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Saturday, 16 November 2013

traditional knowledge ---natural growth

Dabur Lal Tail

"Adam just see what is happening to the baby ?he just wont stop crying ---what do we do? don't just keep snoring  do something..."

"Stop making all that noise  ---and do something he is the result of your labour don't harass me..."

"my labour ?? and what do you ,mean ? as if you didn't have anything to do with it !!!!"

"no you were the one who tempted me to eat the apple its all your fault..."

"and were you a  baby to give in to my temptations you could have refused!
but yes you are right ;he is my labour you MCP......" and Eve started sobbing 

"ok ok don't start that all over again  let me see what I can do...."   and Adam got up with a yawn


 His hands touched the honeycomb he had been devouring the previous  night and he dipped his fingers in the honey that had trickled out --he then put the finger into the baby's mouth --"if some thing tastes good to my tongue it may taste good to him too" and yes the baby stopped howling in fact he started licking his lips and demanding more ---now this was a miracle and EVE  hugged Adam.  They now started  giving a dash of honey to the baby whenever he cried -----after a few days Eve noticed that  the baby had stopped coughing and his bowel movement too had improved he looked healthier too .

This was a dream sequence which had appeared on the panorama of my sleep when I thought of writing for this contest on indiblogger about TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE---NATURAL GROWTH  in collaboration with Dabur Lal Tail

I went straight to the computer  as soon as I woke up -and here are a few excerpts from GOOGLE SEARCH about HONEY

""""The health effects of honey have long been noted. The nutritional and medicinal qualities of honey have been documented in Vedic,GreekRomanChristianIslamic and other texts. Physicians of ancient times, such as Aristotle (384–322 BC), Aristoxenus (320 BC)HippocratesPorphyryCornelius Celsus (early first century AD) and Dioscorides (c. 50 AD), and Arab physicians have referred to the healing qualities of honey.

 Over four thousand years ago, honey was used as a traditional ayurvedic medicine, where it was thought to be effective at treating material imbalances in the body.
In pre-Ancient Egyptian times, honey was used topically to treat wounds.1.
Egyptian medicinal compounds more than five millennia ago used honey.
The ancient Greeks believed that consuming honey could help make you live longer.
Even the Prophet Mohammed glorified the healing powers of honey.
The Quran also praises honey's healing ability:

Current Eye Research (Vol. 36, No.9) documented that honey has anti-inflammatory properties that can be explored in several corneal inflammatory and infectious conditions. Researchers at the International Bee Research Association also reported that honey is a better natural eye cure for dry eyes than artificial tears. Though the solution used contained only 20% honey, it was found that honey could treat eye infection even when diluted. American Apitherapy Society showed a significant improvement in a corneal ulcer condition with topical honey when antibiotics, antiviral agents and corticosteroids had no effect----

Though scientific arguments have been made for use of honey in modern times, its use is still considered part of alternative medicine.[1][2]Honey contains powerful antioxidants with antiseptic and antibacterial properties .""""

In the very recent past we were suddenly made aware that honey was not to be consumed and specially by infants  because --

""""The spores of the botulism bacteria are found in dust and soil that may make their way into honey. Infants do not have a developed immune system to defend against infection, says Jatinder Bhatia, MD, a Georgia neonatologist who heads the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Nutrition..Bhatia has never seen a case of infant botulism.""""

But then  neither do infants have a developed immune system against so many other diseases ranging from simple cold to typhoid to etc etc there  are many air borne or water borne diseases  But have we stopped breathing or have we stopped drinking water  ?? NO  BECAUSE we know that  WE CAN NOT DO WITHOUT EITHER OF THESE TWO  so we try and work out other ways ---similarly Honey is not all that dangerous for infants as it has recently been made out to be in fact here is an excerpt from google again

"""" E. Haffejee and A. Moosa reported in the BMJ on a clinical study in which they used honey in oral rehydration solution in children and infants with gastroenteritis. Their aim was twofold:

  • Determine whether honey might affect the duration of acute diarrhea
  • Evaluate honey as a glucose substitute in oral rehydration
They found that honey shortens the duration of bacterial diarrhea in infants and young children.4 They added that honey does not prolong non-bacterial diarrhea duration, and "may safely be used as a substitute for glucose in oral rehydration solution containing electrolytes."""""

Please don't think  I am writing an article on Honey I did all this research just to prove that traditional knowledge is very useful and at times better than modern medicines ( because it has no side effects ) for the natural growth of children .

LETS not forget a very important TRUTH that man came first and then  came discoveries and inventions and science and research .That which was good for our ancestors cannot be bad for us --there may be some irregularities  but we cannot straight away write off  old tried and tested methods of rearing children In fact honey helped me clean by daughters tongues when they were babies I would apply a little honey on a  piece  of cloth wrapped round my fingers and insert into the baby's mouth nicely cleaning her tongue while she would be enjoying the sweet taste :otherwise a dirty tongue could give rise to so many diseases .and we all know how difficult it is to clean a baby's tongue.

Similarly we give a warm mustard oil massage or a bit of Jaifal (nutmeg) in milk and the baby is cured of the severest of colds without any side effects .A spoonful of water in which Ajwain has been boiled is also a good cure for colds and stomach aches .

We have all seen that home remedies are better substitutes for children as compared to some allopathic medicines simply because they don't  have  any side effects this is because they comprise of those things which are natural  and not chemicals  -eg-ginger which is absolutely harmless is a good cure for cold , coughs and even stomach disorders whereas a simple cough syrup can cause drowsiness in children and in adults too which can be very dangerous .

