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Friday, 24 June 2016

Gabbar is Back -- and its good

Saw the movie "Gabbar is Back" on TV last night ----as usual I could switch on the TV only when the movie had completed its first half or may be more ( those of you who have seen the movie I switched on when Akshay Kumar was trying to help the lady and her  two daughters in the hospital ) .

I like movies with a social or a patriotic theme  it may be a crisp and captivating one or it may even be a mediocre one so this one too caught my interest and I did not switch channels .

Liked the movie, loved the theme and story line  though nothing new but I like Akshay Kumar  ( of these days specially, as he has shown that he can act too. being  equally comfortable with  comedy and serious roles ) . Liked the fact that the character of the businessman Patil who is the main villain is not unnecessarily glamourised with violence and cruelty as accesories .

On the whole I liked the movie and the fact that it was not very heavy , if tears came they could only form a mist and give a tug at the heart , which is more important if a  thought has to be conveyed .Lot of TV artists have been given a chance --they who are prominent on the small screen are seen trying to prove themselves here or lets say showcase themselves. Must have been easy on the pocket for the producer . .

What I liked best was a dialogue between Gabbar and one of his followers Govind played by the same person who plays Mihir in "Yeh hai Mohabatein" ( the over stretching , over boring TV serial ) Here in his crusade against all corrupt police officials Gabbar  catches hold of the worst of the lot and as per  his modus operandi death is the only sentence for  all the crimminals but   this particular corrupt police officer happens to be the father of Govind one of the most sincere and faithful followers of the Gabbar gang So Gabbar asks Mihir what punishment should be meted out to his father  to which Govind replies that the previous culprits who were sentenced to death too had been fathers of someone so if they could be punished with death the same fate should be allotted to this man irrespective of the fact that he was  his  father and then he requests Gabbar to allow him to be away from the scene because he will not be able to see his own father die in front of him . To this Gabbar replied that he had achieved his target of having an army of honest people  like Mihir who were honest and not prejudiced when it came to following rules but at the same time human enough to feel the pain and agony of their loved ones .

This incident struck a chord because isn't that how it should be rules are rules to be followed honestly and bias and prejudice should not be allowed to influence ones decision  , this is the only way corruption can be weeded out from society . 

The end too was nice with Gabbar throwing in dialogues  form "Sholay" to bring home his ideology .The dialogues of a Villain have been put to good use by a hero .

So on the whole a  nice movie can be seen once , and has a lovely song " Teri meri Kahani Ye baarishon ka paani "   missed the actual scene picturising  this song and I think I am glad I did because  romance is not all that easy to digest these days specially  after more than 40 years of marriage LOL  --- at times though these kind of songs do flicker in nostalgia .

While still at it I am happy I had recommended "Tamanna"and "Dahleez" the daily soaps --they are keeping our interests alive  "Bhabhi ji ghar pe hai "is no longer in my list whereas May I come in Madam" is interesting enough to make me finish my chores by 9.30 pm . "Kuchh Rang Pyar ke aise bhi "Ek duje ke vaste" and "Parvarish" too seem to be good have just been  able to catch a few glimpses . 

Glad I have come back  to the TV watching at least it is giving me some material   to blog about ,


  1. The only serial I dare watching (and enjoying) is 'Bhabi Ji Ghar pe hain?' with all its follies and foibles. And perhaps only Bollybrood I can stand is one which has Akshya Kumar in his avatars both comic and serious. I will catch up with Gabbar next time he is beamed through the tube.

    1. Umashankarji

      I too still like Bhabhi ji ghar pe hai the only difference is I don't mind missing a few episodes now whereas previously I didn't like missing any

      The other two serials are good Tamanna and Dahleez ----about the movie yes it is a nice one not outstanding but worth watching and since you too like Akshay Kumar you will agree that he could have carried the role well
      Nice movie and nice song

      thanks for the visit and for appreciating