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Monday, 26 September 2016

OZiva Protein & Herbs – For every Indian woman who puts her family first!

OZiva Protein & Herbs For every Indian woman who puts her family first!

Women all over the world and specially in India have the tendency to keep themselves and their needs behind the curtains always fulfilling the needs of their family first --and while doing this they tend to ignore and forget their own needs their own requirements and don't realize that in this way they are actually harming their family in the long run because neglect makes them ruin their health leading to neglect of family and they also become a burden on them for whom they have reached this stage --as a result a lot of sadness and self pity follow leading to general unrest , discords and social as well as family problems .

A recent survey showed that 70% of Indian women have protein deficiency which leads to fatigue which is culprit in ruining all relationships be it between mother and child , husband and wife or even  other romantic relationships and also that between the seniors in the family and you . All love and affection which a woman , a mother a beloved a wife a daughter- in- law has for her loved one's she fails to show and execute when she is tired or ill ; the will to do is sabotaged .

Moreover lack of proteins in diets also play havoc with our skin and hair and general good looks ---every woman is pretty its just her diet that makes her fat and ugly with a dead skin and lusterless hair and a weary look on her face .

This is where OZiva Protein and Herbs comes in to help

OZiva ---is a protein rich breakfast shake which gives 30 gms of protein per scoop when taken with milk . It is aided with Ayurved and has herbs like Tulsi, Shatavari , Green Tea extract and Omega 3 and all these extracts are specially beneficial for women helping them with their hormonal problems and general health .

It has a good taste , takes only five minutes   to prepare and is low in sugar. The manufacturers have also arranged for  free diet consultations which is a very consumer friendly approach .

To read more about the product you can reach them at their website OZiva website or speak to their nutritionist at 9769298556

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