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Monday, 5 May 2014

.....and it really is NEVER TOO LATE

This is a sequel to  .......

and my review of --Sunsilk Natural Recharge--  shampoo

And it really is never too late.......

.......because just  as I received my sample of  Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner I did not wait but applied it immediately       ---thank God for the summer months, one doesn't have to worry about  catching a cold -----well I washed my hair with the shampoo( 7 p.m ) but did not apply the conditioner because conditioners make the hair very soft and silky which is not acceptable to me as my hair being wavy and short (my  style is a mix of 90 degrees steps  and bobbed) needs a lot of bounce I like it to look puffed up ----so it was only the shampoo treatment that my hair received --and the result was fantastic .The tired  limp look was gone instead my hair boasted of a lively look as if it had received a shot , which had rejuvenated it ,revamped it added life to it ---GOD!! why am I using those adjectives ? the correct one is already been provided by the product itself . MY HAIR  Was Looking RECHARGED   yes ! yes exactly my hair was recharged and I am not exhagerating  ;  so much life was added to my crowing glory  that it gave my face too an uplift. All ladies who have problematic hair specially limp hair know what a dead effect it has  on the face  .

I  was so enthralled by the result that I thought I should give the conditioner too a try, because according to the literature provided with the product "Sunsilk Natural Recharge " has been tested to make hair look two times thicker and five times stronger and whats more the name says "Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & abundant " and doesn't the word abundant promise a fuller look !! and the expert Mr Jamal Hammadi advises that we use the conditioner together with the shampoo .So  in the next wash which was after a gap of  two days  I included the conditioner too; and let me tell you my beautiful recharged hair not only remained full of bounce but the conditioner provided it with  extra sheen and softness ---puffed up hair full of volume , bounce and shine !!! SOMETHING which I had till now seen only in my dreams ..

All this was not a case of wishful thinking or  excitement on using a new product  the compliments I received from the  family and  from  some visiting friends were  ample proof that the product was working .Another Big proof which had me pinching myself to see if it was true or not was the fact that  after a pillion ride on my nephews  Pulsar which had sent my pulse rate racing the crowning glory was in tact and one shake of the head (like young girls in ads) had me looking as glamorous ,and as sauve and stylish  as when I had started the ride..

As for my own review about the product I would reproduce  verbatim what the pamphlet accompanying the product says.....

" ... if you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner that gives your hair the strength and abundance you want and deserve,try Sunsilk  Natural Recharge "

Another plus point is the Ginseng plant root extract used in the product which ensures that it provides nourishment too as it is massaged into the scalp .

.at Rs 64/- for the 80 ml shampoo and  conditioner( Rs 64/-each)
 at Rs 132/- for the 180 ml shampoo and conditioner(Rs 132/- each)

 I feel that it is very reasonably priced .considering the benefits it provides and the wonders it works.

So now I ,the die hard hindi film fan ,end my post again  with a  song  the way I had ended my last post


This time the song will be ...

aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai ( want to live again )
aaj phir marne ka irada hai --( wish to die again)

.....want to live because I know life has a lot to offer me ; with my hair problems solved I will now enjoy and live all that I had missed due to my MESSY HAIR

.....and wish to die --because like I said in the last post , if and when I will lie dying in hubby dear's arm he will   genuinely  sing

teri zulfon se judayee toh nahi maangi thi 
quaid maangi thi rihayee toh nahi mangi thi 

Thanks a lot Sunsilk


  1. I love Sunsilk Shampoos. And this range is really good. Great review.

  2. Saru Singhal

    I too love Sunsilk products ----have been using it since the 1970s ..

    so glad you liked the review ---thanks