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Friday, 5 August 2016

Suicides the don'ts and the reasons for the don'ts

Just finished reading the book " the story of a suicide " by Sriram Ayer . It is a gripping book which deals with the problems faced  by youngsters today and the ways and means of overcoming them . How these characters are driven towards depression , frustration and loneliness . But then yes these very three words are the reasons which lead to feeling of dejection culminating in a desire to run away from all this and finally to end ones life in order to escape .I have said that the book is gripping I used the word gripping because the problems shown and showcased are so rampant in society' today"  ,  nearly every youth girl or boy is facing them the reasons may be many; more exposure , more opportunities , more interaction some time all the three but all in the negative sense . The roles played by social media , some immature minds the hazards they create . These are all some factors which were not so prominent a few decades ago . Society was controlled by certain rules and norms but these have all been thrown to the winds specially due to  foreign influence--and the Indian youth is not yet capable enough to handle such situations . Dirty minds are busy misusing latest technical facilities the various apps and inventions of technical advancements are not a boon but a bane .  All these points have been dealt with in the novel .

  Thankfully the author has tried to show the ways by which we can overcome these depressing states . And how to be brave . 

The episodes I found to be very common are the ones in which the boy is sexually exploited by a relative , and the one in which a boyfriend just does not care or respect his girlfriend .  Though the other cases like being a homosexual etc too may be important reasons for frustrations but these two  reasons are more rampant in society. And they are also being practiced from or should I say in vogue from time immemorial they are nothing new we have had cases of sexual abuse and humiliation from ages a lot of humiliating things happen inside families the joint family which is ranted upon to be a  means of providing social security has nearly always been a source of many an evil goings on and no one ready to believe the victim be it a girl or boy . 

As far as I think committing a suicide is never the answer for any problem because when you commit suicide you are not only killing yourself   (which may well be  the perfect solution to ending your miseries)   but you are killing all those people together with you who Love you , who have hopes with you , who have loved you , and doted on you. No depressing thought can be so dangerous so as to make you ditch your loved ones.  Go and see the state which people are led to when they lose  a loved one how heart broken they become , how frustrated ; sometimes they are even led to becoming insane , at times they start blaming themselves for the death of their dear one ---and when the case is of suicide the people are  shattered.

So I end here with the request and message to anyone who is disturbed that have faith in yourself and always think about them who are your near and dear ones --how tragic your loss will be to them and how you will miss their affection in that other world you will be gone to. Suicides are no solutions if you think you can be selfish and punish them who  for some reason may have angered you by going away from them  -- then you are wrong because once you  ditch  them you will never be able to feel their love or even their nearness ever again however much you may repent .  
The solutions or tips people in a depressed state of mind receive is , meet people , talk to some one , confide in friends etc   but I would personally advise people to keep themselves  busy pull yourself up , try to become active don't just keep brooding try and pull yourself up , push yourself towards activity I know its difficult but one has to try because if gone you will miss all the lovely things in life , the ice cream the movie , the fast food , the lovely songs , you will miss your chance of getting into a fresh relationship , of playing in the rain in short you will miss everything that the earth and the life here  has to offer .

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