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Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Tapping Game ---a road to peaceful coexistence

Its unbelievable I know,but the more I am growing in years --the more intolerant or childish I am becoming . Whereas  all these years I used to be the mom or wife or sister who would willingly forego all the pleasures of life for my loved ones, now I  must have what I want my favourite food , my favourite clothes and accesories ( however expensive or difficult to procure)  , and my favourite TV programmes .

My loving family (??) does not mind obliging me with all my demands sometimes willingly sometimes    grudgingly but when it comes to watching TV they show their real colours not one of them is ready to forego their pleasure . I know you would say why don't I buy another TV for myself banning all  others from even touching it !  I have already done that my near senile brain is active enough to look after my own comforts But my problem is so different from what anyone can ever guess Tell you what !! since I am a little hard of hearing and like to keep the pitch of the volume a little high they all insist that I use earphones !!! atrocious isn't it ?? Previously they used to rush and close the door of my room as soon as I would switch on the TV then one windy day the door got stuck and I was  locked inside the room  !!! and God did everyone get panicky   ?? They did and me too.What a scene  I created  . So then they decided that they would gift me with earphones and I will wear them while watching TV  or listening to songs . Now this is really atrocious so I was  relieved and  over joyed when I read about the "TATASkyTransfer" and the facilities it provides . 

Another reason for my going overboard on reading about the   "TATASkyTransfer" was the  time slot allotted to the various programmes  by different channels  eg. two of my favourites " Terey shehar  mein" ( star plus) and "Doli Armano ki" ( Zee ) overlap each other , whats more even the sponsors have chosen the same time to show their adds .

 "Dreamgirl"  is another favourite specially  for the strong personality of the character in negative role "Ayesha Sareen", it is one serial I would never miss but then at times "Yeh Rishta Kya kahlata hai"  also shows how  some   real  issues should  be tackled which I like to see and both these serials overlap.  The same goes for "Reporters"( Sony )  and "Diya aur baati"( Star plus)

Another Big favorite of mine and which though it has no programmes overlapping its telecast but has bigger real life distractions overlapping it and they cannot be overlooked or ignored.My grandson and grand daughter both of them feel hungry  in  the same time slot , both of them want me to  help with their home work again in the same time slot  --the time slot being 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm and the serial " Merey Angane Mein . Now this is my  biggest favorite at the moment  directed brilliantly with excellent acting from both   stalwart veterans as well as the new comers   , dialogues that seem so natural the dialect too kept in mind I have yet to find any flaw in this absolutely natural family drama  being enacted on the small screen . One feels as if one is actually a part of a home in UP . Everything is so natural 

In fact I would request people to view this serial if not for anything else at least for the superb direction and acting ---though people from UP and Bihar and specially the "Kayasths" would enjoy it more and identify with the characters too --incidently though it is about a Kayasth family  (and I belong to one )  but  all over India the relationships shown in the serial follow almost the same behavioral pattern .

So as soon as I came to know about the TataSky Transfer I was very happy now I could record my favourite serials and see them at my convenience and even view repeat performances. If any of you wish to see the trailer of any of my favorite serials do let me know and I will transfer the best episode ( recorded) for you to see and decide .

Its all very easy actually just child's play I would say as  shown in the video embedded below   

All we  require is the new " Tata Sky set top box "it allows us to transfer /stream our favourite recorded shows directly on our Android or IOS device anytime anywhere through TataSky+Transfer 

You only have to follow the rules as  mentioned below in the Tata Sky Transfer advertisement ______
  1. Subscribe to the Transfer pack for each registered device on which you wish to access the service by -
    1. Tapping on the ‘Transfer’ icon in the Tata Sky Mobile app – following which the pack will get added automatically to your account
    2. Adding the pack to your account at
    3. By contacting our helpline
  2. Ensure that your Tata Sky+ Transfer box and device are connected to your home Wi-Fi.
  3. To be able to transfer content, you need to have recorded content on your Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box.
  4. Launch the Tata Sky Mobile app, login and tap on ‘Transfer’ on the home screen.
  5. If your set top box and device are on the same Wi-Fi network, you will see your recorded content displayed in the ‘My Box’ section.
  6. Select the content of your choice and once you tap on ‘Transfer’, the transfer process will start.
  7. Once the transfer is complete, you have to visit the ‘My Phone/My Pad’ section to view this content and just tap on ‘Play’ to view your recorded content.

Simple isn't it .I suppose this device was made with people like us oldies and small kids in mind we  are always dominated by adults and constantly get bullied ----now both our age groups will not be at the mercy of bullies because a simple tap will do the trick , no struggling with buttons just a tap and it works.

Why don't you too get a TataSky transfer connection and watch your favourite TV programmes with peace . Now that the Mahatma Gandhi Nelson Mandela cricket series is also about to begin .  I am a great cricket fan and never miss a single match (  here of course there is no tussle between me and my family we all sit glued to theTV during cricket matches the only bone of contention is the " volume " which will now be solved with TataSkyTransfer ) In  my days  we had great players like Farukh Engineer , Chandu Borde . Hanumant Singhetc  Prasanna . Bedi .Chandrashekhar , Venkat Raghavan '

And yes please don't forget to watch  the  programmes I have mentioned "Dreamgirl"for the grit shown by a woman , it may be a negative role which will ultimately show her defeated but I loved her acting and the scene where when asked by her husband to give him a divorce and leave his house  she demands her share in that empire which had been built by her equal contribution .She had helped him rake in all the moolah by giving excellent performances and the people had thronged the cinema halls to see her acting it was she who had  turned  those movies into superhits  so she deserved fifty percent as alimony and a share in the production house ---and this unnerves the husband --wow!! what dialogue delivery by the actress  who plays Ayesha Sareen !!!

And ofcourse "Mere Angane Me" is a must watch you will know why it is a must watch only after you see it .
So do get your TataSky Transfer and Here's Me wishing you many many years of Happy and Peaceful entertainment .

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  1. Oh Rajni so many serials you lap up.No wonder you need Tatasky for that.I have not seen a single one of these.I only see one or two on Zidagi but there also,the quality has dwindled lately.But they are any day better than other channels i feel--from what i see while flicking through channels.But i will see Mere Angne Mein.

    Lots of love.

    1. Please do give Mere Angne mein a try Induji Iand please do let me know if you liked it .
      Thanks alot for this visit

      I too used to see Zindagi but like you said its loosing its charm

      thanks and regards

  2. Thank you Rajni for this piece of info, may come handy sometime, when I start watching TV:):)


    1. Thank you Amit ji
      and I hope you are watching the South Africa series :)

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