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Thursday, 25 June 2015

A father in all his Hues and Shades

                                          He is still more husband and less father sends telegrams like  "love to you and our daughter".

                                                    Transformation from husband to father has begun.

                                                     Both he and the baby have arrived.Gear up to play 2nd fiddle and 3rd position In all practicality you  are now the errand girl.

THE FATHER comes home after a back breaking work schedule and has all the energy to play with his offspring!!

.GOD knows where all his tiredness has vanished!!?????

 B--U--T  he just can't tolerate her howling in a movie theater
 nor can he stand the frequent journeys to and fro the lounge to keep her ladyship pacified.

So!! !!  ???

So !!  well so he stops going to movies and theaters all together.
okay!!! okay!!! in other words he sacrifices his love for  movies..

 She has started going to school and neither the teachers ,nor the principal nor any of her friends know her father by face .He never has the time to visit any function or the PTA meeting he is unaware of their achievements too!!.  BUT come exam time and he sits down with both of them { the 2nd one too has arrived mom  is pushed to 4th position} and grills them with maths and physics so much so that they are toppers all throughout .

  In the meanwhile the chain smoker .father has quit  smoking in one stroke  because a bit of warm ash fell on his dotty's arm.

  The sisters have grown up and are doing excellently in school.

 We get to see another shade of fatherhood, no outings nothing till they  clear competitive exams .Can anyone guess no T.V. watching not even cricket. football or Wimbledon???!!!.

 Thank God ! both clear their exams and are packed to their respective hostels---- some respite ----movies, T.V.  club resurface.

Then comes the time for the elder  one to get married and

MY! GOD! am I astonished !! he spends hours buying her trousseau the same man who used to lose patience before he entered the sari shop.!!! He is busy arranging for the function the best for his daughter.FATHER OF THE BRIDE to the 'T'.
I am sure instances of this sort have occured in families across the world where fathers have played their roles from behind the curtain.They may not be demonstrative but they love their kids. There are instances where fathers have successfully instilled a discipline in their kids without resorting to any kind of punishment their exemplary behaviour in daily lives have reached their kids automatically .Throwing things in the dustbin, keeping things at the proper place doing your own work are some things which go a long way  in the children' s character building . and help them in fighting life's battles .
SO  lets give FATHERS THE CREDIT for what they do in their own unassuming way and though the HAND that rocks the cradle  does rule the world THE HAND THAT BRINGS THE CRADLE RULES IT TOO.




  1. Oh, its absolutely wonderful, Rajni! Loved it :)

    1. Amit ji

      thankyou for such lovely words ----so glad you liked it

  2. Very cute depiction of a father's love and contribution.Fathers truly have a special bond with daughters.
    Lots of love Rajni.

    1. Thank you so much Indu ji

      yes they do have a special bond and like I sad they do play a very important role in character building .

      thanks for the appreciation
      warm regards