. Oh how I missed such a sweet gesture from you dear.. :(

    I owe my head to you..

    But at the same time, it gave me the opportunity to nominate you to as my token of appreciation and friendly exchange.. I intend to continue the exchange of friendly thoughts in the times to come..

    With a request for apology, cheers for the award.. to both of us.. :)

    keep writing my friend..

    1. Thanks deepak
      and congrats for three nominations wow!1

  5. I have made the necessary correction in my post.. but I still nominate you..:)

  6. Thanks a lot Rajni. This is my 3rd award in my blogging tenure :)

    I feel really good for this. Thanks again for including me in your list.

    1. thanks Saurabh

      congratulations for the other awards and this one too

  7. Thanks a lot Rajni... :)
    And congrats to you too.

  8. Rajni - Congrats! You really deserve this award because you are everything that the word Leibster means in German. It is such fun reading your happy go lucky blogposts. It is really great to have found a fellow blogger like you.
    Thank you so much for nominating me for this award. It is a great honour and I cant tell you happy it has made me.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    It is going to be great fun doing your questions. Thinking up my own and tagging another eleven bloggers may not be so easy however but I am going to get down to the task very seriously soon
    Yoohooo! What a great way to begin the week

  9. Thanks for dedicating this award Rajni :)