 In fact we are discovering the importance of old traditional methods and advocating their use too ---clove oil is a component in so many remedies for tooth trouble  the old and simple gargle with warm water and salt is the panacea for all throat infections irrespective of the fact that the patient is taking antibiotics or not 

we find toothpaste companies asking  people ---kya apke toothpaste me namak hai ? nimbu hai ?

now aren't nimbu and namak traditional methods of cleaning teeth  I remember as children we used to clean our teeth with salt and mustard oil , my mom used to rub her teeth with left over lemon peels from her plate after every  meal this to make her teeth shine --and boy did they ? yes they sparkled always .

I need not keep visiting Google to corroborate or prove my points  --we all know that Diabetes and  Cardiac problems are all lifestyle diseases and can be cured by making changes in your food habits and some exercise ---and aren't these traditional methods we used to eat missi roti (roti made of flour which had horse gram added to it ) modern day cardiologists advocate this kind of flour because it has a lot of fibre 

Doctors are prescribing  garlic  to reduce cholesterol  
Yoga again comprises of asanas which are a traditional form of exercise and doctors from across the seas are prescribing YOGA for cardiovascular ailments .

We all know that strong medicines affect the liver ----drug induced liver diseases are those that are caused by physician -prescribed medications , over the counter medications , vitamins , hormones etc Thankfully this knowledge has put an end to the trendy practise of popping vitamin pills into your mouth for breakfast A very trendy scenes in all affluent MODERN families used to be the wife asking the hubby and kids " tumne apni vitamins le li ?" before they left home for work or school :)

Coming to simpler things a hair dye has the capacity to whiten even that hair which can be black for another 2 or 3 years whereas henna and amla mixture if applied regularly can make your hair retain its luster and blackness for years and years and it gives a natural shaded look if its regularity is not broken even after your hair has started greying .And the kidney and eyes too remain safe 

Baby soaps are harsher for baby's  skins as compared to besan and haldi combined with milk , "ubtan"--ubtan even rids the baby of unwanted body hair gradually

Oh yes and don't we remember that the Americans wanted to patent the turmeric and the Neem

Google to my rescue again 

By October, 1996 when the prestigious New Scientist magazine wrote under the title, "Pirates in the garden of India", India's sanguine magnanimity was to end. A crisis was brewing. India had to do something.
Abduction of turmeric:
The war began thus: In May, 1995 the US Patent Office granted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center a patent [#5,401,504] for "Use of Turmeric in Wound Healing."
Well, well, well. Some discovery, that. Indians grow up with a constant awareness of turmeric. It permeates their life. It is an easy and generous plant [curcurma longa] that grows throughout the sub-continent. The tuber when dried keeps practically forever. Its decoction is a stubborn dye. It is a condiment that adds character to Indian food and helps digestion. Turmeric powder heals open wounds. Drunk with warm milk, it stems coughs, cures colds and comforts throats.
. Indian physicians had always packed their kits with turmeric. Now West's formal research was confirming many of its virtues. It is now believed to be able to treat dysentery, arthritis, ulcers and even some cancers. It is also found to protect the liver. 
Turmeric's grace is stunning cancer researchers. COX-2 inhibitor drugs have been known to block an enzyme called cyclooxygenase-2 which aggravates arthritis. Dr. Mitch Gaynor at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center, New York uses these drugs in cancer treatment to impede this undesirable enzyme. Turmeric goes one step further: Dr. Chintalapally V. Rao of American Health Foundation, Valhalla, NY believes that while COX-2 inhibitor drugs battle the enzyme, the curcurmin element in turmeric prevents even the formation of the enzyme

The patent was promptly challenged by Dr. R A Mashelkar, an Indian scientist who has done much to awaken India to Intellectual Property Rights issues. After four months of submissions it was established that the use of turmeric as a healing agent was well-known in India. For some centuries, one is tempted to add. The patent was annulled. But there were more battles ahead.
In 1996, Vandana Shiva -- an icon for Third World Knowledge Rights -- began to challenge the patent granted to the firm of W.R.Grace & Co by the European Patent Office, Munich for 'fungicidal uses of neem oil'. Now, it so happens that neem is as much a divine object in India as turmeric is. With far less education than modern scientists the Indian farmer over the ages had integrated neem into his work. It is a part of India's religious life, to sublimate anything of value to divine levels in order to engender an esteem and sensitivity for it. Shiva and Ajay Phadke [who had researched neem for Rhone Poulenc in India] flagged ancient Indian texts for their eminences in Munich to convince them that there was no 'novelty' factor in neem's magical properties that Grace had unveiled-- Indians had known them for long.

 This patent too was vacated.

I am using these excerpts from google just to prove  the authenticity of my views 

What do all these battles prove --that modern and the scientifically aware westerners too have discovered the benefits of  our own desi knowledge .Whereas we are busy immitating and apeing them and providing  them with a dumping yard .

I would request all aware Indians to preach and practise our own traditional methods as far as possible 
I don't say that modern medicine is bad it is also very important but not for every small ailments because all that glitters is not always gold .

Let not history repeat itself let not nimbu and namak come to us as salt and lemon like Yoga and Sitar came to us via the USA .

This post is written for the contest ---traditional knowledge natural growth on indiblogger in collaboration with Dabur Lal Tail

p.s---all pictures and material typed in red have been taken from the net 


  1. Your post contains many nuggets of useful information...i am always hungry for traditional home remedies-they re so much safer....but the mindset is such that we run after allopathic medicines at the start of a cold even if they have many ill effects.
    Wish you good luck for the contest Rajni,
    lots of love.

    1. Thankyou so much Induji

      I am so sorry for this delay in thanking you actually there is some problem with my "alerts" and I am not getting notified timely about comments .

      Thankyou so much for appreciating and for the wishes which are like blessings

      thanks once again
      warm regars