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Thursday, 8 August 2013

MY Car Decor ----and the beauty spot of my car

We had just come back from Pune and our  two and a half year old grand-daughter was the VIP passenger accompanying us --it was her first trip by car and we were all so excited about her accompanying us .We had stored in lots of eatables just so she doesn't have any problems if we are held up on the road and then we had flasks full of hot water and tins of baby food ---in short ---a days over night journey had rations for a week . And her ladyship knew how important she was she went on demanding food and attention all throughout the journey and we went on providing willingly --for every one item demanded by her we had 4 ready ------and the result of all this pampering was that when we reached home the next day and handed the car keys to the  car wash fellow he came in panting ....

"madam  aapko 50 rupiye alag se dene padenge ( I demand an extra tip of 50 rupees)poora ek ghanta lag gaya aapki gadi saaf karne mey(----have spent 1 full hour on your car alone ")

I went to the car park with him to check if he had cleaned the car properly ----he showed me the heap of rubbish that he had taken  out of the car ----as soon as I opened the door a smell greeted me and I backed away --

" yeh kya safayee ki hai tumne ye badboo kya hai ??( How have you cleaned ---what is this bad odour?) ---he shrugged ---

"kya karoon madam badboo ja hi nahi rahi hai"( what to do madam the odour refuses to go )

I suggested a lot of things like phenyle, camphor even dettol  ---but nothing worked ---in fact all these disinfectants added their odour to the already persistent one .

I was worried not only about the smell ---but also about Hubby's reaction ----he would blame it all on me . First  on  my excitement with the baby and then  on my laxity with the car wash boy. He would say I can't even handle a car wash boy . He would say, that that he will make the same boy clean up on his next visit .But that was to be after two days ---what do we do till then ? rather what do I do  till then Hubby dearest had not yet been to the car and I dreaded the moment  when he would.

Suddenly I was reminded of the  "Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip" I had received a few days back --"light citrus"  ---was the fragrance  ---had never used any car fresheners  before ---Why not give it a try ?? thought I and ran home --brought the small packet , took out the perfume and put it near the AC---aaah!!! a whiff  of sweet fragrance greeted me --I let the AC run for a few seconds shut it locked the car and went home praying to GOD to  let the perfume take over the bad odour ---just as they say  in the advertisements.

AND will you believe it!!!! the adds are true .When we ( both hubby and I ) went to the car and opened the door the sweetest fragrance greeted us. It does" eliminate odours."

"This car wash boy is good "said hubby

 " Thankyou Ambipur " said I   producing the small bottle and handing it over to him

Now Ambipur has become an integral part of our "car decor".

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