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Monday, 4 June 2012


"Hi good morning ?? "

"Goodmorning --but what are you smiling about?? "

"God has ---oh sorry !!   the Devil has granted your wish !! 10 more minutes and you and me will be reborn --will be sent back to earth in our present avtars --and then you and me can HUG each other as much as we want hmmm !! muaah. "

"But how did it all happen ?

"You do know that Dracula sir was having a lot of space problems ---what with the number of sinners growing by the millions. This place was being overflooded ---so a committee was set up and a delegation was sent to the Gods to ask if they agreed to send some of us back to the earth as living beings.---As usual the Gods wanted some time (they can never decide ) and their letter of acceptance has just reached our office.""

"Ooh !!I am soo excited !! will get to see our family and our long lost friends . "

"Yeah!! me too am looking forward.

Just then draculla arrived with all his usual fanfare of horse carriage and bells and dust-storms etc.
HMMM--heres a bit of a news
for you both

SIR!!!???( both feigned ignorance)

"Yes we have decided to send you back to the earth kicking and alive .---arent you happy ??---why are looking so dejected??? ---I was expecting some smiles....

"We dont want to leave YOU and go away Sir you looked after us so well !!

hmmm thanks . anyway get ready 1...2...3...a--n--d.

and they landed on earth

"hey its beautifull look at the sunshine !!! "

"Yeah its glorious isnt it this was one thing we never could get down there in Hell "

suddenly they see a crowd gathering around them ---bho---ooo---t.  bhoo----ooo---t

No  no  we are back see we are not ghosts ---  we are alive again!!! please don't run away

""how come   !!!   we saw you turn into ashes infront of our own eyes.I was the one who lit the pyre for both of you . "" said one from the crowd.

""But we have been sent back to yu ---aren,t you happy to see us ?? Ramu  my son !! wait I will give you proof
see this cut mark on my eyelid I had got it when you threw that stone at me ---and ,and this cut on the wrist when you held my hand so tightly in that frightening movie ---see sonny please belive us .
ok!!! let me tell you about one thing else which only you and"I" !!! your mom ,know about --what happened when that girl ----

"ok!! ok!!! though I don't believe you   !!! you can come along with me .... "

"hahaah thats better !! "

"psst !! ,what is it that I dont know about him and you know???

""shhhh!!! I will tell you later" .


""Radha ---aa ---open the doors we have some guests ... they say they are my parents

"but you said they were dead !!"

""yes bahu we have come back to life --you are so pretty""

""are they really your parents ...???""

""yes by some miracles they have come back to life ..and its true ..because she knows things about me which only my mom knew . ""

As the news of THE RETURN OF THE DEAD  spread around ; people thronged  Ramus place , media , police , NRIs, society for eradication of superstitions et etc .  and though Ramu and family did not like this intrusion into their privacy but the lure of the cctv, cameras and also the coverage by the media compensated well for the disturbance ---and ,like they show in movies  stalls of chaiwalas etc sprang up in short a small 'mela ' sprang up .

People brought gifts for the LIVING DEAD ; you can visualise all those scenes from the movie GUIDE when the fasting Devanand is turned into a SWAMI the same things were happening here, only Devanand was not alone he had his better half too in fact SHE was the one who was answering all those questions -- and the believers were bringing in offerings in cash as well as in kind . There were invitations from places far and wide .   The department of tourism  too  !!    was trying to bring about a collaboration
.Ramu who was now on leave without pay and who proved himself an excellent secretary managing his parents P R  work accepted these invitations but--- for after 6 months when he knew  the rains will come and the number of devotees would dwindle .
He  discontinued  his kids schools so that his whole family could accompany his now CELEBRITY  parents . Ticket expenditure was no problem as he was working with the INDIAN RAILWAYS  --and as for school !!!???? ----He had enough money now ;to send them to the most expensive  schools after paying a handsome donation and he also hoped to provide them with seats in whichever college they  wanted to because he knew money would buy the best degrees and qualifications for his children 

He was banking on some foreign T V channels who were extending an invitaion to lands across the seas .for world wide coverage and wanted to put up LIVE SHOWS in many countries --but there was a slight hesitation on Ramus part regarding EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AND PAYMENTS . It clicked and Ramu was overjoyed.--this meant a life long source of income .

Meanwhile  both our central characters who were now not only getting tired of  being transported from place to place and of those interviews  where every one asked the same questions ---they were even dissapointed to see all the chaos that ran round on the earth forget the sins and the sinners but even nature was not doing its duties the clouds played truant during the monsoons , the rains played havoc after the monsoons ---winters brought ice and summers burnt the earth .scientists were experimenting with the mere existence of the human race --all in the name of development --the whole concept of GODS earth had been destroyed ---flora and fauna were on the brink of extinction ----GLOBAL WARMING  was there but for burning human relations and destroying the ecology ---not for thawing international animosity --there it was all GLOBAL FREEZING  not even a hand extended .
Both  our living dead thought Hell to be a better place; at least there was a brotherhood amongst all the inhabitants --they all stood up to each other whenever an intruder arrived ---even if from heaven ,They were wanting to go back ---but the love and greed of being with their son and his family held them back from sending a request to the
Prince Of Darknessbut  one day ---when they asked their son to go slow and stop all these  visits and shows etc as they had become tired what their son said was unbelievingly heart breaking ---

"now look here mom and dad or whoever you are We are letting you stay with us and tolerating you only because you are contributing to the families income ,otherwise you may please go back we too are tired of all this commotion  we have lost all peace from the day  you have come. I have even lost my job had to take that long leave only to look after you .I am tired and sick of all this --you don't even know how to pull small magical feats  or miracles how long do you think will the people continue to look at you two as museum pieces??""

The two "sinners from hell" were heartbroken  couldn't even utter a word

They just held hands and hugged eachother, tears rolling unabashedy from their eyes .In a few minutes the silent tears became wails and the DEVIL and his son the Prince of Darkness couldn"t bear to see their subjects in such a pathetic state --they immediately sent a request to the Gods to arrange for the duos return .Which the GODS  granted at once because they too were ashamed of all that was happening  and the message was conveyed to the TWO .
They  went to love and kiss their son and  grandchildren but met with a rebuff so they just looked into eachothers eyes held   each other into a tight embrace went out into the sunlight and then dissappeared .NEVER  to come back --

as they entered the supernatural world their  embrace broke but they knew they were in a better place.



  1. Oh Hell....that was that:) ....You gave a perfect ending, Rajni !
    The story reminds me ofa recently released Bengali movie called ' Bhuter Babhisot" ( future of ghosts)...a poignant theme with a hilarious take! It's a brilliant movie...
    This story is exciting too..Loved it!

    1. Thanks so much Panchali---and when you said about the movie !!I thought ---chalo aur log bhi meri tarah sochte hai LOL
      have posted part 4 too do read it ----its a change of place for the ghosts a place where they can hug each other to their hearts content :)