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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


It was nearing 5 am
Ram was taken for his last bath then given a proper breakfast and was now being led out of the cell door.

the usually asleep and noisy (with sounds of snores and coughs and swearings ) prison was awake and silent.

 Ram  was being taken to the gallows
 .  all the undertrials and all other prisoners had tearful eyes glued on him as they watched this youth of 25 being sent to die for having committed the crime of fighting ,for the freedom of his country from the chains of slavery.
Ramdas was led up the stairs where the black cloth bag was ready to be put on his face .   

He was asked his last wish -----"I want a picture of the British Monarch brought in". everyone was astonished at this demand but it had to be fulfilled and the jailor and other officials got ready to tackle any  trouble that Ram  would create  .

But Ramdas was a freedom fighter he knew that all countries and their rulers were to be respected.

All that  he did was that he  put  the picture close   to his chest and  then he stood on the platform  facing the crowd.The jailor and warden and all other govt servants stood up  anticipating trouble.

 Ram  began singing VANDE MATRAM holding the picture to his chest---- the govt servants kept standing throughout the song alert and attentive so that any trouble could be tackled immediately.

Ram das finished the song and smiled. 
"Officer James do you remember I had once challenged you that I will make you stand up in salutations to my national song I have achieved that today, I have no more wishes I am ready to die for my country,  VANDE MATRAM ---JAI HIND "

The slogan  was echoed all through the closed walls of the prison and a brave son of Mother India was executed but every eye in the crowd was moist every prisoner wept unashamedly even the British eye had a stunned blank look  silently  respecting the dead INDIAN for his love for his motherland .

this story is dedicated to all those people who laid down their lives to set India free from the  shackles of foreign rule.


  1. They had tremendous courage,as reflecting in your post.I wonder where all that regard for our country has vanished to.