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Friday, 22 January 2016

Sudha Chandran ----the fantastico achiever

                                                          picture from internet --Tumblr

Known all over the world as India's Wonder girl , Dancing Peacock " Natya  Mayuri". Sudha Chandran is the living example of the words  "" Where there's a will there's a way ".

 Sudha lost her right leg at the age of sixteen in a road  accident this was a big blow to her as she was an aspiring  Bharat Natyam Dancer but she did not let this amputation deter her from her love for dance She   met Ramon Magsaysay award winner Padma Shri Dr P.K. Sethi and got a Jaipur foot fixed . 
After getting the Jaipur foot she practiced her art again and when she performed on the stage in front of an august audience of dance lovers and dance critics  they did not find any difference between her past and present performances . She became one of the most highly acclaimed dancers of the Indian subcontinent . The media all across the world gave her  due credit and wrote with praise and admiration about her blood oozing excruciating  practice  sessions with the artificial limb .  
She is listed among the "Top Ten Extraordinary People with Disabilities"along with great people like Hellen Keller , Ludwig  Van Beethoven , Vincent Van Gogh and Stephen Hawking by Macmillan Ltd in their book " Knock Out Challenges "has included a chapter on her inspirational story.She had proved that no handicap however great , however formidable can kill the human spirit on its quest for achievement and  its desire to achieve . 
Her inspirational stories have been included in the text books of schools in India .

She is associated with several voluntary organizations working for the welfare of the disabled.  She is the vice-chairperson of National Association of Disabled Enterprises (NADE).  She is also a member of the Advisory Board of Witty Kids High School at Malad in Mumbai.   She is a much sought-after speaker and counselor in professional bodies.

Sudha  is also an accomplished and acclaimed film and television artist .

She has established  a Dance Academy "SUDHA CHANDRAN’S “NACHE MAYURI” DANCE ACADEMY" She won the 1985 National Award for her superb portrayal in her first film “MAYURI” which was based on her own life story and involved  her dancing  skills with the help of the artificial limb "Jaipur foot ".

Her first public performance with the help of the 'Jaipur Foot' after the accident was when she performed on the stage of the St Xaviers College on a Sunday and the Sunday morning Newspapers said " Looses a foot walks a MIle "  the show was a complete success, with her receiving a standing ovation . And there was no looking back after this . 

It has to be seen to believe  her performances in Jhalak Dikhla Ja where she performed jives and Salsa --her dances could also be seen on Dance India  and India Dance Week Grand Finale . She excels in all kinds of Dance both Indian and Western be they  classical  or contemporary .
                                                 picture from the internet Jhalak Dikhla ja 
She is looked upon as a ray of hope and as an inspiration for millions of physically challenged men and women all over the world.  She has become an eternal beacon of the indomitable human spirit.A living example of  human endurance , grit and determination and will-power very rarely to be found  in the history of the world .

She is my symbol of  a "Fantastico Achiever " a  woman who created her own destiny .


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  1. I have always been a fan of Sudha Chandran. It is not a small feat to be mentioned in the same breath as Hellen Keller , Ludwig Van Beethoven , Vincent Van Gogh and Stephen Hawking. I am grateful to you for writing about her unparalleled courage and grit.

    1. Thank you Umashankar ji for appreciating --yes her courage is unparalleled because ,as I feel ,to overcome physical disabilities is indeed brave .
      Thanks once again