Sunday, 16 June 2013

ring the bell ---to make the world safe for women

I am proud to be a woman!!!

why do I have to say this??

why do I have to justify the fact that I was born a woman !!! 

RAPE is not only physical abuse --the fact that a girl is made to feel ashamed for having taken birh is RAPE.

Is it a sin??is there something wrong if the Creator wanted me to be born a woman is there something wrong that I belong to one of the two categories that the homosapien species consists of !!.

Is there something wrong if  I belong to a  gender  which posseses the qualities of giving,loving,tolerating,adjusting,helping and supporting my loved ones??

Is there something wrong if I am endowed with the qualities of love ,affection, beauty,humility and humanity??

Why do I have to prove that there is nothing wrong in being a Mother,a sister,a wife a friend.CAN the world do without any one of the above mentioned qualities,attributes and relations?

 WHY are women not safe ? why is crime against women constantly on the increase? 

COMMITIES are being set up  to conduct studies  and find the reason behind this.They talk about making laws stricter ,  the latest is to make molestation a non bailable crime" Well this is a positive approach and hence welcome"  but the real solution to this problem is education{not literacy}  and above all an  individuals own "conscience".No problem can ever be tackled unless the cry is from within.To put it in a lighter vein "  you can take a horse to the river but you cannot make him drink." Similarly these crimes cannot be stopped untill the criminal realises what he has done !! HE  should know that what he is doing is worse than murder.He is insulting the existence of a fellow human being.Does he realise the repercursions?the humiliation, the insults,the feeling of helplessness the indignity a woman faces.Just imagine a crime where its the victim who is ashamed  and the culprit goes about strutting like a proud peocock!!.  

In this fake society of ours which does not tire  from paying obeiyance to mother DURGA, the man does not understand MA DURGA is a woman  MA SARASWATI  is a woman KALI and the most favourite LAKSHMI  are  women.Is a woman worthy of  being  worshipped only if she is made of stone  not if she is made flesh and blood.!!

 This is a burning issue which can be discussed incessently  but aren't we ashamed to be discussing it even in this 21st century.The topic is such that it will never cease to continue because it touches on very sensitive issues and if we talk about it it will go on and on and on.for eg may I ask who are these keepers of society who decide  the dress code for girls and women?  Leave women alone   let them breathe consider them your 'other half'  if not 'better half'  let the other half live the way "its" other half lives.

                                             Frankly this is not a fight between men and women it is a fight between the frustrated and the achievers.Frustrated people are failures in life and resort to bullying  them, who ,they think are weak...This group of bullies includes both   men as well as women.
  So the only way to weed out this problem is   to educate the society and let them see the heniousness of this crime show it to them in a way which  will sadden or terrorise them.It is sad that vested interests and sick mentalities all over the world have discriminated and shown women as the weaker sex whereas if realities have to be seen women are much more stronger ---they have to fight society from within and without ---they have the capacity to procreate --to give birth --they endure difficulties both physical and emotional and almost always come out  victorious.

   I don't know about the authenticity but I have heard and even read that the female foetus is stronger than the male and very rarely aborts itself naturally.   THE ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD is needed TO HELP ABORT IT ---female infanticide and female foeticide to be more specific are the brainchild of the civilized world

  Real empowerment as we need it today can be brought about only if we educate ourselves and our children, to respect WOMEN and not by passing a legislation.  Here again its we women who have to play a significant role because THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE rules the world .let us teach our children to respect women. .Because this evil is so deep rooted that it can be weeded out only if we attack it at the roots.

 We have to stop the jeering and leering attitude that men have towards women --irrespective of their status ,or age.


We should not look up to the male to give us empowerment we have to achieve it ,snatch it or earn it .  We should make ourselves important enough to contribute positively and gainfully to the development of society .Make ourselves indispensable in every field and PLEASE let us try to forgo the PERKS which make us appear dependents.


Don't Please sit with a begging bowl for the men folk to throw the crumbs of reservation policies etc from their dining table .


  For parents of the girl child I would like to stress that the difference is not in a girl or a boy the difference is in our attitude towards them .A son can be as good as a daughter or even better ---and so can be a daughter ---- when it comes to looking after their parents.Its the individual and their attitude towards their duties. 

Its just that we should give both of them the same opportunities in life and do our best to make them good human beings who know how to shoulder their responsibilities towards their parents and the society .


As for carrying you to the funeral pyre There are very beautifully maintained hearses; and there's no need to light the pyre either! the way the ecological imbalance is taking shape the  electric or diesel crematorium is going to be the trend .

If there is any way in which the government can help bring about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT  by law   then it should pass a bill saying that women need not adopt the husband's name  ones they get married; they should  be allowed to choose their own names and keep their own identities .This may seem a frivolous demand but when you think about it this is a mark of slavery .

  Why should a person have to use the father's name or surname for his/her identitification .
Its the mother and child relationship which is the only obvious pure relationship and does not need any identity proof. 

this is my entry for --ring the bell for indichange


  1. Well said! We need to change the fabric of society. Something is terribly wrong the way we think.

    1. Thankyou so much Saru for the visit and for agreeing with my thoughts

  2. I think my comment got lost or maybe i forgot to publish it.

    You are right on dot-that we worship Goddesses but abuse women & girls.

    1. Thanks a lot Indu ji for agreeing with my thoughts

  3. Rightly said, Education and knowledge are very important for women Empowerment...

    1. thanks Fizz Genuine for agreeing. as far as I feel that is the only solution.

      thanks once again