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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

kuchh yadein college ki

Contrary to popular belief I personally think that girls from co-ed schools are more timid as compared to those from an all girls school---probably because in school they are subjected to a lot of highhanded and snooty behavior from  boys who at that age  consider girls to be inferior, sissy etc and keep on sneering at them ----in short most school boys are the  GEORGY PORGY types..

In college ,girls from these schools are reserved  but confident and know how to take care of themselves --and the boys too have by now become quite human.and gentlemanly and polite ---they are growing up you see.They now smile at the same girls they sneered at in school---getting interested in the opposite gender!!!!!! any way God Bless them .

The PG institutes have a different level of metamorphosis but that can be discussed in the PG anecdotes ---may be  next post LOL

So --  as the story goes ,I coming from a co-ed school into a co-ed college would always stear clear of any gossips involving affairs etc More so  as I was the outgoing types ,hockey,drama,music ,debates etc etc even and AIR artist (ahem not boasting the story requires this mention) so I preferred to have the label of "proud-and haughty " as both a prefix and a suffix to my name.rather than that of  a  flirt .

Most of my friends had BF's who took special care of them But  I just couldn't make myself be 'that' kind of friends with any boy .I was friendly with all but if anyone tried to come closer I would avoid them and somehow conveyed the message ---this far and no farther.

May be the ideas ingrained in me by my NANAJI were responsible for this (ref: BACHPAN  KI YADEIN)   but I was really scared of mixing with boys.

Though one day something happened which changed my whole attitude towards this  gender of the species of homo sapiens.

 It was  college election time, I had gone to the  office to pay my fees when suddenly  2 rowdy  groups entered the office entangled in a very very serious fight --the kind involving hockey sticks and iron chains with blood flowing  both from wounds as well as bloodshot eyes.They were shouting hoarsely hitting and attacking each other ---I was trapped---the fight was so serious that even the clerks and peons looked  frightened .
I was literally shaking in fear ,a boy was pushed and hit so hard that he came and fell just where I was standing I could have fainted --so scared was I .  When suddenly there was absolute silence all around and one of the ring leaders from the opposite gang  caught hold  of the boy who had fallen  then he asked me to leave the office he even asked one of his gang to escort me .Both the gangs stopped the fight  2or 3  from each   gang escorted me out of the office and then  went back into the office.
As I walked away  I heard a loud crash of  furniture  being thrown  about ---THE FIGHT HAD RESUMED--- .
 the clerks and peons were trying in vain to stop the fight ---the principal came out of his office to intervene and even threatened to call the police I don't know what happened  later on as I had left for the hostel.

 But I had discovered that CHIVALRY was not dead and thanked GOD for that.


  1. ohh miss my college day now

  2. Such conflicts during college election and admission are quite common in Kolkata also..reminded me of my college-going days..

    1. Yes they are found nearly everywhere --but then lets hope the chivalrous examples also too are followed ---

  3. That reminds me of my college days. Union elections. College Fests the fist fights and the Strikes! Haha!