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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

slumdogs manufactured

This Basant Panchami

       The early morning saw me witnessing rows and rows of beggars  sitting in front of temples and people distributing food which was being stored by these beggars in their bags .The number of alms givers had superseded the number of beggars.

Beggars of all shapes and sizes ,small children with mutilated bodies ---- and the milk of human kindness was flowing so profusely that -----the more disfigured the beggar the more the number of benefactors  I saw people walk up to them and give food :a child beggar  appealed more to the sense of humanity in the rich.

Now please dont think I am  very hard hearted or cruel to be writing so mockingly about such a pathetic and touching  scene .The small kids did make me feel sad and full of remorse But then something inside me asked "who is responsible for all this??" 

Is it their fate ??--yes must be .

Why? otherwise would they be there and in flourishing numbers too!!.

That was their fate ..To be ,kidnapped--maimed--tortured--and sent out to earn for their guardians.

These guardians had learnt it well and good that the more pathetic the physical status of a beggar the more will they appeal to the senstive rich and their sensitive hearts .The rich who dont think twice before wrenching away food and shelter from their employees ---before raping their maidservants --- before going to brothels ---and then they come and wash away their sins by being kind to these ""slumdogs".

We all cry when we see those scenes in movies which strike at our hearts and appeal to the "human" in us .Those news items which tell us how these children are bought and sold till they finally land up on the streets, in a mafia gang,or in brothels  earn prizes and award for reporting on ""stories of human interest"".

Why doesnt it ever dawn on us that we are people who are encouraging all this.

Won,t prostitution die its own death if there would be no clients ??.

Won't  the  number of beggars diminish if we stopped  encouraging them .??

Its nothing new that I am writing --but it did fill me with so much remorse--that I had to pen my thoughts.

lets please refrain from all this sort of  kindness if at all we do want to help the poor let us think about their rehabilitation---it is of course a very big racket in which BIG WIGS of society are involved and we will face a lot of opposition,, may be threats too !but a single step in the right direction MAY bring in a change.

Haven't our social thinkers been able to eradicate social evils like  SATI, havent they succeeded in bringing about positive changes like WIDOW REMARRIAGE ?? These were bigger evils because they had the support of society and the common man too !!

But I am sure the common man doesnt want to encourage "begging ".

Lets please not be instrumental  in the management and construction of these SLUMDOG  manufacturing units.

I am sure  when the  Guardian angels of these units will find that their goods were no more able to pay rich dividends they will stop their manufacture.They will definately not close their business houses but at least one unit will be declared sick. and society cleaner by one evil at least.

The govt and N G Os can play a very significant role in helping us achieve this.


I think in this way we will be doing a greater service to these children.They will be spared the tortures of being --snatched away from their parents--kidnapped---maimed---sold and pushed into a life of fear and uncertainties.


  1. There is a bigger economics behind this slumdog factory as pointed by you. But it is harder to fight when some big shots are supporting this from backend.

    1. Yes Saru and that is the real reason why this industry is thriving .I know this is a vicious circle and very difficult in fact impossible to stop But just a thought occured

      thanks for the visit

  2. As Saru jee said it is perfectly true. Behind these factories there are very big shots , May be behind those biggies , there might politicians too.

    Yes , things might change as you pointed out if we collectively work towards . But I feel now writing , reading . communicating , media shouts now should progress towards a revolution and I think only revolution can change this country.

    Travel India

    1. Yes Vishal

      but what I felt was exatly what you have pointed out --that things might change if we work collectively -----and yes a revolution is required
      thanks alot for the visit

  3. You have taken up an important issue.If we all desist from giving alms the industry will die it's own death.
    Long back i read a mother's narrative in Femina.Their child had been kidnapped & all efforts to find him failed till one day after a few years she came across a boy begging.His face was hidden by unkempt dirty matted hair.Something pricked her mind & when she gave a closer look-it was her son,dirty & frail-a far cry from how they had reared him.She begged all readers to never give alms to beggars & i follow this strictly.

  4. yes very true...i never give encourage dis industry simply by never giving beggars any alms..i dnt thnk u r cruel,in fact i thnk u r very ryt in wt u sed..n trust me dis is a flourshing business