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Friday, 18 May 2012

The other side of midlife

14th sept 2002. We got up from a deep and saisfying slumber  to a bright and sunny morning and walking up into the balcony my husband smiled and said --
" My time is now entirely mine " I smiled and said " You are  now entirely mine ".
Yes my husband had opted  for "Voluntary retirement" from a "back breaking" and "brain wrecking" job of 30 years and we were both looking forward to a life of Freedom where words like ---deadline ,wake me up early , sorry folks  we will go for the movie tomorrow etc etc would  not exist--- we now began our days with tea in the balcony ,stroll in the garden visits to relatives and friends we were sort of clearing our "socializing"- backlog of the past 30 years .But we soon realized that life was not so simple and that TIME  was not so easy to kill After all how many  cups of tea could you drink in the balcony !! and how many relatives could you visit.Boredom  started to seep in and the romance too seemed to be dwindling fast.

Then it was by sheer chance that I came across the world of internet ---when a matrimonial add in the news paper asked us to look up a  particular matrimonial site for the details of the particular groom (we were helping our friends look for matches for their children ----we may have become matchmakers had we not seen the beautiful horizon of INTERNETING).

We were strangers to the internet as we had been posted in a small own where the wife's world revolved round her husband and kids and the husband' s life went round his job and the Computer was just another tool which "added to" his workload and not "aided "him at all.

So we now entered this strange world of ---netizens---and soon joined friendship sites , chat messengers .Google and wikipedia and Yahoo search became our favourite hideouts  satiating our thirst for knowledge Oh it was so thrilling any and everything I wanted to know could be got  just by a click on the keyboard.

We made some very good friends and one thing I can vouch for is that --virtual friends as we call them are much more friendly and helpful than real life friends they share our joys and wipe our tears and if and whenever we visited them they turned out to be great hosts as well as very very helpful in every way.The net is the best place to find LIKE MINDED PEOPLE .

You tube Broadcast yourself fulfilled  my husband's desire to showcase his talent as a singer and as a photographer And blogging sites made me achieve my life long desire to write and the comments which flowed in also gave me a feedback .

We gradually came to know about on line ticket bookings, bill payments, shopping through the internet and life for us who were fast nearing the status of SENIOR CITIZENS became so easy 
Sending and receiving flowers and gifts through on line  instructions made birthdays and anniversaries so much more personal and intimate.
I am sure if the internet facility wold have been available in the days of yore then our ancestors would never have dreaded old age nor would have their descendents dreaded looking after them .

Now of course the internet is not confined to to the computer desktop or lap top it has now become available in the confines of our palms --on our mobile phones---literally on our fingertips .
We now don't have to rush home to watch our favourite programs on the TV We are no more couch potatoes We can do all our TV watching, listening to songs ,watching matches everything while going about our daily chores ---That much for a healthier and slimmer couple.----nor do we have to carry a camera everywhere .My grand daughter stays with me and I keep my daughter upadated with all her actvities through my cell phone  camera together with my running commentary.

I am so Grateful to these technological wonders-- --the internet and to my consumer friendly VODAFONE mobile service provider  for making our life which is now  THE OTHERSIDE OF MIDLIFE  -- so much more interesting and worth living .now with the GPRS,EDGE 3G etc its all becoming better .


This is my entry for Vodafone - Internet is Fun contest

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