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Thursday, 21 August 2014

murder solved

This is the story
of Old Mcartney
a partner of Mcartney
& Mcartney  the firm.
He was the senior attorney
and a famous attorney
of  Mcartney & Mcartney the firm.

As he reached the gates
of his royal estate
he saw the gate-keeper
skimper away
Now that was unusual
so the furious septuagenarian
brought himself to open the gate

But he was unaware
this was a plot and a snare
where he was the unsuspectng bait
A bullet was shot
which went through  his heart
and he slumped on the soil
clear dead.
the Detective then came
with  reporters in pursuit
the news like wild fire
was spread.

The suspects were summoned,
five females ,and a son,
not  a criminal so  hardened
the son begged for  pardon
Calling his step mother on the scene.
He then spilled around all the beans.

They had hatched a plot with thoughts  of greed
 and the gate keeper ,to shoot the master agreed
It was a plotting in haste----no one was chaste
So all the three--- in the police dragnet.
were now cooling their heels

The inspector
and sleuth
were friends in their youth
they shared the applaus and accolade
the media anounced
they were better than hounds
and no crimminal would
they let escape .


  1. Crime fiction in verse?Wah,wah !
    Happy to see you again Rajni.Sometimes blogging feels like a chore and sometimes-a habit difficult to shake off.
    Love n hugs.

    1. sach kahaa aapne Induji

      and thank you so much for visiting and appreciating this one
      warmest of regards
      and lots of love