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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

mothers day special ----The mother figure in my life

This Mother’s Day, let’s acknowledge people who’ve played the ‘mother figure’ in our lives.
Featuring Actor Arjun Mathur and others, the video has been conceptualized and produced by The Glitch.

Going beyond the literal definition of a mother and focusing on the meaning and the emotion attached to that word. This video celebrates those figures who have showed the unconditional love and care that any mother would give to a child, the support that you get when everything seems muddled. While most of us will think of their own mother who symbolizes all of the above things, you find people showing the same care apart from your “biological” mother.
The video ‘#LikeAMotherby The Glitch featuring Actor Arjun Mathur and others, explores the broader aspect of being a mother by celebrating motherhood on this mother’s day.

‘#LikeAMother’ celebrates the feeling of motherhood and pays a tribute to all those in our lives who have been no less than a mother in our lives. From their grandparents, fathers, care-takers, aunts, step-mothers or even a friend, this video shares the stories of different people from all walks of life, acknowledging that one person who has played the role of a mother in their lives, even when they didn’t had to. 

The above is the press release issued by " The Glitch" to celebrate mothers day  and it is such a nice concept because our biological mothers do play such an important  role in our lives that the word mother has become synonym with love , affection , concern and  support ---but have we noticed that there are people who give us equal love support, and affection as our biological mothers even though it is not required of them and here is my story of such a personality in my life .

It was my maternal grandfather who loved me and cared for me more than any mother could or would . My father was in a transferable job which took him to places far and wide in the remotest of jungles and smallest of villages so my parents decided to put me in the care of my maternal grandparents . Who agreed to take up the responsibility with a smile . 

Whereas my grandmother shouldered the responsibility of  my physical needs food clothes etc it was my grandfather who took upon himself to provide me with emotional  support and look after my studies and grooming in all aspects of life . He would take me for walks 
which were actually my lessons in nature rambles , back home he would make me do rope skipping which took care of my physical  health . Evenings saw me sitting down with him at the study table doing my home work and getting ready for the class the next day and then after dinner I would sit with him in the verandah where he would tell me stories from moral science books or from the Ramayana and then I would scamper to bed with him behind me ready to tuck the ends of my mosquito net as soon as I settled into the bed . He was well liked by the teachers and nuns in the convent school  I attended because he would follow my progress regularly and visit the teachers for feedback .

My school bag was in his supervision he would sharpen my pencils ,keep my books  and later on  saw to it that I  did all that with accuracy myself , He taught me everything how to lead a disciplined and responsible life 

I know that my biological parents would not have been able to give me the love and affection and such values as my grandfather ( nana ji )  not that they would have been negligent but they had other duties to perform  related to  their job and other family responsibilities . What ever be the reason I consider my self lucky to have been brought up by my grandparents who took such pains for my good . And thank you Nanaji for showering upon me love and care just like any mother would do .

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