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Friday, 21 September 2012

My key to happiness

That  veil  through  which I could not see;
That veil  which had hidden thee from me.

The song that came from the room behind,
The song which had said ' you are mine'.                  

It had no musician to set a tune,
It lay in the sands amid'st the dunes.

Then from the oasis which lay yonder,
Came you as the traveler or as the wanderer?         

Your hands clutched the music ;Your lips sang the tune,
The song came to life together with the moon.

Then came the minstrels  and sat beside ;then followed the fairies and the elfs alike.

Then came the dew drops to drench the sand,then came the flowers to bless the land.

 The desert of my heart was blessed with love

   God sent my 'manna' through his messenger the dove


I now had the key to the lock in the door
The veil too now lay abandoned on the floor;

  I pushed the door very softly ajar,                 

  The Goddess was there ! Oh !and alas!                                              
She stood there with her lips in a  smile
The key to happiness was forever mine.

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  1. Such eloquent words to convey such wonderful visions. Sigh!

    1. KayEm

      Thanks for Such a beautiful way to convey appreciation.
      love to see your comments

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks alot Harivarasanam for appreciating --please do keep visiting --its a lot of encouragement

  3. I loved the way you wrote this. A touch of magic was felt by me :D

    1. Ghazala !!
      those words of yours are touching me like magic I feel elated.
      thanks once again