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Thursday, 14 November 2013

children of lesser mortals ---a poem on childrens day

children of lesser mortals

Its childhoodthe happy age.
Its childhood a carefree page
in the book of life
which has volumes
to say
of ups and downs
which will  stray your way
unwanted and un asked for.

Is childhoodthe happy age?
Is childhood the carefree page?
in the book of life
with agonies so rife
that  it discriminates
each one from other
as they walk their way
each hour and everyday..

A child is born and another too,
 the  time is same
and the hour too.
but fate is not
the same for them
its blessings for one
and for the other

One sleeps in the shadow
of  the canopy of the rich
 The other in the shade
 Of palm trees  lives
For one the plate is
always  scrutanized
the other looks at the crumbs
with  hunger in the eyes.

They say the master
wills it all .
HE is the revered God of  all
OUR  FATHER who in heaven stays
what makes him
then to  differentiate
between his children very own ??
why does HE want sadness sown
In the fields of them
who his world adorn .??


  1. It is very thoughtful of you to think of the children who live in neglect & poverty on this day.Yes childhood is not happy for all as described so movingly by you.How terrible it must be to carry such burdens at a tender age.

  2. thankyou so much Induji for the visit and the appreciation ---I am sorry I have been very very irregular on the net ---actually I have been suffering from some acute cold related problem connecting the ears with the teeth -----so you can well imagine my state LOL is se toh mar jana jyada achchaa hota --it subsides fora few days then again crops up ---at the moment I am free from it and looks like I have reached a cure ----thanks one again for the visit
    warm regards