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Monday, 4 June 2012

birds of this earth

o! mother why are you, so late ?
its been so long ,since have we ate .
you never ever do make us wait
come storm ,or rain,or heavy hail !!"

"darlings enroute I saw your fate
it was so full of sad and hate
I saw it follow you througout
and saw him falling who was once so stout."

"mama please be specific more
dont talk in riddles tell us the core
what was it that frightened you ?
what was it ,
that kept you so long over due ?
to reach us here in our hour of need
oh mama please tell us we plead ". 

"My dearies I saw your future bleak
and sandstorms blowing where once were trees .
There will be no place for another nest
where will your other cousins rest ? "

man has in his greed , hurt nature such
that trees have died many deaths
there is no hope left for them to grow
its time for man
to reap that which he had sowed ".

"let him die as he deserves
to pay for his unjust deeds.
But why should we be sacrificed
on the alter of an aliens greed
is it because ?
He is Gods son
or is it because he is supreme ?"

"no darlings that is not the truth
its natures way of taking back,that,
which it had bestowed on him ,who,
 betrayed his promise; and who in honour lacks "

If we and our alikes go away
his life will perish in search of peace,
we were his harbringers of joy ,
and have always satiated his dire needs

we carry the seeds and fertilize the crop
which help him to survive
its we the flora and the fauna which
have kept him till now alive.

the trees he cut were our homes so true
but they also brought the rains for him
they saved the soils and coloured the lands
and enlivened life for him to lead.

but now the hands that tilled the lands
and brought the earth prosperity
have killed the fauna and cut the flora.
 and have brought in deserts so arid
there is no shade the sun has burnt
and the rivers that flow are acid.

Come pray my children To the almighty GOD
to forgive Man this one last chance.
And to MAN lets pray that he realise
This is his home to save
if not.
 then he will follow his own child to the grave.

pics are from the net

read somewhere ----is earth ka kuchh karo nahi toh un-earth ho jayega

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