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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A ghost seeks help

The train was crossing the tunnel and Madhu didnt want to miss the opportunity of taking a bite from that delicious cake she had just put back into the hamper ---Sarita  had got down at the last station and Madhu was so exhausted after hearing about the gir'ls story ---but then Sarita  had lived up to her reputation of doing the unpredictable ---the daredevil that she was she had always achieved what she wanted .

Thinking about Sarita 's story and happy for her Madhu absentmindedly reached for the cake in the hamper --when she felt a cold hand grip hers --startled she looked up and gazed back straight into the black cunjunktiva  and white pupils of Reshma's eyes.

"YOU here?" you were dead weren't you ?

"  I am Reshma's ghost ...Please help me Madhu"

"you need my help ?---you are omnipresent aren;t you? free to come and go whenever ,wherever you please ".

"come and go yes but not where I please"

"why who stops you ?"

"Our  master"

"the Devil ?"

NO  He is the SUPREMO we are incharge of his adopted son DRACULA --and now he has an able assistant in the form of  Damien that smarty "

"Oh!! so they are all there haan??the whole coterie ----but that sweet teenager Damien how is he hurting you ??backbiting kya ??"

SWEET TEANAGER ???--- my dear you are still talking in terms of the movie DAMIEN --parts 1, 2. and 3 he is a hulking 44 year old man --and you know na!! men at 40 !!!! ooper sey  yeh toh ghost hai karela and neem mixed !!!----forever after the life of all us female  ghosts ".

"yes he was born in 1966 -----so they are all there.??"

"yes and both  St Peter  and Chitragupta maharaj are taking  it easy  --neither of them is speeding up the process of allotments "

"allotments!! --allotments of what ?"

""Houses and zones yaar"

"come on explain the whole thing --I cant quite understand you"

"see I will tell..... ......" and suddenly Reshma vanished --the train had come out of the tunnel and it was day light again

"hey where are you Reshma ??".......and Madhu saw  some red liquid (blood it was )trickling down from the window glass pane --a grafitti appeared -" will join you at night after dinnerI can't come in this daylight '

Mala couldnt wait untill dinner -----the lover of food that she was she had lost her appetite .All the delicious food in the hamper lay untouched and she hadn't even ordered any dinner .
it was past 10 pm when a graffiti apperared again----why havent you eaten I won't come if you don't "

"oh god!! this ghost --she has been watching me all throughtout --let me eat else I dont know what she will do ---"and Madhu gobbled up a paratha (aloo wala)  then she drank water too who knows Reshma may object to her not drinking water after dinner .

Having finished eating she looked at her watch and was happy to note that most of her co passengers had switched off the lights and were deep into slumberland --she was just wondering if that  ghost required an invitation when suddenly she found the same black cornea and white pupils bending over her ----she let out a gasp as a shiver went through her.

"scared??" ---said the smile

"no do come and sit "-- said the grimmace

"hmm thanks --wish I could take a bite of those things in your hamper ----pahle toh dieting ne khane nahi diya aur ab bhoot ban gayee hoon kuchh kha nahi sakti  ----tell all the girls you meet ---
khao piyo ash karo
kkal kya hoga kisko pataa
abhi jindagi ka le lo majaa"

"yeah but the compliments you must have received for the pretty face and figure would not have come your way  had you eaten all this ---"

"but they come my way even now ----you know na how possesive Dracula is about me --he has left Neera and has fixed his affections on me --that   devil that he is ."

 that means Neera and that  heartthrob  of hers are free now --!!

"yeah and I am tied and bound . sigh !!!"

"by the way have you met any of Rajni's characters till now "??

"yes I have met Neera ,Dadi ,Neera's husband .Amar  and his wife and even Mrs Bhatnagar "

"Mrs Bhatnagar ?? is she also a ghost "

"no she has been alloted a place in heaven but she is always at the gates peeping down at the earth ....watching Sarita and Mr Bhatnagar .I met her and she says she is very happy to see Sarita take care of her ex family but  she does feel jealous when she sees Mr Bhatnagar  so happy and bringing  gifts for Sarita He never bought anything for Mrs Bhatnagar though they both did love each other "

"second wife hai na ----thoda toh pamper karega hi "

"Dadi is missing Swati and keeps asking me to enquire about her if ever I meet anyone on the planchet ".

"hmm..." anyway ---you said you wanted my help ----how can I help you ?

"you see being a  ghost I can't pray so I wanted you to pray to St Peter and Chitragupta bhagwan to please speed up their work and finish our allotments ."

"speed up their work ?? what kind of work "?

"arre !!dont you know any mythology ---"

"no I was always a pure science student never had time for any literary activities I loved my PCM "

"not even PCB? bio would have helped you to atleast come in some sort of contact with humans see you should have taken some interest in  arts and literature then you would have known about mythology,human nature, social behaviour the gods and the devils etc and about life after death
I wouldnt have had to explain so much to you "

"okay okay"!!

"so St peter and Chitragupta bhagwan keep a record of your doings on earth and then allot you what you deserve  either Heaven or hell accordingly"
"but these two are so busy watching the IPL,and Fifa and 20/ 20 and even gully cricket that we are still waiting our fate hanging in the lurch so please Mala pray to them to decide our future before the olympics  begin .----A few days( years according to the earth's time schedule) back these two  were so busy watching the arrival of the queens Baton that they were caught at the Indo Pak border for tresspassing  ."

"hmmm --- say I forgive the menfolk on earth for sitting glued to the TV sets atleast they are at home .Ok I promise I will pray for you .Wish you had met me somewhere near Diwali as Chitragupta Puja is held at that time But dont worry I will pray for you as soon as I reach home "

"no you start now itelf ---I am watching --and dont you dare try and fool me  I can read your mind well and good" --and those black  conjunktiva  and white pupils gave her a cold stare .

Madhu shivered to the bones and folded her hands and shut her eyes in immediate prayers

.ps.for my new friends --- most of these characters are from my earlier posts do read them to get aqainted with all those other ghosts --and of course your feedbacks are looked forward too 

the links to those posts are as follows Mrs bhatnagar reshma Dadi


  1. You always had a knack for ghost stories :)
    PS: Chaliye ab photo lagayeeye ~

  2. Ghazala

    apka hukm sar ankho par ---just looking for a good pic LOL

  3. you were right, your ghosts are not scary at all. And by the way, if Damien was born in 1966 then he should be 46 now, not 44. and what do you mean ... men at 40??????!!!!!!! even i am 40; well almost. do you have a next part of this coming up?

    1. Debajyoti

      So you caught my weak maths ---yes it should be 46 Anyway its in the 40s na so that is what matters hahah

      thanks a lot for caring to visit and read and thanks a lot for appreciating


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