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Monday, 4 February 2013


sequel to

 TOO much of blogging may have been welcome by my family but it was taking its toll on me --- all that computer-oggling, google-ing, and keeping continuous vigil for comments had put my beautifull large eyes behind glasses and my girthline was increasing by leaps and pounds So I decided to go slow and asked my hubby if we could do something to kill this monotony; the intelligent one that he is he suggested inviting some friends over and going out in a gang .WOW that was intelligent !! 

                  I picked up the cell and rang up 5 of our common friends; looked as if they were just waiting for some such invitation and they were at our place within an our.All of them had the same grudge ,too much computer and very little socialising .We made up our minds to arrange such get togethers more often and decided to go out for a movie and dinner thereafter.


woe no.1

 my dresses were bursting at the seams and I found it absolutely impossible entering into them and all my wrath was naturally aimed at my better half.

woe no.2

these modern cars with floorshift gears make it impossible to sit cozily together and spoilt my mood of enjoying a romantic drive with hubby .

woe no.3
It being a sunday movie halls were running housefull only tickets available were for GUZARISH 
none of us were in the mood for serious stuff  sooo    !!!!!.....?

woe no.4

and this one  is the worst

 you know with growing age and decreasing life span we have started eating SENSIBLY and our menu normally exists  of:

fresh lime without sugar/salt
clear soup
salad without dressing
fresh fruits for desert
followed by black sugarless coffee

while people around us keep tucking into kebabs,tikkas,sizzlers,soufles
icecreams,chocolate fondues with beer and wine flowing in abundance.

our order normally is very much like that ad: which asks the waiter not to put any BREAD in the PIZZA !!!

These of course are the woes of that one particular day but it set me thinking about the woes faced by pati and patni all through their lives:

If in a  joint family then you can neither love nor fight freely what with the probing eyes of all other members?

If in a nuclear family then you don't have the time to do either of the above mentioned.

If both are working then they are too tired to indulge in any thing .If the wife is a sit at home so much of nagging .

Jaldi arrival of kids takes away all the romance 
late arrival takes away the fun of bringing them up

grown up kids staying with you ! no peace .
grown up kids staying away from you ! no peace either.

So jahaan Pati Aur Patni hai wahaa woe toh rahega hi

AND if the spelling of WOE changes into WOH !!!

OH !! lets continue with the story So we decided to freak it out that day went to a dhaba had our fill of high calorie food   hmm!! Tandoori roti ,biryani, lassi, gajar halwa,!! mmm.... out of this world. Tea was pure milk with cardamoms and ginger accompanied by hot pakodas ...drank with that musical slurping noise ...heavenly try it; it doesn't burn your lips.
The whole day was exotic so much different from that stiff-upper-lip ambiance of a 5 star restaurant.

Came back home said how we had been  missing out on all this fun
 I said I will curtail computering

 He said no don't stop completely keep sundays free
{ hahha he does value his new found freedom !!} { I knew all this magnanimity was so that he could have his car free .}

I rang up my daughters told them about how we had enjoyed that day. They said they were so happy for me .

I added " yes and now both of you can resume  buying me sarees" they had stopped this when they had seen my addiction to the computer.and how  I had stated dressing carelessly .

Next day I packed off one of my servants to a friend in need,in turn  earned her gratitude and saved Rs 1500/p.m. Started cooking proper healthy food and resumed my evening walks which I had started neglecting lately 
.All this automatically took care of my weight and dimentions .
Family too was happy getting  propper mom cooked food .

.And  here I  was   blogging    happily    being paid for it too !!! Rs1500/pm!


  1. hahaha.......but I do agree, blogging kind of sucks you into it. You have no times left for anything else. More than writing you have to hop on so many blogs, read, comment, reply. Just 4 months into it and my family has already started complaining:(

    1. Thanks Meenakshi-----so you do agree with me LOL

  2. My wife is complaining and I had lot of burst yesterday itself. It is so addictive that I forgot my family responsibilities and caring towards them. Need to get back to basics.Happy blogging + family life.

    1. Vishal
      kahani har blogger ghar ki
      thanks for the visit and the appreciation

  3. Awesome! Keep at it, Rajni♥ LOL...

  4. Ha..ha..ha..:) wonderful read :D
    Thank you Rajni:)

  5. I was wondering where you had vanished--the fault is partly mine too...i too try to cut down on my leaves me no time for walking.But Rajni don't give up on dishing us these posts...LOL.

    1. Induji
      Thankyou so much for such a touching comment ----to hear some one say that I was missed is so heart touching -----I do log in very irregularly the reason being I have a big family and all our relatives are in the same city sothey keep visititng off and on and leave me with very little time to indulge in such luxuries as writing and reading so I keep blogs and poems ready and as and when I get time I type and log off --then come back at some other time and do the reading etc .

      Thanks alot for caring to read my blogs
      warm regards