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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ginger cups --Innovative Marketing Platform

Ginger Cups issued  a press release on April 29th 2016  .

I have been doing my own little bit of research about this product and have found that they  have taken advertising to the streets --In a way this street advertising is like Guerilla Marketing. They come . they are seen and they conquer The slogans and matter written on the cups prompt the user to read the material and get hooked by it thus enticing them to give  the product a try . This is also an innovative method to take the product to a vast audience of all classes and creeds ---the classes and the masses ---and you never know who will need it and use it .

Ginger Cups have been working for --- 

Flashdoor---where they supplied teacups to tea vendors and when they discovered that a particular  tea vendor had a specially large clientele only due to his style of service viz "service with a smile" every cup he served was accompanied with a smile they decided to offer him  6oo cups everyday as a token for his service and  talented entrepreneurship 

Yumist --- where they advertised for Home Like food ordered by using an App'

Wooplr---they have even advertised for Wooplr App. the fashion people Thus tempting the young er generation and also the fashion conscious to download the app 

Super Profs ----which provides Education services like private coaching etc in the form of video lectures thus helping many students in their academical pursuit 

This Paper cup advertising is a really creative and innovative style to advertise your product as it has a wide clientele and many a times we do find people gazing at their tea cups long after they have finished the drink inside and when the cup has attractive material like Ginger Cup write ups it is bound to register with the viewer .

Given below is the literature of their Press release 

True goes the adage, “Old is gold”. No matter how far we have come, how smart we have become, the things from where we have evolved will remain the mainstay of our lives. For instance, reading a book will never go out of style. We are not sure about an e-book though! Olden times bear the essence of life. No denying trends are impactful but then they carry an ephemeral impact. Calm down! It is not a philosophy class. It is rather an opportunity to talk about a marketing strategy that bears the essence a modern man misses.
Equipped with high-tech gadgets, today’s virtual world is on the top of popularity and convenience quotient. Every possible desire can be fulfilled online. While online marketers are playing it hard with their tactics, there is this company GingerCup which still sticks to offline marketing and busts the idea of an ad getting unnoticed. Essentially, GingerCup optimizes two interesting offline marketing platforms. So, what do they do?

1.       Paper Cup Advertising – GingerCup’s marketing strategy entails bringing a brand into the limelight through exquisitely designed printed paper cups used for tea/coffee. The strategically designed quality paper cups feature the client’s logo, website address, offer code, contact details, etc. upon them. After getting designed, they are then printed and distributed for free where they are likely to come in contact with targeted audience. The expert team at GingerCup first decides the right set of people to target, the quantum of cups to be distributed, and the places where the cups are to be distributed. A purposefully designed quality tea cup gets the brand noticed and spoken about. People seem to enjoy every sip of their kick-start drink (tea /coffee) and thus spend ample to have it. So, while having it, they see an alluring ad right in their hand. Resultantly, it is not only welcomed but also shared further through word of mouth.

2.      Flyers – Not all the flyers in the world are distributed with a strategy. GingerCup does it purposefully. It is beyond someone’s imagination how the booming online world can be a boon for an offline marketing campaign. Right from shopping clothes to give them for laundry, from buying books to ordering a pizza, everything is done online. We know everything which is bought has to get delivered at a customer’s place. GingerCup prints enticingly designed flyers that speak about their clients’ brand / product / service and all the essential information the targeted audience would require knowing about them. Having tied up with the delivery providers, Ginger Cup gets the flyers delivered at a place along with the products being ordered online. In a fit of excitement to open a newly bought item, people notice what comes along with it. It then makes it certain for the flyer to get read and create an impact about the advertised brand on the reader’s mind.

Carrying a distinctive strategic approach, these marketing methods are easy on the pocket and fertile enough to breed the desired level of brand recognition for an advertiser. Therefore, when there is every possibility of an online ad getting scrolled down, GingerCup’s potential ad weapons are hard to ignore. Indeed, it is something here to stay.


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