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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Actresses who played Peppy roles in hindi films


Hindi Cinema has had many actresses very versatile , very talented , owners of multi talents , accomplished dancers and singers, even stuntwomen like fearless Nadia, but when we talk of actresses who played  Peppy roles  the first name which comes to mind is that of Tanuja . 

Tanuja, daughter of Shobhna Samarth sister of Nutan , and mother of Kajol all versatile talented and great actresses . But the word PEPPY suits Tanuja more than it suits any one else.( She had another  sister named Chatura who was not very famous similarly her second daughter is only now trying to enter the film world ).  

She was not only peppy in real life but she also performed roles full of life and zest . Her roles in movies like "Paisa Ya pyar",  won her the"" film fare award for supporting actress . It was a role tailor made exclusively for her it fitted her to the "T" No hindi film watcher can ignore or forget her acting as a roadside "ber wali" (ber seller ) nor can they forget the song she sang to lure people into buying the fruits   the song is  "Ber lo"  and is sung by  Asha Bhosle another peppy personality . Tanuja's  fresh and smiling face and innocent eyes used to bring smiles on the faces of all. .

The next popular actress who can be termed Peppy is Asha Parekh what with her tom boyish roles in films like "Phir wohi dil laya hoon" , "Ziddi" " Merey Sanam " etc 

Madhubala was another beauty well known for her peppy roles in films like "Chalti ka naam gadi ",  "Half ticket" etc etc 

Then come Nutan ( most of her earlier films like Paying Guest , Tere Ghar ke samne etc ),,  Waheeda Rehmaan , Mala Sinha  who though not Pep specialists were such great actresses that they could portray any role with aplomb and conviction .

Down the list and nearer to our era is Rekha. Who can forget her role in her first film Sawan Bhadon , Kahani kismet ki , Mr Natwarlal etc ? they were all peppy acts full of life and zest ---and then came KHOOBSOORAT that masterpiece which presented her as a beautiful girl next door naughty yet sensible This movie got the best movie "film fare" award in 1981 and Rekha got the best actress award for her performance 

Yet another peppy actress is Sonal Kapoor and she too has acted in a movie called "Khoobsoorat"  portraying a lively character .

Like they say its easier to portray serious roles but difficult to appear peppy and vivacious and these actresses did it all .Nargis was another actress to whom  acting came so naturally that every character she played became her second skin.Her roles in all those films with Raj Kapoor were full of natural pep , life , and zest  .Movies like "Chori Chori' are my favourites.

 Before I end this writeup I must not forget to mention Geeta Bali the actress of  caliber and the queen of natural vivaciousness.. 

I wonder if I have been able to include all those  talented actresses who  brought smiles on our lips with their appearance on the screen  because as I continue to type many many  names keep  coming to my mind like Amita an actress of yesteryears  who had portrayed those beautiful roles like that of Sadhna's naughty friend in "Mere Mehboob "she had also acted in films like"Tumsa Nahi Dekha"  with Shammi Kapoor . Sadhna herself had carried off beautifully roles like that in "Love In Shimla" a peppy role .   Its time I put a stop to the article before I blame myself for not mentioning real good and great actresses .Because how can I forget to mention Mumtaz  and  Saira Bano and will anyone ever forgive me if I do not mention Basanti of Sholay !!! yes Hema Malini .

Parineeti Chopra 's fans will get me arrested if her name is found missing from this article.

 I now end this article with apologies to the fans of so many more actresses  whose names I must have skipped  .Friends  after all I am human  .and my brain has its own limitations So forgive me please ...


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  1. Oh, I had a crush on Asha Parekh in the heydays of Hema Malini! Thank you for reminding me of her. A very Peppy tribute to those matinee idols.

    1. Thank you Umashankarji for that comment Yes Asha Parekh was the heart throb of many --. Thank you so much for visiting and appreciating

  2. I feel we connect more with the actresses of yester-years than we do with the current generation. The reasons are many, one because these days many films are not of that quality (content wise) the roles elevated the performers earlier!

    Anyway, good read.

    1. agree with you Alok Singhal ---may be I am a bit biased but I feel those days we used to have women oriented and story oriented movies giving ample scope for talents to showcase ---not like the dhishum dhishum of today

      thanks a lot for the visit and the comment

  3. That's a great compilation... :-) Rekha is my fav of all!
    Cheers, Archana -

    1. Thanks Archana

      Yes Rekha is a great actress and so prety too I too admire her a lot

      so glad you liked this post
      warm regards

  4. Oh those were the days! Thank you for this write Rajni:) Loved it:)

    1. Amit ji
      so glad you liked it --actually this is such a topic that I can go on writing about it ---what a lot of talent in those days ---today too but still I know more about " merey zamaane ke stars ---naturally :)
      thanks a lot for the visit