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Thursday, 31 May 2012

dil ka mamala ---part 2

It was days, and neither Amar nor his wife had come out of coma .
Neera was not worried at all  as her extraterestrial  powers had empowered her enough to bring them back and send them back whenever she wished --and she knew that .

Her first priority was to dispose off the driver --at first she thought to do away with him and  add him to her kind BUT NO she knew better --she let him off alive because she was sure that he would go and spread word that the house was now haunted and people would stop coming towards it She will then add the house to her empire and use it in exactly the same way she had used the previous one --i.e---to catch fresh fish .

oh !!   her empire was spreading day by day and now it was becoming difficult to manage her everincreasing property. Amar and his wife looked smart enough to be her real estate agents --and chicken hearted enough too --to be under her control.

The old man  agreed to the idea and the driver was let off.alive.

Before bringing Mr and Mrs Amar back to their senses Neera wanted to chartout the whole programme in advance lest there be any problem.She had been  an employee of an ISO 9000 firm  in her living days.

"You can get out of that oldman outfit" she gave him a smile.
" thanks "
"See  tomorrow being Friday the 13th Boss will be on his monthly tour of the earth and we will be spared the trouble of going  a 1000 miles under the ground to meet him ""Yeah !! I am yet to adjust to the darkness and cold down there --in hell ---in fact I wonder why they always told us if you do wrong YOU WILL BURN IN HELL --whereas we actually freeze there.'"
"They confuse and mix geography,geology and mythology--the lava and molten rock inside  is confused with the kingdom of the PRINCE of Darkenss"HAHA HAHA HAHA 
"Yes must say living humans have absurd ideas about the supernatural"
""HAHA !!!  like we had to turn our feet wrong side out to make these two faint ""
"Hahah !!!!yes and that gimmick about stretching our hands
just to make them belive that we were ghosts."

"ok then what is our next plan --rather who is our next target??''
"" We have had too many men followed by their wives Lets catch hold of a woman and see if her husband follows her into our clutches?""
"Not bad ?? we may even enter the guinness book for doing something new"
"Uff  !!! you are not yet out of the living world --guinnes book is for the living not for the dead "
"sorry ".
"chal no problems ---don't pull such a face "
 "Do we have to bring these two back to their senses so soon?"
"Why !!you want to watch the IPL matches??"
"Hey how on earth did you guess that ??"

"I too wanted to have a look at SRK before Draculla sir joins us
you do know how possesive He is about his women employees"

""hmm........  this is one time I am happy I am not a woman ".

"and this is one time I am sad ---par chalta hai
By the way how are the knight riders doing?'

 "fabulously this time ".
"had to be.... both SRK and Gautam gambhir are working hard'

"Yeah""By the way Shilpa Shetty is looking great these days "
"No comments
I am really scared of getting   associated with her in any way
See what happened to Jade Guddy from the day she came in contact with her ."

"But what are you scared of?? you have already crossed the border ---"
All of a sudden a duststorm brewed up and they could here the the galloping of horses  and the bells of a horse carriage The Prince was arriving

The two got ready to meet the monarch switched off the t.v. and hid all traces of garlic lying anywhere near .
The Prince was in a good mood obviously pleased with the prized catch in the form of Amar and his wife . He congratulated the duo for their effort  and asked them to
search for more land as His empire was spreading by leaps and bounds and engulfing the earth with alarming speed They needed lots of space to house so many volunteers who were entering through boats ,votes  and also those who were acting as traders of the vital organs of the dead and living ,or those who were experticing in sex detection tests , and female foeticide...he was so happy 

"It was never so good .. my forefathers had to work real hard to lure people into their kingdom ..guess I  am reaping their harvest ..May their souls rest in peace of the heavenly kind  their hardwork has paid off.  "
"Sir we are thinking of using these two as our realestate agents ..."
"Hm.... ...good idea you think the lady can keep a book of records as to the name and number of  new entrants .? Because we will have to house them in the living world untill we can makesome  space underground ...that place is spilling over....."
"Yes that she can sire becase she was a good houswife the nagging kind--kept a record of every paisa spent by her husband."
"Ok then it is done You Neera are appointed  caretaker and undertaker of the whole northern hemisphere --much of the action is this side of the equator and this companion of yours  goes to...... now where can we send him......"
"Yes sir please send him somewhere away  I just cant tolerate him"
She saw that gleam in the Prince's eyes 
"Ok ....lets see I will go back and check if there is some vacancy somewhere till then let him be here you will have to tolerate."
she looked  crestfallen and with head bowed low she accepted his orders."Right then see  you   after a month or so and I am quite happy with your work--- put in more ."
and he lashed at the horse who flew away with  lightening speed 
"Hey why are you looking so sad ??""why did you say Iwas not good at work ??"
"arre buddhu  because I wanted you to stay with me --didnt you see he wanted to send you somewhere else but his possesiveness got the better of him and he thought I would be safer and in his control with someone I dont like"
"You are so sweet let me give you hug ""again your old habits ...arre baabaa ghosts can't hug" 

  sigh ---but I   so  want to..


  1. That was hilarious....chilling :))

  2. hahah Panchali-----hilarious and chilling both !! well its 48degrees here and a bit of humour and chill is the need of the hour-------THAAANKYOUUUU SOO MUCH for this visit and comment