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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Gharwali diwali


Lord Ram together with Sita and Lakshmana came back from  exile and the people of Ayodhya lighted lamps to welcome them.

And thus it became a festival of home coming ---and to date it is exactly what it is a "festival when everyone looks forward to being with his/hers family" .A person is saddest when he/she is away from his family on Diwali night .

And here is a memoir of mine which I would like to share with all you friends.

It was four months since  we had got engaged and we still had a wait of 5 more months before we were to get married --so we would try and meet each other whenever possible his work place was 250 kms from my city and he would come over to our place at the smallest pretext ---and Diwali was a big pretext .  

By the way let me tell you in our days there were no mobiles etc and the only way of communicating used to be letters There were telephones but then no STD facilities and moreover talking to your fiance was a bit awkward so letters were more welcome and whats more we could read and re read them in the privacy of our rooms whenever we felt like .

So "He" wrote to me that he would be coming over for diwali he would reach Nagpur the day before Diwali and leave the day after  --so I was on cloud nine  busy arranging the house telling mom to make and buy his favourite sweets etc.

 Come Diwali eve and we waited and waited for him but no news We were a bit worried but couldn't do anything because as I have written earlier there were no mobiles to contact nor were P.C.Os so readily available .One had to book trunk calls and then wait for the PP to arrive So there was no way I could contact him in the middle of the night --the only option was to  see what could be done in the morning So we went off to sleep 

Suddenly the bell rang at 5 in the morning I was the first to run to the door --opened it and there HE was shivering in the cold .November in those days used to be jittery cold no Global Warming had taken place .

.I was delirious with relief and happiness but he thought I was angry for the delay and started apologizing .

He told us that he had taken the train the day before but some derailment en route had made the train cancel its journey forward so he and some other passengers had decided to share a taxi and the taxiwala too knowing their plight had demanded rupees 200. as against the normal 50.

The taxi hired by them was one of those kinds which have all parts except the horn making a noise  and midway the door gave way as a result he sat all throughout holding the door and protecting himself from falling down --what with all his co passengers piling  themselves on him in their sleep.

 He said even tulsidas would not have done so much for his wife  and tears found their way from  out of my eyes tears of concern for him and of happiness too.

Anyway came diwali night and we were all in the best mood and busy in the celebrations when my brothers and sisters lighted a bunch of ladis ( small string like crackers which make a lot of noise)" 
just next to where the two of us were standing and we were caught unawares result !!! the sound of those crackers made us stumble into each others arms much to the amusement of the youngsters and embarrassment for us .I went about hiding my face from him and from the elders in the house .

In fact even the elders had enjoyed and pretended to look the other way instead of scolding the naughty teenagers .

Today of course we smile when we think of that episode But that day !!! its was all embarrassment and nothing else I felt as if I had committed a crime .

Whats more my children too have been told of that incident and they tease us every diwali .

So here was my anecdote of Gharwali diwali rather his anecdote for diwali with would be Gharwali.

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