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Sunday, 10 June 2012


It was Friday the 13th again and Draculla was on his visit to his kingdom -----he called both our central characters and  looked at them with a   benevolent smile ------
"so ?? how do you like this place ?"
"sir we have always loved this place and moreso after that episode in DIL KA Mamla --3 ---oh I know you wont like our saying this but ....the words

gar firdaus bar ruye zaminasto
haminasto haminasto haminasto
 ---suit this place" ---"
and he bit his tongue because Draculla was the crown prince of Hell and the couplet quoted by our hero was

"if there is heaven on earth \
it is here"

Surprisingly Draculla did not take any offence and imparted that the duo  had been chosen by the Gods to be sent to heaven because hell had started overflowing .What with sinners increasing by the score on earth. 

It was  decided in a meeting of the supernaturals that  those who had been at good behaviour( in hell) be sent to heaven; but what was worrying them was how to go about it? ? because earth lay in between and they feared an unrest  and uprising if the people came to know that two people from hell had been sent to heaven only because of space problems.And these powers that be had no more stamina to again face ---committees, dharnas,fast unto deaths ,bids at self immolation etc etc

Our heroine Neera had a brain wave and confided that the urns containing their ashes were still lying with their son of the part 3 fame and that precisely was the reason why their souls were roaming all around.  According to hindu religion the souls or atmas do not get peace or mukti unless the ashes are disposed off properly in a water body and that scoundrel of a son had not paid heed he had been so busy reaping the harvest after collecting all the moolah from that GUIDE like episode ---pqrt 3

She told Draculla that if their ashes in those urns ould be dispersed off properly in the Ganges  then they coud easily be sent to heaven .she even suggested the ways and means of making that son of theirs do the need ful -------she reminded  them that AMAR and his wife had been made the real estate agents of all of Draculla's properties--part 2

Now they can be made to visit sonny as property dealers wanting to buy his ancestral house and that greedy pig would do so willingly then they can ask him to take them around the property --there they would naturally see the urns and ask him to dispose them else they would not buy or sell his property ----and then sonny would go about it willingly thus freeing their souls from bondage ---and then they can be sent to heaven without any hitch.

This idea appealed to all concerned -----the needful was done Amar was instructed in his dreams that the urns should better be taken to Allahabad and the ashes immersed in the SANGAM ---the son followed the instructions he was ready to do anything to get a good price for the property

And now came the day of departure from Hell of these two--- Neera and her  man ---all the other atmas came to see  them off they had all been very good friends and tears flowed freely --even Draculla was sad and his eyes turned misty at the thought of Neera going away He had fallen for her head over heels --for a second he thought of somehow preventing her departure he would give her all the luxuries and comforts in hell ---but then he decided against ---TRUE LOVERS ARE NOT SELFISH .

HE KNEW SHE WOULD BE HAPPIER WITH HER MAN .and now they could hug each other to their hearts content ---heaven is all about hugging and loving .
He made arrangements for his horse carriage to take them up to the border and then the angels took over from there they  had brought their flying machine being flown by SWANS

adiu Both of you ""till we meet again ""

in Dil ka Mamla --5 ????

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  1. LOL...Good if ghosts start making property deals...we had it! Neera was definitely not brain dead...amazing idea cropped up her mind..

    Oh, can't wait to read the next part...that should be really entertaing , Rajni. Post asap..:)
    Enjoying the series...