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Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Woman of substance THE RANI OF JHANSI

would like to add here that the Rani shares her birthday with another great Lady of Indian history INDIRA GANDHI (19th november)

HER marriage in childhood
She could not have defied.
Those days were such
It had to be every woman's plight

But the Fire,the Desire,
To break open the chains,
That burned in her heart
Were not mere empty claims.

Fate willed it such that
" She", first become a queen
And then save the nation
As was Her long cherished dream .

The king was dead,
The British took over;
As was wont to their creed
And annointed her as puppet
To look after their greed.

But this is where they faltered
This is where they slipped
They hadn't realised
She had too much of a grit.

She was a woman of substance
Who had held her head high
No ruler could have ruled her
No Emperor make her cry.

She rose in rebellion,
And took up her chattels
Joined the hands of kings & nawabs
To fight the British in battles.

These Brave Patriots had Begun in 1857
The First signs Of struggle
The First War of Independence

They died their deaths they lost their life
But the torch was carried over
Which sent the rulers go in search
Of some sort of cover.

The spark had been ignited
That Fire had been  fanned
Which in 1947 made India




  1. great poetry to depict the life of legendary rani lakshmibai..

    1. Thanks Deepak for the appreciation

      your feedback is always looked forward to


  2. A perfect tribute to rani Jhansi bai. What a woman and what a life..! I know, it is not easy to write story poems but you do it effortlessly :)