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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Car connect experience

I am one of those who is always on the lookout for contests on Indiblogger ---of course the main reason is to be able to win prizes ---now ! now !who doesn't want that BUT another very important reason is it gives me a topic to write about  and makes my grey cells  get into the active mode --- I wouldn't be flaunting my thirst for knowledge (in other words showing off) if I said that when I start writing for these contests I learn so many new things about the concerned  products. In fact at times I come across a New Product itself as in this case of  CARCONNECT.IN.

When I logged into this web site I discovered that car connect is such an important site for everyone.

People of all ages and social strata can benefit by joining this site . When I say ages I mean the age group beginning  from 10 because at that age  one is in standard V and has learnt to read ,write and understand ----and wouldn't a boy of ten want to know all about cars . How he would love to boast among his friends about the details  regarding different cars , their price the various features the mileage it gives (being an Indian the knowledge about  "kitna deti hai is so important" hahah ).( but of course you will have to log in or  may be let him share your password for this  particular site won't he be excited and won't you become the best parent )

Carconnect is a site which provides one  with facilities like , Comparison between different cars , Car news  and  about new Car launches etc .

Only if this site was available a few years back it would have made deciding what car to buy so easy Not like how it was for us depending upon word to mouth publicity ---sometimes true sometimes misleading.

Though let me share a secret ,. There was a certain Mr X  in our small   township and he was an expert in Cars   we  would always keep an eye on the car this Mr X owned whenever we had to buy a car we  would go in for the same  car as this guy because his acumen could be relied upon. without any hitch.--it never let us down ---now wasn't that intelligent of us !!! You would say why didn't you people ask this Mr X for his advice instead of  being silent admirers and followers WELL   I am still wondering as to WHY didn't we .? that would have been much easier nahi kya ? but then there is a thing called EGO too nahi kya ?


So if we would have had sites like CARCONNECT in those  days, we would have saved ourselves so much of  trouble.Just log into the site and click on the various facilities offered , click on the information wanted and hey presto get all the details within 48 hours .Features  like  compare cars ; car news ;  new launches of various companies etc  similarly while embarking on long journeys Car connect could  provide us with all the route details.

No sweat ----if we couldn't reap the benefits of  a site such as Car Connect at least our children are lucky to be contemporaries to this amazingly helpful site. And we will share their experiences and enjoy --in fact I am sure my kids would love to put the responsibilities of the Travel  Department right from buying their car ( money of course they will have to shell ou) for them ,to arranging their trips . I would love to oblige them .
With all details just a click away I can always play the dependable mom and make myself indispensable to them .Thus keeping my image of Super mom intact.

By the way did you know I am a  " B Positive"---that includes my blood group  and also my  attitude towards life .
If I couldn't reap the harvests of Carconnect in my hay days I will make hay while the sun will shine on my children's farm .

This site called "car connect"
Is so important and  perfect
It chooses your car for you 
And makes you   special among the  milieu.

my entry for the CARCONNECT experience contest on indiblogger


  1. Looks like a handy site Rajni.All the best to you.
    And what do you know-i too am B+
    Love n hugs.

    1. hahah Indu ji

      B positive !!! yeh to hona hi tha
      love and hugs to you too