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Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC Browser's special gift to cricket lovers

This  is the smartphone era that means  you have everything from phone, to camera  to radio to the internet within  the boundaries of your palm or lets say at your finger tips .No one has the time to sit down and indulge in his/her hobbies  .Everyone wants to enjoy and work simultaneously they don't want to miss a single moment of their life every single moment is to be utilized so the only solution is a mobile phone / smart phone and the various apps  

.And as we all know  UC Browser is the world's No.1 third-party mobile browser with over 14% market ... In addition, UC Browser is compatible with all mainstream operating systems  .

When one  logs  in into  UC browser, one ceases to worry that any data, including bookmarks and settings can only be saved in one computer because in a UC browser  bookmarks, tab page, browsing history, and other preferences will all be saved and synced to one's account. Then, when we use other computers or devices, we can reload these settings by logging in UC browser anywhere and anytime. in addition if you download "SafeBrowsingDataBase" it is for  the safety of the browsing data , you can just download it and no need to extract or install and it helps in minimising or even avoiding some  typical defects identified through browser compatibility testing---eg

1. Content Mismatch
2. Inappropriate Response
3.  Alignment
4. Alignment issues on different web pages
5. Security Certificate errors - and other script errors

Knowing very well that Cricket is the one stop destination regarding out door games for Indians and the craziness which engulfs all, when cricket matches are being played anywhere in the world . and also aware of the working hours lost due to absentism  during  this period because the patriotic spirit takes over whenever the home team is playing and we Indians don't mind taking leave without pay and forgoing a days salary when  it comes to cheering our team  UC Browser for Android, India’s most popular mobile browser, has updated its cricket service, UC Cricket, with a  match reminder and an optimized comment section.

For all the cricket fans around the world UC browser has introduced a new feature called UC cricket which provides the users with information regarding the cricket matches. This will help the cricket enthusiast to keep in track matches between which teams will be played and when. 

The UC Cricket provides the following features

-One-stop cricket information hub--- here  UC Cricket  provides live scores, previews, commentaries, news, interviews, stats, photos, videos and more. It’s easily accessible with a single click on UC Browser’s home page

-In its Match Reminder and Comment Section -----UC Cricket provides a reminder feature which will send a notification before every match. For setting up a reminder one has to simply click on the yellow bell on the right to follow ones  favorite match, and one  will receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins, even if UC Browser has been completely exited. Through this user will not miss any match of their favorite team

Comment section-----If a user around the world wants to share their thoughts and opinions about the match, they can do so via the comment section. User can customize their ID, and use emoticons to  interact with other cricket fans.

Now, cricket fanatics around the world can  enjoy without worrying about missing their favorite games.Even as a sit at home house wife I feel this facility is a boon because however much may  society  belittle a house wife's job we do work hard and round the clock to keep the house clean ,do the cooking washing dusting , then looking after kids , doing the shopping so where's the time for me to pursue my favourite hobby of watching a cricket match I can't afford to sit down and watch a match on TV or the Desk top ---so this is where this "UC Cricket " has proved to be a Godsend all matches and favourite players in my hand ---watch while you work ------no loss of man power or work hour. Incidently let me tell you I have been a die hard cricket fan , used to spend  school lunch break to watch matches( my school sports field is adjacent to the Cricket ground  here ) and my collection of autographs is a treasure. I belong to the era of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Salim Durrani, Prasanna Bedi and Venkatraghvan ,Chandrashekhar, Wesly Hall , Clive Lloyed, Sobers, Barry knights, Bobby Simpson Farukh Engineer  you name them and I have their autographs  --so you can well imagine what a trying time I have  been having all these housewifely years not getting to watch cricket with a peaceful mind ---but now  thanks to the "UC Cricket" facility I am back on the field and that too with exciting IPLs and twenty twenties  and other one day matches apart from the good old Test Matches .

UC Cricket.yes UC Cricket  is such a welcome gift for all us cricket fans ( that comprises of 90% of the Indian population rural and urban ) the link

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