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Saturday, 2 July 2016

A poem of mine

This poem has been selected by the e mag"The Scribblers " the topic was Womanhood .

 I am A Woman 

I am a woman ,  Made of flesh and blood
And  you a man ,similarly clad ,
You lay the rules and ask me to follow ,
That, Which makes me feel vulnerable and hollow.
You call me the weaker  sex , You in the garb of provider
Rob me of my individuality , And call yourself , my ,protector.

When your arms crush me I smile,
When  you sneer and jeer and leer I blissfully comply,
Oh  !!  protector, you protect me from your own self.
My individuality is not acceptable to you,
For you my strength  lies in  my frailty
To be accepted ,I appear to be at your mercy ,To be loved I appear to die.

I make you feel complete I make you feel strong
I make you the ruler while I your vicinity throng
My body becomes one with yours And you let your heart to me belong
The rules are laid by you, The Game is played by me
To win I have to lose ,
Oh what a  paradox !!

I am a woman , Destined to be  a captive
Destined to rule through captivity .
For I am a woman , destined to rule
Destined to pull the strings holding your hands,
Guiding them from the shadows  never to come to the forefront .
For I am a woman Destined to rule With Chained Hands .
~ Rajni Sinha


  1. Nice composition. Full of pathos. It sting my heart when I read this line:'For I am a woman Destined to rule With Chained Hands'

    1. Thankyou Easwar Arumugam ji ---thanks for the visit and for appreciating

  2. A powerful, haunting poem, Rajni-ji. Women are equally important partner of the institution of family; she is the other wheel of the chariot. But look what men have made out of her! She is the mother and the slave at the same time.

    1. Thanks for the visit Umashankar ji ---that is the paradox ---but thankfully the situation has improved a lot and is still on the path to success---and what is more its men like Raja Rammohan Roy etc who are helping women fight . But the main issue is that women should unite and help each other instead of actig as hurdles ( this is a sad truth ) . A lot can b e said and written on this topic ---thanks for understanding and appreciating

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  4. Women emancipation is still a far cry, even tough it is twenty first century..

    1. Yes Durga Prasad Dash ji ---and the only solution is a change in attitudewhich can be brought through proper education and guidance starting from Home ---thanks a lot for visiting and appreciating welcome